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As the Executive Director of Super Power Experts and creator of the Superpower Network, the #1 podcast network for inspired personal development, Tonya Dawn Recla spends her days proving superpowers are real and creating scalable, sustainable solutions to support rapid evolution and vibrational shifts for individuals and the collective. Through her experiences in academia, high finance, corporate America, the military, government counterintelligence, corporate espionage, entrepreneurship, intuitive and spiritual embodiment and, now, superpowers, Tonya explored the human psyche and deconstructed the human experience. The superpowers body of work rests on decades of dedicated research, exploration and trial and error establishing a framework to co-create a multidimensional experience in this lifetime. From her own divine guidance and in concert with her husband, Justin, and daughter, Neva, Tonya stepped forward in faith and created the model for synergistic collaboration, proving both the body of work and the business models that support it. Listen in at The Science of Superpowers

SOS – Crafting Your Life

How does it feel when you are crafting your life, going against the grain, swimming upstream, and dancing to your own beat? In this episode of Science of Superpowers, host Tonya Dawn Recla talks about crafting your life with guest Ginni Saraswati. Tonya and Ginni share how we can gauge our behaviors and choices. Ginni emphasizes how important it is to remember that no matter what conversations are happening around you, other conversations are going on that are filled with hope and love. Join Tonya and Ginni in this meaningful conversation of crafting your life.

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Living Thanks

Living Thanks In this final message about Living Thanks, we take a look at the powerful combination of pouring our words, our energy and our essence into creating the life we want. This level of congruence invites us to embody gratitude in every cell of our being, every aspect of our lives. We’re invited to fully integrate the energy of abundance and plenty as we open our eyes to the richness surrounding us in every moment. And in the next breath, we’re able to see that same light shining out from those around us. Be sure to join us as we wrap up the Giving Thanks IM Series and pour love, light and gratitude into this holiday season. Resources: IMS Link: Giving Thanks Podcast: The Four Sacred Gifts for a World in Change Podcast: Kindness Currency Podcast: Peace Happiness Abundance Return [...]

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Feeling Thanks

Feeling Thanks Empathy is one of the most neglected areas of parenting and social programming. Those who are predisposed to empathy often believe others are able to sense what they sense and those who aren’t often have no idea emotional energy is being exchanged. This creates a ton of confusion and miscommunication. In order to tap into the frequency of gratitude, we must be able to sense it. This starts with sensitizing ourselves to others. Don’t miss this fantastic second message on Feeling Thanks in the Giving Thanks IM Series. Resources: IMS Link: Giving Thanks Podcast: The Four Sacred Gifts for a World in Change Podcast: Kindness Currency Podcast: Peace Happiness Abundance Return to Series 

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Saying Thanks

Saying Thanks In Saying Thanks, this first message of the Giving Thanks IM Series, we go all the way back to the beginning. Perhaps it’s true that everything we needed to know about life we learned in kindergarten. Certainly, the root secret to creating a life in the frequency of gratitude is something we’re all taught to some degree at a very young age. But, what if we truly knew the power of good manners and being kind to others? Join us in this fabulous message that reminds us that we should always be able to come up with something nice to say.  Resources: IMS Link: Giving Thanks Podcast: The Four Sacred Gifts for a World in Change Podcast: Kindness Currency Podcast: Peace Happiness Abundance Return to Series 

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SOS – Inspiring a Nation

What is it that is motivating us as individuals and as a society? In this episode of The Science of Superpowers, host Tonya Dawn Recla and guest Joy Scott will discuss the topic of “Inspiring a Nation.” Tonya and Joy’s conversation will uncover if we as humans are similar or different at the core. Tune in to hear Joy describe ways that we can work in cohesion to arrive at the destination that we are all working toward: Understanding, love and acceptance. This conversation will leave you with the key ways we can all work together as a Nation to recognize our commonalities and use them as a power to unite for the greater good.

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IMS – Transcendence

What do we mean by transcendence? Why do humans become so critical of themselves and others? In this IM Series called Transcendence, we explore the three main aspects of transcendence: Body, self, and soul. This series serves as a bridge between death and life. It is also a medium for us to extend our existence beyond physical representation, hone thy awareness and consciousness, and open our hearts to be kinder with ourselves and others. Transcendence is a lens for us to see beyond what is obvious and to pay attention to the sound of our voices. Don’t miss this series and explore the soul experience and transcend with the possibilities of the universe.

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SOS – Living the Kingdom Now

Do you believe that we are living the kingdom now? Is it true that people hinder their path to experience the divine? In this episode of the Science of Superpowers, host Tonya Dawn Recla and guest Paul Selig talk about aligning and shifting thy self and consciousness to the right vibration to experience the kingdom. Paul is one of the main spiritual channels working today. He has recorded an exceptional personal and planetary evolution program for humankind to awaken to its divine nature. Tune in and discover how the Covid-19 pandemic is anchored to human’s way of living in the darkness and denying the divine. 

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SOS – The Science of Faith

What is the science of faith? Why does having faith keep us grounded? In this episode of The Science of Superpowers, host Tonya Dawn Recla talks about having faith amidst the chaos. We all have different perspectives concerning the faith. It may be faith in our parents as young people, faith in the government, or faith in institutions that thread our whole existence. Faith serves as a solid foundation for people, most especially in this time of crisis. Tune in and listen to Tonya as she shares why having a poor faith foundation can crumble humanity down during a time of crisis. Tonya Dawn Recla: Hello, everyone. Thank you for joining us again here at The Science of Superpowers. I am so excited to have this conversation today around the science of faith. This is another one of our episodes about the experience of The Science of [...]

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IMS – God is Fluid

Do you believe that God is fluid? Have you felt the divine energy through you? Feel the divine flow through you in this episode of the Inspired Messages Show. Host AngelaMaría talks about breaking away from fear and consolidation of dogmas, rules, and ideas of God and instead, starting to focus on the fluidity of God. AngelaMaría also emphasizes the importance of having to feel the energy of God through our senses.  Tune in and find your emotions and experiences come together with meditation activities from AngelaMaría. AngelaMaría: Welcome, everyone. I am AngelaMaría, your messenger today here on the IM Show. I am so excited to share with you the IM Series content for all of these fascinating topics that are related to this human experience and how to make it better. Let me share with you today our latest series: God is Fluid. Astonia says, [...]

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SOS – When the World Turns Upside Down

What will you do when your world turns upside down? Will you be ready to let things change in your perspective? In this episode of Science of Superpowers, host Tonya Dawn Recla and guest Mark Gober talk about strengths as gifts that can be called superpowers related to tenacity and dedication. Mark Gober is the author of the book An End to Upside Down Thinking. This book makes us forget about everything we know about reality. It also focuses on the idea of consciousness in the face of scientific thought. Tune in and join Tonya and Mark as they revolve their conversation around science, reality, and awareness. Tonya Dawn Recla: Hello everyone and welcome back. We're so glad that you chose to join us again here at The Science of Superpowers, we love having you here. We appreciate your loyalty and your continued listens. We know [...]

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