HFH – What Does Transformation Mean for a Woman

World-renowned sensation, former international Italian supermodel turned transformational speaker and author of 13 books, Lucia Giovannini joins AngelaMarίa on the High Frequency Healing Show to tackle the big question: What does transformation mean for a woman. Lucia’s 20 years of inspiring work through conferences & workshops globally has been inspired by growing up throughout different parts of Italy and Africa. She holds a Doctorate in Psychology and Counselling and a Bachelor in Psycho-Anthropology. She is a Master Fire-walking Trainer, an NLP and Neuro Semantics Trainer, and a recognized international Life Coach. Listen in as she shares with AngelaMaría how her journey has activated her healing super power of compassion, to be able to guide many people’s life transformation. Hello, this is AngelaMarίa one of the SuperPower Up! Hosts and you are listening to High Frequency Healing Show. The only difference between where you are to where you [...]


HFH – To Love Oneself Through the Body

Dr. Shivani Gupta, a serial eco and social entrepreneur, Ph.D. in Ayurvedic studies, wellness expert and speaker, joins AngelaMarίa on the High Frequency Healing Show to share how to love oneself through the body. Upon completion of her Masters and PhD in Ayurvedic studies, Shivani created her innovative Modern Ayurveda program and has implemented and shared it as an accessible practice. Her formula of balance that fuses self-care, digestion, inflammation, stress, and metabolism to stay ‘on-point’ remains the basis for her integrative program, utilizing Ayurveda as a daily path to Optimal Health for the body, mind, and spirit. A self-professed guinea pig who has “tried it all,” Shivani’s inspiration and entrepreneurial vision draws from yearly trips to India and abroad where she studies alongside gurus of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine and applies an international mix of health modalities. Listen in as she shares with AngelaMaría how she inspires people [...]


HFH – Moving Psychic Energy to Heal

Certified through the International Board of Hypnotherapy, Lauren Cardinale joins AngelaMarίa on the High Frequency Healing Show to share her experience in moving psychic energy to heal through hypnotherapy. Lauren is a Board-Certified Medical Support and Clinical Hypnotherapist. She received her hypnotherapy training at the Hypnotherapy Academy of America in New Mexico. She has over 15 years in the corporate sector and is a mother, educator and speaker. Listen in as she shares with AngelaMaría how her healing superpower is using hypnotherapy to guide you to you. Hello. This is AngelaMaría one of the SuperPower Up! hosts. You are listening to High Frequency Healing show. The only difference between where you are to where you want to be is the actions you take here and now to heal your life. Let's take a big breath and be here and now. Today I invite you to enjoy [...]


HFH – Chi Manipulation Through Food

Keisha Luke, Culinary Nutritionist and Owner of Keisha Luke Nutrition & Catering, joins AngelaMarίa on the High Frequency Healing Show to share her personal experience about the practice of chi manipulation through food. Keisha is a wild woman in the kitchen, who brings digestive restoration to your gut and digestive clarity to your mind. She helps others maintain optimal health and well-being and teaches people to restore balance back into their lives. Keisha also shares how she found this road, discovered her passion, and followed her mission in this life. Listen in as Keisha and AngelaMaría discuss how clearing your gut clears your mind. Hello, this is AngelaMaría, one of the SuperPower Up! hosts and you are listening to High Frequency Healing Show. The only difference between where you are to where you want to be is the actions you take here and now to heal [...]


HFH – Improve Self Confidence Through Divine Guidance

Jennifer Lonnberg, Christian psychic, energy healer, speaker and author of Embodied Grace: A Woman's Path to Empowerment: How to Claim Peace, Joy, and Abundance to Create a Life You'll Love, joins AngelaMarίa on the High Frequency Healing Show to share her knowledge and experience about how to improve self confidence through divine guidance. Jennifer struggled with the pain and debilitating anxiety that came from a life of negative thinking and self-doubt. She is passionate about sharing her story of transformation, and how anyone, regardless of their circumstances, and challenges can begin today to create the life they have always dreamed. Through her workshops, retreats, conferences, and books, she inspires and empowers women to heal by breaking out of the patterns of limiting beliefs, negative thinking and self-doubt by delivering the actual “how to steps” that many speakers leave out! Listen in as Jennifer and AngelaMaría talk about how to [...]


