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As creator of the program: In Connection 9-3, The Experience of the Being based on the Akashic 9.0®. AngelaMaría, leads self-empowerment processes through information of love and wisdom. This information allows to strengthen the connection in coherence with the Self, through processes of energetic healing that activate the creation of the life we dream and desire. All these processes allow to embody that Divinity that we already are. AngelaMaría is convinced that we are Conscious Creators. Como creadora del Programa: En Conexión 9-3, La Experiencia del Ser con base en los Akáshicos 9.0®. AngelaMaría, lidera procesos de auto-empoderamiento a través de información de amor y sabiduría que permite fortalecer la conexión en coherencia con el Ser, a través de procesos de sanación energética que activan la creación de la vida que soñamos y deseamos, encarnando esa Divinidad que ya somos. AngelaMaría está convencida que somos Creadores Conscientes. Connect with AngelaMaría here: instagram.com/angelamariahealing

HFH – Clarity on Life’s Purpose

Clarity on Life’s Purpose, is the topic that AngelaMarίa on the High Frequency Healing Show, discusses today with Jennifer Weber. Spirit works through Jennifer, facilitating whatever healing is necessary. She’s a conduit for God’s message to release fear and self-sabotage. She finds people’s blocks to heal them, opening their pathways to the miracles waiting to come into their lives. One of her most popular media topics is Clarity on Life’s Purpose or Desires. She says: People often don’t know what it is they truly want out of life or what gifts they have to share. Her hope is  to illustrate how, throughout your life, you are created, shaped, and given experiences which guide you  into who you are meant to be and what you  are here to do. Listen in as she shares with AngelaMaría her calling, to guide people onto the path that was created for them, and [...]

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HFH – Spiritual Meaning of New Masculine

Could we talk  about spirituality, masculinity, and spiritual meaning? Justin Recla a former counterintelligence agent and master of intelligence transference and information entanglement, joins HFH host AngelaMarίa to talk about the Spiritual Meaning of New Maculine. His Unique Super Powers position him to guide his clients both in business and in life. His message is simple: Help others, do things better, and have self-dominion in everything you do! Listen in to hear Justin about how we need to step up as a society integrating who we are, independently of our genre, to create a new humanity. A new humanity who wants to see things in a different way, do things in a different way, and live a different life. Hello. This is AngelaMaría, one of the SuperPower Up! hosts and you are listening to the High Frequency Healing show. The only difference between where you are [...]

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HFH – Consciously Conscious Creating Realities

What if something else is available for you right now? This is the question Manfred Zepeda began to ask himself to transform a tough experience he had. He joins HFH host AngelaMarίa to share about how Consciously Conscious Creating Realities is our own Super Power. Society, religion and family led him to be someone else, someone right in their eyes until he stopped listening to himself, but deep down he knew life was something else, more joy, more kindness, more money and a space where he could be himself without judgment of anyone (not even himself). Engineer by profession and wizard by heart, for over 10 years, he has dedicated himself to practice and provide different tools around the world to create the reality we know is possible. Listen in to hear how Manfred uses his super power to teach people how to be present to receive everything in [...]

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HFH – Self Esteem Issues Due To Stress

After riding the wax and wane of success in business, life, and love, Keith Tong has begun a path to tell people the importance of life, which he considered his Healing Super Power. Keith joins HFH host AngelaMarίa to share about how Self Esteem Issues Due To Stress lead to a variety of illnesses. His tireless determination to improve himself have delivered him from a  nightmarish past to a prosperous present as a family man and a business owner. Keith considers that most business owners are putting their focus somewhere else rather than their own health. He has seen many business owners suffer greatly from stress, fatigue, and lack of mental acuity as their health begins to deteriorate. Listen in to hear how Keith assures that “In today’s highly competitive business world, every individual needs a solid path to relieve health issues.” loving ourselves. Hello, this [...]

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HFH – Do We Need Special Powers to Connect to the Divinity?

Do we need special powers to connect to the Divinity? Jennifer Weber an author, spiritual guide, and life coach, joins HFH host AngelaMarίa to share about how to tap into your inner guidance so you can go forward fearlessly into the world, knowing you are guided and your life was created with purpose. Her hope is to illustrate how, throughout your life, you are created, shaped, and given experiences which guide you into who you were meant to be and what you are here to do. There are often hints and guide posts along the way, as well as struggles and miracles that shift your path and hone your personality. Listen in to hear Jennifer’s experiences about how when you move forward in faith, knowing you are powerful and rewarded for your bravery in faith, you are unstoppable. Hello. This is AngelaMaría, one of the SuperPower [...]

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HFH – Spiritual Journey through Food

Is it really possible to live a spiritual journey through food? On this episode of High Frequency Healing, Kathleen Gage joins HFH host AngelaMarίa to share her spiritual experience through food. Having participated in her first full marathon at the age of 61, completing her first sprint triathlon shortly after her 64th birthday, celebrating her 65th birthday with a half marathon, Kathleen is working toward certification through eCornell University with the plant-based nutrition program and writing her next book, Discover the REAL Fountain of Youth; Plant Based Eating for Health, due for release in summer, 2019. Listen in as she shares with AngelaMaría how creating a level of success many entrepreneurs aspire to achieve, Kathleen discovered a passion that had been percolating under the surface for years; a whole food, plant-based lifestyle. Her book on plant-based eating shows it’s never too late to take control of one’s health. [...]

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HFH – Access Consciousness To Heal

Is it possible to access consciousness to heal yourself? Carolina Yalcin, a Colombian industrial engineer turned therapist as a way to help her daughters, believes it is! Carolina joins HFH host AngelaMarίa to share about her well-rewarded hobby, guiding others through different alternative therapies, to heal themselves while elevating their consciousness. When she moved to the United States, she learned holistic techniques to be able to use them on her kids. As a curious mom, she tried different options and she got certified on Reiki, Holo-biomagnetism, Dowsing and Access Consciousness. Carolina currently works in Atlanta as a holistic therapist, life coach and Access Bars facilitator. She loves to travel, learn and share her learning. Listen in to hear Carolina’s experiences of healing and how she conduits her therapies to guide others exactly how and where they need it. Hello, this is AngelaMaría. One of the superpower [...]

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HFH – It is Time for Women Power

Is it time for women power? After walking her path and meeting Goddess Kwan Yin, Kayla Oceanna thinks so. She joins HFH host AngelaMarίa to share about her calling that today spreads to the world reassuring that it is time for women power. At 21, after graduating with her B.S. in Psychology, Kayla was intuitively called to move with just $200 and her rebel spirit from Alabama to Taiwan, a land she knew nothing about and where she knew no one. When she met Goddess Kwan Yin, she fell to the goddess’ feet, curled up and wept. In her 11 years in Taiwan, she was graced with immersion in Daoism, Buddhism, Yoga, and Tantra. She went deep into meditation practices and began to guide classes, workshops and spiritual circles. Recently, Kayla was called back to the United States. It is her life’s purpose to continue to deepen into the [...]

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HFH – The Meaning of Intuitive Healing

Are you an intuitive? Or is intuition something weird and hard to believe for you? In this episode of High Frequency Healing, Maryanne Sea, a woman who had to live in extreme isolation from the world, in a room known as a ‘bubble’, joins HFH host AngelaMarίa to share her experience of self healing. In this episode, they discuss the meaning of intuitive healing. Maryanne Sea, MSW, discovered the power of intuition in healing as she was recovering from severe Environmental Illness. During that experience in the “bubble” she developed her intuition. When she recovered, she began to teach others. She introduced Intuition in Healing courses to nurses, doctors and other health profes