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“Personal power can only take you so far.
When you really want to change the world, you need – Super Power.”

Tonya Dawn Recla 

What do you do when heroes simply aren’t enough?
You super-size them!

In 1949, Joseph Campbell wrote The Hero with a Thousand Faces. That’s when the hero’s journey became a telltale passage of growth, evolution, and maturity for modern society. For decades it was the quintessential marker of self-actualization…until now. (Read more here)

We face an unprecedented time when the world’s issues seem to outweigh the solutions to offset them. The point of autonomy and growth most people previously achieved in their spiritual questing and personal development journeys no longer provides the leadership skills and creative strategies required to address our growing conundrums.

Self-paced programs and support are powerful, but for those individuals who are stuck and need assistance moving into the next space or are ready to LEAP into the stratosphere and change the world, we have solutions. By working with Tonya Dawn Recla and the Experts, members have an opportunity to move faster and develop a solid foundation underneath them to insure sustainable growth.

If you’re ready to accelerate your growth, then a Super Power Program with our Experts is the fastest way to help you master your personal power, attune your individual resonance and unlock your Super Powers. We offer programs guided by either Tonya Dawn Recla or Tatiana Berindei. Both are fantastic methods for stepping solidly into the next phase of evolution.

We are committed to supporting individuals in their growth, regardless of their financial situation. We offer affordable, sliding-scale program options so you don’t have to unlock your super powers alone.

Are your ready to unlock your Super Powers NOW?

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