HFH – Tapping into the Energy of Spiritual Science

Else Byskov, an international authority on the spiritual science of Martinus (1890-1981), the Danish visionary and mystic, joins AngelaMarίa on the High Frequency Healing Show to share her experience about tapping into the energy of spiritual science. Else has written 6 books covering profound aspects of Martinus´ work. They comprise more than 10,000 pages of spiritual wisdom. The spiritual science of Martinus is the most comprehensive spiritual revelation ever disclosed to humankind. Else is also a passionate hiker and best-selling author of hiking books about Andalucía, where she lives. Else has university degrees in Spanish and English philology and she mostly writes in English. Listen in as Else and AngelaMaría discuss how all this information and energy is spiritual nourishment for us. Hello. This is AngelaMaría, one of the SuperPower Up hosts. You are listening to High Frequency Healing show. The only difference between where you [...]


HFH – Releasing Self Worth by Cultivating Your Inner Shine

Certified yoga and meditation teacher and a lifelong student of this practice, Sindy Warren   joins AngelaMarίa on the High Frequency Healing Show to share all her experience releasing self worth by cultivating your inner shine, as she explained it in her book: Radi8, Using the Practice to Cultivate Your Inner Shine. She began learning yoga in 2003, at a time in her life when she was dealing with some challenging transitions. The mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of this practice kept her coming back, again and again. Her yoga practice helped her develop the skills to navigate life challenges with more grace and acceptance. Sindy, a lawyer by trade, but yoga teacher by passion, wants to make the entire system of yoga accessible to individuals looking for a more satisfying and rewarding way to live. Listen in as she shares with AngelaMaría how yoga is a way to connect [...]


HFH – Spirit Connection: Body and Mind

Michelle Huczek, healer and coach, joins AngelaMarίa on the High Frequency Healing Show to share her insight about how incorporating spirit connection within the body and mind led her to successful stories in the lives of her clients. Michelle’s style of healing is her own unique combination of traditional talk therapy and Reiki. She received her Master’s Degree in Community Counseling in 2008 from Eastern Illinois University, is currently a Level II Practitioner of Reiki in Usui & Sa Sekhem Sahu, and is eagerly awaiting her certifications for Master Teacher training so she can teach and attune others! Michelle’s philosophy of healing and pain, is centered around the body mind spirit connection, and she believes EVERYONE is intuitive or psychic. Listen in as Michele and AngelaMaría talk about how to help clients uncover the message and lessons that lie beneath any pain, disease, and injury they’re currently experiencing. [...]


Your Ego Wants to Kill You: Gary Renard Tackles the Myth of Consciousness

Consciousness as a new age evolutionary concept and the quest for higher degrees of it, takes reality and turns it on its head. It holds a pivotal spot in current dialogues about spiritual growth, new thought, self help, and personal development. And it appears to be a worthwhile goal. In fact, that’s exactly how we designed it. That’s right, I just made the bold claim that we designed it. Well, truthfully, I didn’t make that claim. Many others made it before me, and most recently, so did Gary Renard...again. As a world-renowned teacher of A Course in Miracles, Gary and his wife, Cindy Lora-Renard, continue to push the envelope and challenge concepts that rock the very foundation of our realities. Jesus, Buddha and Gary Renard In his latest book, The Lifetimes When Jesus and Buddha Knew Each Other: A History of Mighty Companions, Gary takes a courageous [...]


SPU – What are the Akashic Records?

AngelaMaría is a powerhouse Latina with much to offer to this world. She chats with Tonya Dawn Recla about learning more about the self through the use of the Akashic Records. She explains how there’s so much to learn about our souls and divine powers through intuitive listening. Tune in as she dives into the conversation on how these lessons can better shape you and everything around you. Hello everybody! This is Tonya Dawn Recla, your Super Power Expert; and I am tickled pink to have with me today one of my very favorite people. She also happens to be a powerhouse Latina and we've just been having a ton of fun exploring all sorts of concepts and ways of moving through the world, and the work that we both do and how we intersect, and I'm really really really excited to share her with you [...]


