Jennifer Weber Clarity on Life’s Purpose, is the topic that AngelaMarίa on the High Frequency Healing Show, discusses today with Jennifer Weber. Spirit works through Jennifer, facilitating whatever healing is necessary. She’s a conduit for God’s message to release fear and self-sabotage. She finds people’s blocks to heal them, opening their pathways to the miracles waiting to come into their lives. One of her most popular media topics is Clarity on Life’s Purpose or Desires. She says: People often don’t know what it is they truly want out of life or what gifts they have to share. Her hope is  to illustrate how, throughout your life, you are created, shaped, and given experiences which guide you  into who you are meant to be and what you  are here to do. Listen in as she shares with AngelaMaría her calling, to guide people onto the path that was created for them, and begin living the life they dream by consciously co-creating it with God.

Hello, this is AngelaMaria, one of the superpower outposts, and you’re listening to my frequency healing show, Awaken Super Powers Through Higher Dimension Healing. The only difference between where you are to where you want to be is the actions you take, here and now, to heal your life. Let’s take a deep breath, and be here and now. I invite you to enjoy this time together. So here we go. I want to welcome again and it’s an honor to have Jennifer Weber, in my show because today she has huge news, and I’m so excited about her news. I don’t want to say anything yet because I want Jennifer to be the one introducing the news and today, we’re going to be talking about clarity on life’s purpose. Spirit works through Jennifer facilitating whether healing is necessary. She the conduit for God’s message who relieves fear and self-sabotage.

She finds people’s block to healing them, opening their pathways to the miracles waiting to come into their lives. One of her most popular media topics is Clarity on Life’s Purpose or Desires and she says that people often don’t know what it is they truly want out of life or what gifts they have to share. Her hope is to illustrate how throughout your life you are created, shaped and given experiences, which guide you into who you were meant to be and what you are here to do. Her calling is to guide people into the path that was created for them and begin living the life they dream by consciously co-creating it with God. Please join me to welcome again, Jennifer Weber. Jennifer, so happy you’re here!

Thank you so much, AngelaMaria, what a wonderful introduction. So happy to be here. I love it. I love talking to you. Thank you.

Me too, I am so excited because I do believe in the power of creation. When you create, it’s because whatever you are creating, you were guided from our divinity, that divinity that you are, because somebody or many people around the world are in need of that message of your creation. So please start with, what’s your healing superpower? and then please tell us the big news you’re having to share today with us.

So my healing superpower is, I start to, I really feel people’s emotions and that makes me a very strong empath.

Wonderful.Thank you. I’d love to, well, let’s see. So my healing superpower is, I start to, I really feel people’s emotions and that makes me a very strong empath. I really connect with people on that level and I would say how to describe some of the things that I do are, I’m an intuitive, spiritual guide when I allow, when I move out of the way, allow spirit to speak through me in this guides people onto their path, figure out where their blocks are, helps move them into the direction they were created to be from day one. So those are the things that I do when I work with people and I connect with them and their divine energy. Those are some of my healing superpowers. I wrote a book to illustrate a lot of the things that have been coming to me throughout my life and have been getting stronger and stronger based on this connection.

The book is called Living Guided: Divine Power is Always and Forever With You. It’s a journey of discovery in my life. Realizing that divine was always with me and that all I needed to do to tap into that power of divinity was to make a conscious connection on my part. And from that point forward, everything changed everything shifted. It’s just a beautiful way to live. My book comes out, we’re launching the book on September 24th and so that’s our big announcement date. So that’s coming right up here and it’ll be available on people back in paperback version and Kindle.

I don’t think that we’re going to be able to air this interview before the release but for sure, when you’re listening, the book is already out there, so please, if you are in your life of this going where you are, just kind of feeling lost, down. Like, “What am I doing here? What is the purpose of all of this? Well, why do I have to go through all of this? Why am I incarnating this life experience that I’m not enjoying? I’m not happy. This is not at all even close to what I wanted when I was a kid. If you feel tired and disappointed of your work, your job, your relationships, about the money you have in your bank account, whatever is that area of your life or alias in your life or you feel it’s not exactly what I wanted and that you’re giving them power to that situation to bring your energy down.

