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SuperPower Up! Podcast

With shows like SuperPower Up!, Super Power Kids, Sex, Love and SuperPowers, and SuperPowers of the Soul, the Super Power Experts bring you a wealth of information and training tips to master your personal power and harness your superpowers in life, relationships and business. Specifically designed to provide practical information for entrepreneurs, change agents, light workers, and seekers of evolutionary and high vibrational living, SuperPower Up! picks up where personal development, self help and spiritual growth leave off.

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SuperPower Up! with Tonya Dawn Recla

SuperPower Up! is the place where we explore real life super powers and give you the tools to unlock your own. Super Power Experts® Founder and Executive Director, Tonya Dawn Recla, hosts this flagship show. New episodes every Friday.

Sex, Love and SuperPowers

Sex, Love and SuperPowers features prominent people in the field of human relationships, sexuality and women’s empowerment. This show tackles sex, love, creativity, the balance of the divine feminine and masculine, and – of course – super powers. New episodes every Wednesday.

Super Power Kids

Super Power Kids features adults and kids doing amazing things in the world. During the interviews Neva talks about business, personal development, woo-woo, animals, mythical creatures, and super powers. New episodes every other Thursday.

SuperPowers of the Soul

SuperPowers of the Soul features individuals using their Soul’s super powers to create a life full of Divinity, grace, freedom and success. New episodes every Sunday.

SuperPower Creatives

SuperPower Creatives features individuals with creative super powers in music, art and writing who are creating amazing lives of success inspired by purpose. New episodes every other Thursday.

Your SuperPowered Mind

Your SuperPowered Mind features individuals who use the mind’s innate power to create lasting change. New episodes every other Monday.

SuperPower Mommas with Laura Greco

SuperPower Mommas features guests using, or guiding mommas to use, their soulful intuition and superpowers to create peace and harmony for themselves while modeling the same for their children. New episodes every other Tuesday.

High Frequency Healing with AngelaMaria

High Frequency Healing features individuals using their super powers to heal their lives and lead others to do the same. New episodes every other Tuesday.

Training Shows

Super Power Experts is a training entity that provides playgrounds for change agents to hone their skills. As part of that mission, we have a Podcast Host Training Program that trains people in: becoming an influencer, using your voice to impact the world, mastering systemization and scalability, connecting with and uplifting others, working in collaboration, crafting a message that serves the greater good and much, much more.

If you want to highlight your superpowers and uplift others through the power of podcasting, sign up here: or contact us at


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