Using Super Powers to Awaken Mass Consciousness

There’s a movement of people using Super Powers to awaken mass consciousness. It started as a conversation, a tongue-in-cheek, what-if, matrix-esque, utopian-driving type of conversation. Those involved knew it was ridiculous, a momentary glimpse into a dreamt up world that could only exist in imagined realms. Or was it… Super Humans Once you say something often enough and get others to say it with you, it starts to sink into the psyche in creative ways. (I get it, this is dangerously close to the drinking-the-Kool-Aid conversation, but let’s table cult conversations temporarily.) Energetic natural laws require “evidence” and “proof” to appear magically in support of the completely made up concept. That’s how it works, right? Because all logic tells us that Super Powers, super human abilities, and X-Men-type mutations belong in comic books and movie theaters. They’re fun to dream about, but only in those brief moments between real [...]


Trust: Just Jump!

Trust. I was walking on a log from one shore to another. I moved with certainty, one foot in front of the other. I moved calmly and with rhythm. Suddenly, for some reason I cannot explain, I looked at the steep cliff. I could hardly see the water running down there. I did not want to think what would be me, if I fell. I woke up overemotional. Never before had I felt so much fear, it was like I was mocking death! Me, who had never risked doing anything that would put myself in danger. But, there it was...awakening from that dream was easy, but getting rid of that feeling of death, emptiness and danger was not so easy. This feeling accompanied me for days. I could not find the meaning of that dream. Was it a warning or an invitation to take risks? Now I know, and [...]


Confiar: Solo salta!

Confiar. Caminaba sobre un tronco de una orilla a otra. Me desplazaba con seguridad, un pie frente al otro se movía con calma y cadencia. De pronto, por alguna razón que no logro explicar, miro al precipicio, difícilmente podía ver al agua correr allá abajo. No quería pensar que sería de mi si caía. Me desperté super agitada. Nunca antes había sentido tanto miedo, era como estar tentando a la muerte, yo, que nunca me había arriesgado a hacer nada que me pusiera en peligro. Pero ahí estaba…despertar de ese sueño fue fácil, pero deshacerme de esa sensación de muerte, vacío y peligro no. Me acompañó por días. No lograba encontrar el significado de ese sueño, era acaso una advertencia o una invitación a tomar riesgos. Ahora lo sé, y me alegra que en ese momento no lo pudiera descifrar, pues no estaba lista para CONFIAR. La Confianza y [...]


Your Higher Self: You are whole. You are holy. You are Divine.

Your Higher Self is the essence of who you are. Broken? No. Not you. Not me. Not the ex who cheated on you or the Mom who beat you. If you’re feeling broken or lost or disconnected from Source, it just means you’re covered up at the moment. Perhaps layers and layers of untruths disguise your light, but there is nothing wrong with you. There is who you really are (infinite light and love shining across All That Is and ever was and ever will be), and there is the human personality having all the experiences you’re having right now. Your Higher Self Your Higher Self, or Infinite Self, is guiding these experiences Your Higher Self, or Infinite Self, is guiding these experiences to give you everything you’ve chosen to be and do in this life, and everything you’ve asked for. Yep, you are that powerful. You’ve incarnated [...]


Reconexión con la Verdad

Brujas y Más De niña siempre pensaba que rico sería poder ver y oír más allá de lo “normal”. Que rico sería tener super poderes. Por alguna razón, que hoy ya reconozco, yo sentía que tenía algo que otros no, que era como una bruja que sólo necesitaba hacer un pase mágico y hacía que las cosas pasarán. Amaba ver la mujer maravilla y hechizada. Era algo mágico lo que sentía al ver como lograban lo que querían; sólo lo deseaban, actuaban y lo obtenían. Pues bien, al crecer, esos poderes no parecían pertenecer a ningún terrestre, como me decía mi mamá. Eso sólo pasa en las películas. Cada vez que pasaba por momentos difíciles el deseo de conectar esos poderes era mayor; hasta un día que empecé a trabajar con el poder de la mente. Yo diría que ahí fue cuando mi intuición empezó a despertar, podía sentir [...]


