Personal Power Intensive

Those who stand in their personal power powerfully serve.
-Tonya Dawn Recla

Harnessing superpowers to raise mass consciousness is a team sport. When we choose to hone our innate divine gifts and work together for the higher good, we move beyond the obviousness of the individual human experience and begin to play a more collaborative game. And this is when things really start to get fun! But before we can experience the magical collaborative impact of synergy, we must understand and, ultimately, move beyond self-actualization into soul-actualization. We must be willing to acknowledge the realities we built from a fear-based perspective and reimagine everything from a higher vantage point.

If you have experience journeying through various modalities or philosophies of personal development or spiritual growth and are looking for a way to move into the embodiment of all you know to be true, then the Personal Power Intensive (PPI) is the solution for you. It’s the answer to the question, “What now?” that propels all of us forward into spaces we don’t quite understand, but somehow feel we desperately want to experience. This is where the study gets put into practice.

Want to experience better relationships? 

We help you see how to move through the lessons of the past to harness the potential of the future.

Want to experience more peace, joy, love?

We remind you that the key to experiencing the best life possible is to first receive all that is.

Want to experience success, fulfillment, contribution and appreciation?

We illuminate the brilliant path that lies in front of you and show you how to see it more clearly as you step fully into the brilliance and magnificence of you.

Want to use your superpowers for good to affect world change?

We show you how to face every challenge with confidence and train you to harness your innate gifts in order to do what you came here to do.

We all agreed to participate in this mass movement of higher consciousness, but in order to consciously take part in the collective co-creative process of uplifting humanity, one must first master the human experience. Essentially, we must learn to manage the human we thought was our full identity, integrate the lessons from that experience and rediscover how to operate as our divine aspects here and now as humanity steps into significant change. And, while we all get to walk our own path in our own way, most people prefer to have a support team in place. That’s where we step in.

Personal Power Intensive


What you can expect from the program:

  • A guided, personalized program that fits into your life and transforms it from within
  • Your unique Super Power Design, a multidimensional experiential assessment that reveals your divine design.
    • The assessment covers your intuitive strategy, predisposed superpowers and areas of influence
  • Support from a highly trained, diverse, professional, experienced and managed collaborative coaching cadre
  • A better understanding of yourself
  • A better understanding of others
  • Access to high vibrational content and guided attunement activities
  • Tools to manage difficult situations and conversations with grace and ease
  • Techniques to stand solidly in your awareness of self to have a positive impact on others
  • A lifelong path of continued expansion
  • A renewed faith in your connection with the divine
  • Techniques to operate your life intuitively
  • Skill in maintaining a higher perspective in order to clearly navigate learning lessons and help others
  • Access to the Master Your Personal Power course offered through the Super Power Experts Academy
  • Two intuitive coaching sessions monthly. Sessions are personal and virtual so they can be customized to you and done from anywhere in the world.

As part of the Personal Power Intensive, you receive individualized coaching twice monthly while you move through the Master Your Personal Power course. While the curriculum serves as the backbone for information and attunement, the intensive is experiential and your guide works with you to make sure the information/integration balance works for you, in your life, now. Everyone who chooses to step into this life-changing invitation walks the path differently and our intuitive guides are uniquely trained to assist you in your unique, superpowered way. The Intensive Program is designed with YOU, the bigness and fullness and wholeness of YOU, in mind. Success is guaranteed for all who accept the invitation with an open heart, expansive mind and willingness to be moved in ways more wonderful than we can imagine.

If you’re ready to step into the wholeness of you and start living your best life now, sign up today!

The Origin Story:

The Super Power Programs evolved from a body of work started in 1996 by The Science of Superpowers creator, Tonya Dawn Recla. Through her experiences in academia, high finance, corporate America, the military, government counterintelligence, corporate espionage, entrepreneurship, intuitive and spiritual embodiment and, now, superpowers, she explored the human psyche and deconstructed the human experience. The Super Power Programs rest on decades of dedicated research, exploration and trial and error establishing a framework to co-create a multidimensional experience in this lifetime. From her own divine guidance and in concert with her husband, Justin, and daughter, Neva, Tonya stepped forward in faith and created the model for synergistic collaboration, proving both the body of work and the business models that support it. Now you get to learn from the team gathered to share it with the world.