I will recommend that you read this book.

I had the opportunity, as I said before to interview Jennifer and we were talking about specifically how to let the divinity come out. We don’t need to open anything to just let it come in. It’s there. You just need to open the door to let it out through you and I have had the opportunity to touch Jennifer’s energy through all of these interviews. That’s one of my other superpowers too and it’s just being able to connect with people’s energy and know exactly what is the divinity acting and going through the person.

And I know that Jennifer has a powerful message for you if you’re going through these places, at this point in life, but also if you just feel like, what if I am not aware of that divinity? What’s the divinity? What, is this girl talking about? If it is creating questions about, “What if?”, get the book. I do believe that one of the big steps and actions we need to take right now, is to open up different kinds of information. Different information from the one we have been growing up, from the one that we listened to and heard before when we were growing up.

Because most of that information is leading you. So open yourself to new information and I know that this book, Jennifer has a lot of messages. What do you think? Am I talking too much?

No, I love it. Thank you so much. What a wonderful introduction to the book and to start the conversation going with these ideas and inspiring thoughts. So much as you’re speaking, I’m like, Oh my goodness, so much to talk about and to discover here and uncover. I’m really excited about sharing this information with people. So as you know, and as we’ve talked, I tap into that divine energy and I connect with that. And one of the most recent pieces of guidance that I received was… This was very recent. And I understand this now, why the timing is so important. Divine, God, higher power, however, you want to call this, we’ll say God hears, listens. God wants us to get it now, not in another lifetime, not in another incarnation.

Know what you were born into this world for this time for a reason.

However, you see this as your life’s process. You’re here and you come back. He doesn’t want you to get it later. He wants you to get it now. And understanding that when we tap into this divine energy source, he can inform you, he or she, this beautiful higher power can inform you on the next step and the next step, and the next step in your life, but it’s really, really, really crucial and important that you get it now and it’s not just you. It’s where we are as human beings on this planet right now. We’re in a crucial time and I don’t say that as if things are dire, not in any way. In fact, just the opposite. We’re at a crucial time to level up big time. For a lot of teachers, a lot of coaches, a lot of guides, and this is a good thing.

This is a beautiful thing because humankind is now starting to evolve really on a high, quick level and that’s why I believe that communication has sped up so quickly. We instantly hear from one another. We instantly learn things from one another. We’re instantly guided from one another, through one another and this is for all for good because we’re ready to start really becoming, we’re enlightened. We’re becoming an enlightened being at this time. It’s crucial that you get it now and what I mean by getting it now, know what you’re here to do. Know what you were born into this world for this time for a reason. It’s not an accident.

You, your soul is here to give something now and that’s why it hurts when you feel stuck. It’s why it hurts when you feel like you’re playing less than what you are capable of. It’s why it hurts when you don’t know because that pain, that feeling of, “Ah, I just feel stuck and I just don’t know which direction, towards my purpose.” It’s God pushing you to find out, to know, to discover what that is or what those many things you are here to do are. A way of living that you’re contributing here now, not later.

Jennifer, I just love all about this because that has been one of my experiences. My life changed a lot when I realize I am leaving at the divinity gym. They’re waiting for me to let that power come through my actions like that, my desires. What I know is a concept that is not so easy to understand and to digest, but I love the simple words and I am sure that that really guided divine power is always and forever with you. It’s going to have that specific word for the person, the people who are just waiting for something else to happen in their life without just making a huge effort. Because I do believe as you do that connecting to divinity is just a matter of being aware of that and being patient. I’m healed, I’m open.

Yes. Yes, absolutely.

Tell us where can people go to find out more about you and also where can they go to get your book?

Wonderful. Yes. Please go to my website and you can see more information about me there. You can contact me and there will be a link on there as well for the book. You can go on Amazon and purchase the book directly from there as well and my website is

We’ve been talking with Jennifer Weber about Clarity on Life’s Purpose. When we come back from this short break, we’re going to talk more about her healing superpower. So stay tuned. We’ll be right back.

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