Reconnecting with Truth

Witches and More As a child, I always thought how cool it would be to see and hear beyond the "normal". How awesome it would be to have superpowers. For some reason, which I recognize today, I felt I had something that others did not, that I was like a witch who just needed to make a magical spell and would make things happen. I loved watching Wonder Woman and Bewitched. It was a magical feeling to witness how they could achieve anything they wanted; they only needed to want it, act out the desire, and they got it. Well, as I grew up, “Those powers did not seem to belong to any terrestrial being,” as my mother told me. That only happens in movies. Whenever I went through difficult times, the desire to connect to those powers was greater; until one day, I started working with the power [...]


Why Do Women Wear Makeup?

Why do women wear makeup? Makeup is just a mask we wear. It’s a face we put on that makes us feel more comfortable with who we are, what we look like, and how we will be perceived in the world. It’s not real. It’s not truth. We like to dance around the story that it “enhances” our features and makes them stand out more. Not true. This is a lie that we choose to believe from all that is shoved in our face from the media – commercials, movies, TV shows, print media, etc. Beauty is not what you look like. Beauty is what lies within. Regardless of that fact that sounds cliché, it’s truth. We as humans tend to hate what lies within ourselves because we are so scared of what we’ll find, that we choose to live in the lie that what is on the outside [...]


Wasted Zombies? We’re Living the Zombie Apocalypse

The Zombie Apocalypse is here. Katy Perry - Chained to the Rhythm Ha! I love using a play on words, and I’ve really been wanting to write an article on the hype with the zombie apocalypse…and I guess a shout out goes to Katy Perry because I’m using her lyrics to do it. What if I told you the Zombie Apocalypse was already here and we’re currently living in it? Now I don’t mean literally with dead human bodies feeding on live human bodies. No. What I mean is we have created a society where humans live according to what they are told to do, are constantly plugged in to some sort of technology, believe and feed into what they see and hear on the news, and play the game of “Keeping upwith the Jones’s.” Take a step back and look for yourself, you might be surprised at what [...]


Spiritual Competition Is the One True Path

Spiritual competition is alive and well in the spiritual growth communities…as it should be. There truly is no better way to achieve Ultra Spiritual status than to lord that status over others and create scales of measurement so abstract no one else can comprehend them, let alone rank using them. And what’s the point in doing any sort of spiritual journeying if not to be better than everyone else? Spiritual Competition And what’s the point in doing any sort of spiritual journeying if not to be better than everyone else? The absolute brilliance behind JP Sears and his alter “Ultra Spiritual” persona is the constant contradiction. His diatribes and circular verbosity dance around each other in a mental masturbatory version of Twister, just slippery enough that you can’t grab him, label him, and put him in a box. Just when you think: Wow, this guy must be [...]


Conscious Awakening – Are you paying attention or choosing to live in the lie?

Conscious awakening doesn't happen by accident. Either you pay attention or you live in the lie. You choose. I’ve always had this knowingness that everything happens for a reason. Nothing is a coincidence or happenstance. Everything in our lives serves a purpose. Sometimes it felt so real, yet silly at the same time – that I was afraid it would come off narcissistic or histrionic in nature. I questioned everything – meaning I questioned everything about myself and judged it according to my Catholic upbringing. Why is this important? Do you ever notice patterns that play out in your life on a consistent basis? Do you keep seeing the same numbers all the time? Do you hear the same song or artist on the radio when you’re in the car? Do you keep reliving a memory or a feeling/emotion and don’t have a clue as to why it’s coming [...]


Multidimensional Consciousness and The Secret

Multidimensional Consciousness The Secret and The Law of Attraction are only a very miniscule portion of the story when it comes to bringing what you truly desire into this dimension of existence. This is the very beginning of the understanding and grasp of multidimensional consciousness, living in multiple dimensions simultaneously, learning how to access each of them, and for what purpose. When we come to Earth we are strapped down in a straightjacket of time control built in fear and lack. We come into this veil of existence, immersed in forgetfulness, and are taught and bred to “follow the rules.” We forget that we can break the “rules.” And once we have this understanding of “the secret” we come to a realization that there really are no rules at all. After this realization comes the shift of living in only 3D consciousness to living in and accessing multidimensional consciousness. These [...]


