About Justin Recla

Justin Recla is an Army veteran and former counterintelligence agent who successfully transitioned counterintelligence techniques into the business world. As a corporate counterintelligence consultant, he increases trust and certainty for his clients’ business relationships. He is the master of intelligence transference and information entanglement. These Unique Super Powers position him to guide his clients in otherworldly methods of communication and data assimilation.

ISP – Working in Collaboration

Do you believe that collaboration with others is essential for you to succeed? We often learn some of the most valuable lessons in life through our experiences in working with others. In this episode, Drew Berman joins ISP host Justin Recla to discuss the principles of collaboration and how they work. Drew is an international speaker, best-selling author, and executive trainer. He now brings the Law of Collaboration to the market through his app called “The Have It All.” Listen in as he and Justin talk about how collaborating with others will take you further in life than if you were to do things alone. Hi everybody! This is Justin Recla of  Incorporating Superpowers. And today my guest is Drew Berman. He is a lifetime entrepreneur. He's been in business for the last 15 some odd years and he specializes in network [...]

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ISP – Awareness for Better Health

Raising awareness for better health and behavior helps you live a full life. In order to achieve change, you first should be willing to change and have the willingness to let go of stories and negativities. In this episode of Incorporating SuperPowers, host Justin Recla and Jill Chambers talk about how awareness for better health has an impact on your stress levels and add to PTSD. Jill, a retired Colonel, created the groundbreaking Comprehensive Soldier Fitness (CSF) program for the Army. This program was designed to measurably increase resilience for soldiers likely to face combat trauma and adversity. Join in now as Justin and Jill discuss the techniques for stepping away from social media and the negativity to develop better health. Are you ready to take on the challenge of improving your health to change your life?  verybody, this is Justin Recla [...]

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ISP – Intuitive Communication for Business Success

Using your intuitive communication to make smart business decisions and combining them with the right action creates all sorts of possibilities in business. In this episode of Incorporating SuperPowers, host Justin Recla is joined by Jeffrey Klubeck. Jeffrey helps executives, entrepreneurs, and business teams increase their motivation, accountability, and results. He founded Get A Klu Inc., which offers coaching, training, consulting, and speaker-for-hire services. Join them now as Justin and Jeffrey talk about how you can apply strategic critical thinking and intuitive communication to shift paradigm in your business and organization. Hello everybody. This is Justin Recla, and this is another show of Incorporating SuperPowers, and today my guest is Jeffrey Klubeck. Know Jeff through our mutual friend, his business partner, Greg Reid, of Secret Knock, and I'm super excited to have Jeff on the show here today, because he's got the [...]

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