Evie Reyna What does it mean to create a definition of conscious skin care? All the reminders of being conscious can be overwhelming and yet, could this be incorporated into a simple daily routine such as skin care? And why? The question really is, ‘Do you want to raise your vibe in your daily life and enjoy more feel good energy?’ Evie Reyna, an experienced esthetician, joins Laura to explore the definition of conscious skin care. You may wonder, what does consciousness have to do with your skin care?  As you listen, you will learn the ways your daily skin care routine can be more than skin deep and how attention to these seemingly small things, can enhance your outlook each day.

Hello everyone and welcome. I’m Laura Greco, your host of SuperPower Mommas and I am so excited to bring to you today, a topic with Evie Reyna that is called the definition of conscious skin care. Evie is a licensed aesthetician and she’s a published skincare contributor with over a decade of beauty industry experience. Her facials are both relaxing and impactful by blending a blissful experience, signature massage touch, and educational moments