SPU – Integrity of Spirit

Integrity of Spirit is a powerful Super Power. But that's not the only one Isobel Tutchton wields well. From a young age, Isobel was predisposed to psychic and seeing abilities like intuition, mind reading, clair senses, telekinesis, and energetic sight. She began her spiritual journey as a teenager when she started communicating with guides and spirits, performing past-life regressions, and practicing astral projection and psychic dreamwalking. Listen in as she talks about her journey through mastering her personal power and honing her Super Powers. Show Notes Hello everyone! This is Tonya Dawn Recla Your Super Power Expert and this is a really special interview today I have with me Isobel Tutchton and I really don't even know how to encapsulate this. What she emulates for the world and what she presents to the Universe and what she brings here. In so many unique and practical ways [...]


Conscious Catapulting aka Running of the Bulls

Conscious growth was the theme for 2016. I don’t know about you but the entire year felt as though I ran a gauntlet like running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain. My personal conscious catapulting led me down some pretty treacherous paths. Although the bulls were not physically running behind me, breathing down my neck, instilling the face of fear and death into me, every twist, turn, and curveball thrown at me felt like a damn horn being shoved into my side! I began my “Journey of Truth” as I have been calling it, around November of 2015. I was questioning everything and wanted answers, little did I realize the journey I was about to take was going to drag my ass face first through the mud and make me face every damn fear, story, judgment, and thought I’ve ever had. I finally saw life without the veil, without the lies, without [...]


Forgiveness: Meaning Across Dimensions

Forgiveness seems to be the spiritual, metaphysical word du jour. It's an interesting concept and takes on many different meanings depending on where you sit in your journey. At the most basic level, let's look at a common definition: Forgiveness is the intentional and voluntary process by which a victim undergoes a change in feelings and attitude regarding an offense, lets go of negative emotions such as vengefulness, with an increased ability to wish the offender well. Most circles I interact with consider conversations about victims and offenders to be faux pas. However, even without calling it out, I'm not sure there's a way to remove these pieces altogether.  In spiritual conversations, on the surface forgiveness feels like an empowered, peaceful concept. And as a tool to guide you through certain aspects of the journey, it's a valuable reminder not to hold onto grudges, blame, etc. At other levels it [...]


The Role of Women’s Empowerment in Collective Higher Consciousness

Women’s empowerment as a movement plays a catalytic role in higher consciousness, both as individuals and a collective. Despite what most people can conceive, we experience the world collectively. As individuals it’s easy to think our experience is uniquely our own. We've come up with thousands of reasons and ways to be separate from each other. We feed off of the divide in perceived difference. But even in this we prove how unified and connected we are. We feel each other and feed off of each other and thereby create reality together. Human Nature vs. Ego Our human nature is not to be separate - to hate, judge, divide, oppress, and kill each other. These are symptoms of ego. Our ego is only a part of us, and whether or not it defines who we are and what we do is entirely our choice. In awakening to our true and [...]


The Dark Underbelly of Real Super Powers

Let's talk about the dark underbelly of truly unlocking real Super Powers. It's easy to look at people who wield their power effortlessly and say, "It must be easy." It is. It is the easiest, most natural state of our existence to stand in full autonomy and move the world with every breath. It is the easiest, most natural state of our existence to manage our vibration and manifest from our highest. It feels like coming home to step into that sovereign space. BUT... The path between where most people stand and the effortless space of Real Super Powers is like nothing you can fathom. This goes beyond fluffy conversations about personal development or spiritual growth. It goes beyond meditating, reading cards, asking for guidance, and searching in every flower, animal, person, event for meaning to help you understand yourself. Those are mere steps along the way. Can you take [...]


Intuition Tops the List of Most Powerful Super Powers

Most powerful Super Powers get overlooked as boring or mundane. However, THE most powerful Super Power is not only essential, it’s life-changing, life-saving, and, definitely, life-enhancing. Intuition: the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. Without discovering and using your intuition, you cannot effectively and accurately hone your other Super Powers. Intuition requires high degrees of trust in your ability to “know” truth for yourself. For some, the journey into discovering their intuition starts as a frustrating game. It seems intuition whispers and whispers and whispers and then Whack! it knocks you upside the head.The process to honing your intuition is to listen when you hear the whispers. “BUT,” you’re asking, “how do I hear the whispers?” Or, better yet, “How do I know if it’s really my intuition or if it’s my fear piping in?” Ah…yes…therein lies the reason why so many people never move into fully mastering their intuition. [...]


