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Justin Recla is an Army veteran and former counterintelligence agent who successfully transitioned counterintelligence techniques into the business world. As a corporate counterintelligence consultant, he increases trust and certainty for his clients’ business relationships. He is the master of intelligence transference and information entanglement. These Unique Super Powers position him to guide his clients in otherworldly methods of communication and data assimilation.

ISP – Conscious Capitalism Makes Integrity Profitable

Business owners who practice conscious capitalism are having a huge impact on the world. And as the world continues to change, more and more people are awakening to the sense that there is something off with the old ways of business. Is there a better way to make money and help people? David Gruder is an 11-award-winning clinical and organizational psychologist whose mission is to elevate leaders to create a happy and sustainable society. David joins host Justin Recla to discuss how conscious capitalism makes integrity profitable. CryptoWealthCoach.com Stock Footage by Videezy Welcome to Incorporating SuperPowers. I'm your host, Justin Recla, and today we're talking to one of my long time friends in the business world, one of my very first mentors, one of the people that, and probably the key person, that's helped [...]

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ISP – How Love Can Define an Entrepreneur

Have you ever stopped to think about how love can define an entrepreneur? The Beatles said it best…”All you need is love!”  No, really...what if that is all you ever needed for your business to succeed? Adam Markel is the CEO of More Love Media, a company dedicated to empowering individuals and businesses to re-imagine a world where they can thrive. Adam joins host Justin Recla to explore the concept of how love can define an entrepreneur. CryptoWealthCoach.com Stock Footage by Videezy Welcome to Incorporating SuperPowers. I am your host, Justin Recla, and today, I have the honor of interviewing one of my favorite people on the planet. This man has had a huge impact on my life by proxy through my daughter. He's been a mentor of mine. He's been a mentor to [...]

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ISP – Incorporating SuperPowers

Incorporating SuperPowers is the business show that calls out the shadow side of the business world and uplifts those doing better. Executive Director and Founder of Super Power Experts, Tonya Dawn Recla, kicks off the newest show on the SuperPower Up! Podcast Network. She joins her husband and Incorporating SuperPowers Host, Justin Recla, as they expose the secrets the personal development industry doesn’t want you to hear. Listen in to hear why Super Power Experts is different than anything else in the industry. CryptoWealthCoach.com Stock Footage by Videezy Hello everybody. This is Justin Recla, I'm your host of Incorporating SuperPowers, and this is our kick-off show. I am super, super excited for this entire podcast series because we're going to be doing things a little bit different. We're going to be calling out the elephant in the room on a lot [...]

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Reawakening Man: Spiritual Enlightenment and the Dawn of Super Powers

Reawakening Man: Spiritual Enlightenment and the Dawn of Super Powers Our world is changing and more people are experiencing some level of spiritual enlightenment. You see it in the news, but it’s quickly dismissed as crazy. And, if you're like most you know there’s a change a-foot and the world is quickly becoming something new. And when you really pay attention and stay in awareness of it, you can feel it. The change I’m talking about has nothing to do with all of the redundant conversations of gun control or politics either. No, the change I am speaking of is deeply rooted in self-dominion, individual growth and the evolution of our species. Reawakening Man Do you ever feel like you're caught in a re-play loop? Like you're being fed the ideas you are supposed to think? Being told what opinions you are supposed to have? [...]

2019-06-06T14:51:03-07:00October 10th, 2017|

Personal Growth: Jumping Across the Chasm

Personal Growth: Jumping Across the Chasm At some point on the path of personal growth we all face a decision that challenges our very existence. When we get to that point it feels as if we have to cross a giant chasm of growth that leads us to our own greatness. We can choose to stay on the side we are on, fall backward, or take the leap and jump across. When we find ourselves standing at the edge, we look down and are faced with the fact that everything we do moving forward, every choice, every decision, every relationship, and every outcome boils down to our own personal responsibility. When we come to this point on our journey, (yes, there are many) we are often faced with the following choices: Option Number 1: Become Judas This option is like the escape hatch for ego as we [...]

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Women in Empowerment and the Men Who Love Them

Women in Empowerment and the Men Who Love Them Women in empowerment and the men who love them have chosen to embark on an amazing journey together. Along the way, obstacles arise and challenges emerge. I recently had a conversation with a friend that highlighted some of the ups and downs in this journey. Here’s an open letter to all who relate: Brother – Your woman is responding to your energy. You think you’re protecting your relationship by not discussing her “issues” but in fact you are sabotaging it. Your fear of not wanting to talk to your woman because you’re afraid you’ll meet her ego (and her fury) is what is actually causing the problem. She feels that from you and is responding to it accordingly. The more and more you go inside and not discuss these things with her the [...]

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For the Men Who are Waking Up

For the Men Who are Waking Up Brother – You are on a path of growth. Often times we have to leave behind old friendships, old patterns of communication and old standards in order for us to grow. Often times that path can be lonely. In a way it has to be, because the path of personal growth IS a solo journey, no one can do it for you. Along the path you will meet others who emulate and mirror back your own Personal POWER. […]

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