About Justin Recla

Justin Recla is an Army veteran and former counterintelligence agent who successfully transitioned counterintelligence techniques into the business world. As a corporate counterintelligence consultant, he increases trust and certainty for his clients’ business relationships. He is the master of intelligence transference and information entanglement. These Unique Super Powers position him to guide his clients in otherworldly methods of communication and data assimilation.

ISP – Jump Start Your Sales

Do you want to learn how to jump start your sales? On today's episode of Incorporating SuperPowers, host Justin Recla speaks with Joe Beck about how to create and jumpstart your business to get successful results as soon as possible. Joe is very successful in the advertising and selling industry and he specializes in helping businesses jumpstart their sales. Justin and Joe discuss the stages of business, building your team, advertising, sales and all things business. Tune in to today’s episode to learn how to create and get a jumpstart on your business. Welcome to another episode of Incorporating SuperPowers. I'm excited for this conversation today because if you're in a business and you're just starting out, or you're building a sales team, and you're not too sure what that's going to look like... Or maybe you've been selling, you're selling your [...]

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ISP – Embedding New Legacy Solutions

How can you create legacy solutions? On today’s episode of Incorporating SuperPowers host, Justin Recla speaks with guest J. Eduardo Campos about embedding new legacy solutions in your business. Eduardo is a Cybersecurity Expert and assists businesses by helping them embed legacy solutions into their business structures. Justin and Eduardo discuss all things business, strategy and smart thinking. Tune in to this episode to listen to Justin and Eduardo talk about the importance of embedding new leacy solutions into your business. Welcome to another exciting episode of Incorporating SuperPowers. I'm your host, Justin Recla today we're going to dive down the rabbit hole and talk about legacy solutions. My guest today is very much a kindred spirit. He comes from the cyber security realm. He's been in visits with his wife for quite some time and we're going to have a lot [...]

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ISP – A Life Worth Living

What makes a life worth living? In this episode of Incorporating SuperPowers, Justin Recla speaks with Kolby Kolibas on the value and importance of life and how abundantly joyful and fulfilling it can be. Kolby is a filmmaker and a best-selling author. His passion and mission is a non-profit organization called A Life Worth Living. It's all about mental health and teen suicide prevention. Justin and Kolby have an amazing, encouraging conversation about how truly valuable life is for every age. Be sure to catch this conversation between two purpose-driven men talking about how to be of big service. You won’t want to miss this incredibly inspirational episode. Welcome to another episode of Incorporating SuperPowers. My guest today is Kolby Kolibas. Kolby is a filmmaker, a best-selling author, and his audio book's getting ready to come out. But what we're here to [...]

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