On Being Superheroes: How Multidimensional Existence Requires Super-Sizing the Hero’s Journey

“You create superheroes to take care of problems that can't really be solved another way,” Robert Rodriguez What do you do when an entire population waits for the next leader? What do you do when the next phase of existence requires something more than the masters who’ve come before? What do you do when heroes simply aren’t enough? You super-size them! It’s no shock to anyone that times are changing. Even those who have no knowledge of or interest in pursuing consciousness or personal growth can feel it. Something is a-brewing and it feels foreboding. The internal fortitude required to continually walk closer to the storm rather than shy away far exceeds what most people can handle. Even those who’ve done a fair amount of journeying realize they are ill-equipped to deal with everything starting to appear now. And by appear, I mean actually appear. Remember all of those fluffy, [...]


Separateness, Super Powers, and Human Consciousness

As more and more people pursue the concept of operating at higher degrees of human consciousness, we see the inevitable push back from aspects of society and from within ourselves. The biggest culprit of this is the illusion of separateness. After operating a completely collaborative, high-vibrational membership model for the past seven months, I’ve noticed some telltale signs that someone isn’t ready to move into all that’s possible for them. We attract people who want to develop and hone their Super Powers in a quest to operate at higher levels of vibration and, ultimately, change the world. Those are our peeps – the ones who KNOW they’re here to do something bigger, better, unique. They find us when everything else they’ve tried didn’t work. They’ve watched The Secret, took the red pill, studied the Law of Attraction, and practiced present moment awareness. But they sit in their individuality waiting [...]


Self Improvement Through Integrating Emotions

Self improvement through integrating emotions is the second step in preparing to develop your Super Powers. (Read: Personal Growth Step One - Manage Your Mind) After learning how to manage your mind, the next "child" piece of yourself to master is your emotional system. Emotional energy is very different from mental energy and the emotional system requires a delicate touch. Most of us in the Western world are much more comfortable dealing with thoughts than emotions so we tend to turn emotional energy into thoughts, ignore it altogether, or Reiki it out of us. None of these techniques honors the very important role your emotional system plays in your survival and evolution. This is one of the biggest hindrances to people's self improvement. As with the mind, the emotional system is designed to keep you alive. When you get a twinge of emotional energy, it indicates that there's something in the [...]


Personal Coaching Step One – Manage Your Mind

The first step in personal coaching is to manage your mind. Your mind is a magnificent, wonderful, reliable, functional, purposeful, dependable, piece of you. It is NOT you. It is a tool — a database of perceptions, thoughts, fears, programs, memories, etc. designed to keep you alive. And it isn’t real interested in fast, massive, evolutionary changes. But here’s the catch, your mind constantly sends you information to navigate this dangerous, treacherous, worrisome world we live in. It believes you need all of this information in order to survive. And it isn’t completely wrong. However it only knows one part of the story…the past part. Your mind is only helpful when it comes to recalling information about where you’ve been, the world you’re already familiar with, the place most of us strive to move beyond. The mind cannot help guide you where you’re going. […]


Improving Self Confidence Can Save the Species

Is it possible that improving self confidence is the least personal thing any of us can do? When we look at the process of evolution, each living entity contributes to the collective. By this thinking, each individual’s journey toward Personal POWER just may be the thing that saves us all. What do I mean by save us all? Well, I’m operating off the assumption we have a common agreement that things are a bit murky right now. There’s turmoil, strife, fear, and upheaval everywhere you look. Now, of course, you have to be looking for it. I get that. Even those of us who are elevated beyond the 3rd dimension can sense the tumultuousness of the world as a whole. Even when we recognize it as the necessary balancing of the shift toward higher consciousness, it still causes us to pause and wonder how we’ll possibly overcome…this time. [...]


