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Super Powers are real.

Collaborative, affordable, reliable, effective
personal development network.

Built just for you.

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Super Powers are real.

Collaborative, affordable,
reliable, effective
personal development

Built just for you.

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Unlock your Super Powers
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Super Powers are real.

Collaborative, affordable, reliable, effective personal development network.

Built just for you.

Join the NET, unlock your Super Powers

Unlock your Super Powers
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The Super Power Network of Evolutionary Transformation™

It’s Collaborative

Join a collective community of people working in collaboration, transparency, and trust who support each other as part of the collective journey. As a member,  you get direct access to Experts who mastered their own Super Powers and guide you to discovering and unlocking
your own.

It’s Affordable

Unlike traditional personal development programs that cost tens of thousands of dollars a month, you get unlimited access to an ever growing library of information. Plus, you get deep discounts on programs and sessions with a variety of experts and coaches.

It’s Convenient 

Turn your personal power into Super Power without interrupting your life.  Learn, participate and unlock your Super Powers on your own time and at your own pace. Share with the group and communicate as often as you want and whenever you feel it’s needed.


I recently started this path with a select group of amazing beings that have quickly transformed into my human guides. I needed to fulfill this work with the Super Power Experts, to be reassured of my Super Powers. Powers that I am still uncovering. I also needed to have guidance from a higher vibrational place, so I may manage my own vibes with greater ease. Instead of chasing that beautiful butterfly, I can be one with it. I’m now able to fly with my own wings, in my own garden, and tuned into the frequency of my brilliance. That is the only way, me and you, will be able to live this Divinity which we are in this human experience. Thank YOU Tonya for leading this. Your calling is opening more paths that are so needed right here and right now. GRACIAS from my SOUL!


I love the group. Never have I had the opportunity to freely speak and be understood in such a safe environment. I am thankful for the feedback as well as the supportive and brilliant people of this group. This group makes the road to enlightenment easier!


It’s hard putting into words what this group has done for me and continues to do for me. You get to a place where you can no longer grown on your own and feel stuck and start looking for more but not sure what that is or means! I found my more with SPE. When you start growing as a collective, it surpasses all your wildest dreams. I urge anyone who is feeling an internal revolution within themselves of awareness, conscious growth and expansion beyond the “normal” world to step into this space of love and creativity and chose you! Everyone in SPE has been such an incredible support system and have shown so much love towards my growth and I am forever grateful for each and every one of them.


Having access to the NET and the incredible collective energy that is present and always expanding there provided me with the tools and support I needed to move through consciousness, to ask for help, to expand in my highest, and hone my Super Powers.

Love Tonya and the Super Power Experts!
There is something powerful and magical when we all combine our superpowers and bring this to the world.

Before Super Power Experts®, I was frustrated with the results I was getting in my business. There were a lot of “shoulds” in my life. Super Power Experts elevated my perception and understanding about my life and the world around me shifted. I now feel empowered and supported by a community of experts. Most importantly, I trust myself and my intuition to make decisions that are right for me in all aspects of my life.


This is such an amazing company because they are very supportive and informative. I am so excited to continue my spiritual evolution with the help of SPE!


There’s a term “Heaven sent” and that’s exactly what Super Power Experts have been for me! It starts with the leadership of Justin and Tonya, but they’ve attracted many wonderful Experts with a wide gamut of skills and experience to help, guide and advance one’s spiritual journey. The key characteristic of everyone I’ve encountered whether its the experts or other members is a huge, caring welcoming heart. I highly recommend this group!


My life has transformed into a much easier flow since joining The NET. If a challenge comes up I just go to my SPE tool box! Thank you Super Power Experts for teaching me to manage my own flow in life.


This group is like having your own personal team of experts. What I’ve found from participating in this group is there’s something in all the responses I receive that helps me move forward and make the shifts and changes I need to grow.



The Super Power Network of Evolutionary Transformation™ operates on the philosophy that we are all more powerful together. The NET™ brings people together in a tribe dedicated to assisting others in harnessing their Super Powers through mastering their personal power. Our members are the ones who know they’re here to change the world and they know they can’t do it alone.


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