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High Frequency Healing with AngelaMaria

High Frequency Healing

The show features individuals using their super powers to heal their lives and lead others to do the same.

AngelaMaría is the founder and owner of AngelaMaría, Change Actions, Shift Energy, the creator of In Connection 9-3, The Experience of the Being and the Akashic 9.0. She was born in Medellin, Colombia. She guides people to connect to their INNER POWER by providing information to heal their lives energetically to EMPOWER themselves. Her educational background and experience has helped her to design successful individual programs to guide people to Shift their Energy by taking action based on the information provided, to create the life they want and dream of. AngelaMaría, has also created engaging conferences where people will find lots of motivation and confidence to begging a path of EMPOWERING themselves through self-healing processes.

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