Justin Recla Could we talk  about spirituality, masculinity, and spiritual meaning? Justin Recla a former counterintelligence agent and master of intelligence transference and information entanglement, joins HFH host AngelaMarίa to talk about the Spiritual Meaning of New Maculine. His Unique Super Powers position him to guide his clients both in business and in life. His message is simple: Help others, do things better, and have self-dominion in everything you do! Listen in to hear Justin about how we need to step up as a society integrating who we are, independently of our genre, to create a new humanity. A new humanity who wants to see things in a different way, do things in a different way, and live a different life.

Hello. This is AngelaMaría, one of the SuperPower Up! hosts and you are listening to the High Frequency Healing show. The only difference between where you are and where you want to be is the actions you take here and now to heal your life. 

So, if you’re ready, let’s take a deep breath and be here and now.

I invite you to enjoy this time together. So please, let’s welcome Justin Recla to the show. We will be talking about Spiritual Meaning of New Masculine. I am super excited to have him, Justin here in the show. He is a former counterintelligence agent and master of intelligence, transference and information entanglement. These unique super powers position him to guide his clients both in business and in life. His message is simple: help others, do things better and have self-dominion in everything you do. 

I love working with intention and utilizing the body to be able to heal itself.Please join me to welcome Justin Recla.

Hi Justin, super happy to have you here in my show today.

Hi, love, thank you so much for having me. I’ve been looking forward to this conversation for some time.

He will. Yes. So please, let’s just start by telling us what’s your healing super power.

Well, you know I’ve been playing with the energy for some time, you know, we’ve trained Neva up on how to use energy and how to use the heal. And I’ve always had this innate ability to be able to, you know, if I get hurt or I cut myself or you know, just a little things to be able to speed up the healing process in my own body depending on the energy that I give it. So I love working with energy. I love working with crystals. I love working with intention and utilizing the body to be able to heal itself.


I just absolutely love this because if you have met Justin in person, this is a big guy, that he has a very important presence. And usually when I have met guys that like these kinds of things, they have a very feminine energy that is just that you can feel it, you don’t feel bad when you meet Justin. And that’s why I’d really love to talk about this and go deeper into the topic that we have today because we’re going to talk about the spiritual meaning of new masculine. And before we just deep into this topic, please, Justin, would you take us back to your early years and name one memorable life lesson that is useful for you today?

Oh gosh, pick one. Well, you know, everything that I’ve learned along the way in my own journey. You know, back when I was a kid, a lot of my abilities got shut off just because of the beliefs of the people around me. And they didn’t understand. They didn’t know how to guide me through this. Nothing to their own fault, of course, but just the fact that they didn’t know. So nobody really knew how to train you. And it really wasn’t until my 20s when I was in college. That’s when my ability started coming back on lines, my understanding of who I was, how we work and operate as individuals, as spiritual beings. And one of the biggest lessons that I had was from a friend of mine who had been in the spiritual community for a while. She was a practicing Wicca.

They know how things work, but they’re either too afraid to dive into it because nobody’s told them different or they’ve associated with that something that only women do and that we as men that we’re not supposed to carry that.

And she really kind of opened up the doorway for me to realize that there was more, there was a possibility in that and what I was experiencing wasn’t, this is really crazy. So it was literally from an experience that I had with her just sitting and having a conversation with her that I got the affirmation that I needed to know that, you know, everything I experienced up until this point was important, was useful and could be trained on. And I think there’s a lot of guys out there today that have similar abilities. They know how things work, but they’re either too afraid to dive into it because nobody’s told them different or they’ve associated with that something that only women do and that we as men that we’re not supposed to carry that. So I think that for me was a super, super pivotal moment in my life to be able to step back and go, “You know what? No, this, there’s something to this”. And that’s really what helps set me on my path of where I’m at today.

Mm Hmm. Very interesting. Justin, and if I ask you, just tell me what would be that burning bush moment that made your heart desire, changing your path in life, would you say was the one that you just shared with us, or there was another moment where you say, “This is no more about this. Now I feel that my miracle is towards this new path”.

Wow. You know, I’m getting chills as, as you asked that question. You know, I had a lot of different moments in my life where I realized that I needed to shift and up level and so forth. But it wasn’t until I met Tonya that I really had my burning Bush moment and really saw what the divine had laid out for myself, for the mission that we’ve set out to do with a Super Power Experts.

It was at that moment in time that I knew that there was something different, but if you’re going to get the detailed perspective, that burning bush moment, it really came from a … There was a gentleman that we were speaking with in Bisbee, Arizona and he was a healer and he was a lightworker. Tonya was pregnant at the time and he looked at me and he said, “You do realize that if you don’t do what you’re here to do,” that she, referring to Neva in the womb, “…is not going to be able to do what she is here to do.” And it was that moment in time that I realized that I needed to get out of my own way and step up into something bigger.

Oh, and I got a chill. Nice, there are people who are listening to this, if you haven’t met Justin, Tonya, and Neva, have you heard about them? What’s the name of this movie? Invincible? Is that the name?

No, the Incredibles.

The Incredibles, there you go. This family, for me, is the real, like in bone and flesh reproduction of The Incredibles. It’s just unbelievable and you need to meet Neva, I am just in my conversation because I really want her to be here in the show. Tonya was already here, but exactly what Justin is saying is exactly what this family exudes. It’s just this energy and this opportunity where everyone, not just the Neva, but Tonya and Justin and people around them. We can really embody the divinity we are and just we can accomplish this mission of being here in this treaty.

So, thank you so much. I honor that and I know that is just the reality you’re leaving right now, Justin. So, thank you so much for sharing with us these very intimate moments in your life. When you say “I think it’s my time now” or you wouldn’t be now with this experience.

Well, you know, absolutely. And just to add to that, I think that that’s where a lot of people are sitting in their lives is the “What’s next?” What’s different than what’s bigger than what life is at the level of what we’re experiencing. And now there’s so many people that are craving that, longing that. I know it because every time we engage with people and interact with people, they feel it. They express that. And so, I’m just honored to be able to work with so many amazing people such as yourself, to be able to help put that message out.

Yeah, and I witness that. It’s exactly as you said it and even more. Justin, where can people go to find out more about you?

Well, they could actually find me a couple of different places. They can listen to my podcast on the SuperPower Up! network, under incorporating superpowers. So if you go to superpowerexperts.com, click on the podcast tab, go to the incorporating superpowers link. You’ll find me there. They can find us under our vetting services at clearbusinessdirectory.com.

Yes. And I want all of you to please go and listen to his new podcast. It was just released like some months ago, weeks ago, Justin? Like last month.

Yeah, we’re only about, right now, by the time the show airs, we’re probably only going to be about six or seven shows in. But yeah, brand new, super excited to have a lot of amazing guests on the show. It’s all about the business and how people are doing things better in business.

Yes. And especially between better in business, business through their own divinity, through all of these energy work that is really, really important. So, we’ve been talking with Justin Recla about spiritual meaning of new masculine. When we come back from this short break, we’re going to talk more about his healing superpower. Stay tuned, we’ll be right back.

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