The Conscious Experience – Unplugged

The conscious experience is what some of us chase where we’re called to create our existence. This is a common conversation amongst new age, metaphysical, spiritual folks, but when you reach the point of complete freedom to create, it takes on a whole new depth. Those of us driven to serve in a selfless way toward creating higher levels of consciousness tend to seek signs, drift in the flow, and basically defer to Spirit for our general life plan. I think this is a necessary step for some. It takes us to a place of complete faith and utter surrender. But what happens next? Some of us agree to take our knowing of Truth to a higher level. And this is where true creating occurs. […]


True Transformation to Personal Power

As I sit and compare these images, I marvel at the concept of True Transformation in a quest for Personal POWER. The process is so much bigger than dying my hair red and going from a size 22 to a size 8. Those are just the outer reflections of a deep, intrinsic transformation. I married my POWER partner five years ago. I knew then that hidden deep within the person I’d become was the person I intended to be. I knew he saw her and I knew I needed his support to truly become her. Despite the fact that I was an accomplished, successful, educated, confident, aware woman, the wounds I carried ran so deep that I kept hitting walls trying to heal them. I see this in my clients also. There are levels of ourselves that exist so far beneath the surface that we have [...]


Transformation Step 4 – Mastering Physical Energy

A few months ago I swore that mastering the emotional body was THE most important step in The 5 Steps of Transformation. Silly me. I suppose I should be used to this journey by now and recognize that each step of the way there are phases to come I can only vaguely anticipate. And even though I “get” that the 5 Steps continue throughout our lives as we grow and change, when I was knee deep in Step 3 I assumed the others would be a breeze. In fact, this is a direct quote from my original post: Once the emotional body is mastered in Step 3, the rest is smooth sailing. This [the fourth] step requires processing change through the cellular memory of the physical body. Usually once the spirit, mind and emotional body are on track, the physical body follows with little resistance. When resistance [...]


The Symbolism of Personal Power

The tunnels of light pass by me, through me, as I drift further and further into the abyss. Once a frightening and foreshadowing passage, the familiarity now wraps me in a comfortable knowingness, a feeling of coming home. I allow the process to unfold (can we ever really rush it?) and journey to exactly the right place. I pass through countless realms and silently observe nameless creatures long forgotten or shrouded now in mythology. This time I land in a space of infiniteness. The darkness consumes me until a ball of light moves into focus and shapes itself into a planet-like sphere. It emanates bright yellow-orange. As I witness, bright red clouds drift around it swirling on all sides. The clouds take form and become hands shaping the planet in a swirling, undulating embrace. The voice says, “And here we just play with them.” For [...]


Developing Personal Power in a Crowd

How do you develop your personal POWER in the midst of people who want to make you exactly like them? I spent the last few days at our home-away-from-home (ironic since we travel full time and don’t have a home…but work with me here). We belong to an entrepreneur group that is more family than business at this point. We trust that community to help us raise our daughter and we develop relationships that serve to catalyze our personal and professional growth. We’re known as the “due diligence” people and we consult and advise companies regarding their due diligence and risk assessment needs. Over the last year, as we continue to show up in integrity and service, people seek me out to help them with their more personal needs. They come to me and confess that there are things they don’t know and areas of their [...]


How to Master Emotions – Step 3 in Transformation

This is the follow-up article to The Importance of Mastering Emotions in Transformation post. As I promised, this one outlines the actual process for moving through this step. I want to preface this by saying that this process works for most triggers. It takes a bit of practice in order for the impact to take hold but after a couple times it really becomes second nature. There are some emotional triggers that run so deep this process won’t work. But for your run-of-the-mill triggers of frustration, anger, control, annoyance, jealousy, etc. it should do the trick. […]


Why Personal Force is NOT Personal Power

An Arizona Cardinals cheerleader recently made the news because she allegedly chose to invoke force instead of personal POWER. Part of the reason people shy away from conversations about POWER is the misconception that POWER and force are the same thing. This recent incident in Arizona is a fantastic example of what happens when people choose force (i.e. manipulation, physical abuse, etc.) over POWER. […]


The Importance of Mastering Emotions in Transformation

By far the biggest obstacle thwarting transformation for folks is the third step of the Transformation Process, Mastering Emotions. By far. And this is THE persnickety piece keeping people from achieving personal POWER. For whatever reason, we completely grasp the first two steps of Spirit and Mind. We understand on some level the law of attraction and that thoughts become things. But then we like to skip over step three entirely and move right into Body, cellular memory and energy work. It’s as though we’re fine talking about what our spirits envision and what our minds think. And we’re even fine admitting that we might have residual energy stored somewhere (especially since energy practitioners can take care of that for us). But for some reason, we do NOT like dealing with our emotions. […]

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