Personal Growth: Jumping Across the Chasm

At some point on the path of personal growth we all face a decision that challenges our very existence. When we get to that point it feels as if we have to cross a giant chasm of growth that leads us to our own greatness. We can choose to stay on the side we are on, fall backward, or take the leap and jump across. When we find ourselves standing at the edge, we look down and are faced with the fact that everything we do moving forward, every choice, every decision, every relationship, and every outcome boils down to our own personal responsibility. When we come to this point on our journey, (yes, there are many) we are often faced with the following choices:

Option Number 1: Become Judas

jesus and judas

This option is like the escape hatch for ego as we continue to propel upward. This is where we have just enough information about what the path looks like ahead, but we don’t want to step across the chasm and face our own fear. We get to this point when we think we are doing the work that is needed to up level, and we are to some extent, but the reality is we don’t want to take personal responsibility for everything that shows up for us on our path. So it becomes too easy to lay blame for everything that has happened for us thus far on someone else. This is where the ego comes in, uses the language we’ve learned to justify becoming Judas (see the irony?) in order to preserve our ego. When we reach this point we will throw everything we have learned and everyone we have learned it from under the bus just to justify the fact that we aren’t really doing the work. When this choice is made, self-preservation becomes the focus and personal growth is completely halted. When we make this choice, we tend to create our own hell, plug back into a reality of victimhood, and it becomes easy to get stuck here.

Option Number 2: Become the Self-Help Junkiecamping out

At this level people continue to do the same exact work that got them where they are, but they never really grow. They stand at the ledge of the chasm, staring down. They build a campfire, pitch a tent, and invite all of the “feel good” people into their camp. The fire keeps them warm, the tent keeps them safe, and they are able to justify their existence but they never truly step across into their greatness. Their level of awareness remains but their evolution is stalled until they choose to take action and leap across the chasm. Some build up additional support mechanisms that allow them to leap while others remain stuck here and never really do anything great.

Option Number 3: Do the Work, Own Your Shit, and Leap

Turn over every rock, turn over every pebble, and examine everything in your life. This option is scary, because often we aren’t sure what this path looks like. The path is ours alone from this point forward as no one else has journeyed on our path. We can look for support, lean on guides, take advice from coaches and mentors, etc. But ultimately this path is yours to walk alone in full autonomy. This option takes us to the next level and often the Chasm between where we are and where we are going is so big that Option 1 and 2 become the easy way out. Those who are ready, those who want to continue the journey and have made their own evolution a priority will take the leap each time.

abyssLooking across the Chasm and into the abyss of fear that exists in between it is scary. So much so that it may feel like our ego is trying to suffocate our existence to the point that we will never be able to recover the level of awareness we have achieved. However, rest assured, the personal growth path is always open to us and at any given point we may choose to do the work. Even if you fall into the abyss…and it may suck, I get it…you never truly get hurt. Rather you’re shown another path to take and continue doing the work. You will come up on multiple chasms on your journey, even after you fall. The question is what option will you choose?



About the Author:

Justin Recla is an Army Veteran and former counterintelligence agent. He did tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan. After his time with the government, he co-created Vetting Solutions, LLC and the Clear Directory as a way to protect small business owners from getting involved with the wrong people. When his wife, Tonya Dawn Recla, approached him with the Super Power Experts concept, he jumped onboard and became her partner in its development. Through Reawakening Man, he helps men who want to hone their super powers and use them to create positive change in the world.
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