Steve Olsher

Steve Olsher, a 25+ year entrepreneur who has built several multimillion-dollar businesses, joins Neva Lee Recla to explore about new media business kids. He is famous for helping individuals and corporations become exceptionally clear on their WHAT – that is, the ONE thing they were created to do – his practical, no-holds-barred approach to life and business propels his clients and presentation attendees towards achieving massive profitability while cultivating lives of purpose, conviction, and contribution. Neva has been featured as an Icon of Influence at Steve’s New Media Summit. Listen in as they talk about new media business for kids and adults.

Hi kids, this is your Super Power Kid, Neva Lee Recla, and today we have on our show a very, very, very special guest; Steve Olsher. Today we’ll be talking about new media business kids, and he created New Media Summit. I went there as an Icon of Influence and he also interviewed me on his radio show and podcast, Reinvention Radio. So without further ado, will you help me welcome one of my really good friend, Steve Olsher.

Hi Steve.

Hi, thanks for having me.

Thank you for coming on.

You’re welcome.

How have you been?

I have been really good, but I’m still trying to catch up to you because you are awesome and I’m below that, but I’m trying to catch up.

Well, you’re very awesome.

Mm-hmm, thank you.

Mm-hmm. So, what are your superpowers? You have a lot.

Hmm, that’s true, and I think we all have superpowers, right? So what is mine? I think mine really revolve … I’m going to say it’s probably helping people to have fun. Definitely, I like helping people to have fun, for sure, and I guess a superpower is really being able to take what someone is good at and teach them what to do so they can make money with it. So business is definitely a part of it but also helping people really get clear on what it is that they can do.

For sure. So, you’re familiar with Stars Wars, right?

I am. I actually saw the first one back in the movie theaters, I think, back in 1977, or something. So yes.

That’s awesome, so you should definitely see the new one because I have my porg here and it actually makes sounds.

It’s so cute.

And it makes like porg sounds I guess. His name is Teeny.

He’s so cute.

He’s too fluffy.

It looks very soft and fluffy.

I think he looks like a penguin.

I can see that. I can see a little penguin going on there.

Yeah, so he’s going to be sitting here with us.

He’s going to watch with us, yay! That’s awesome.

So, I thought, since you’re a superhero, teenage superhero, and I’m a superhero, we should do a superhero pose.

Okay, I am ready. Are we going to do that together right now?

Yep, okay.

You count it down.

3, 2, 1. Let’s do Teeny’s.

Let’s do Teeny’s. Oh, I like it.

Okay. So, how do you define new media?

Oh, good question. So, new media is a term that is used to describe, basically, what is known as media on demand. So, media that you as a consumer, if you will, can access anytime, anywhere and on your preferred device. Whether that’s a phone or a tablet or a computer, but it’s going to be accessed through the internet, right?

So, new media includes audio; and that can be live audio like blog talk radio or we broadcast on WS radio, or recorded audio, right? Which would be a podcast. It includes video; which could be a live video like a Facebook live or a YouTube live, or recorded video like what we’re doing right here, right now. Apps, right? Which are those fun things you play with on your phone? So that’s mobile stuff. Blogging, which can be written a word or video blogging, and then social media.


You know all the usual suspects in social media like the Facebooks and the Twitters and the LinkedIn and so on. So, audio, video, social media, blogging, and mobile. Those are the main components of new media.

Actually, when we get like newspapers or something in our mail, sometimes people go and put newspaper on our front lawn or something to advertise. I normally just look through it and get out of it, because we don’t read the newspaper.

Yeah, yeah, everything comes electronically to you huh?

Yeah. Actually, I normally use my iPad. I’m using my iPad right now doing a lot of business to see like what interviews I have the next day or something, and I go to a lot of events like New Media or in CEO Space, so yeah.

That’s awesome, yep, very cool.

A lot of people talk about kids and technology, but I think we can use it for business, so what are your thoughts?

Well, you know, it’s definitely interesting because we’re in a pretty compelling place right now, as far as technology’s concerned, because anyone can use it, right? Just like you’re using it now and anyone can find an audience because there are billions of people looking for entertainment or information or education or community or something to buy online, right? It doesn’t take a lot of people to buy what you have or view what you have before you start getting a pretty good audience going.

Kids today, like yourself, it’s crazy because I remember buying my first phone, my first cell phone and that was when I was well into my 20s. So I didn’t grow up with technology in my hand the way you guys are, and so I’m kind of jealous because this is just part of who you are. And I think if you’re into technology and you like making movies or you like creating fun things to do or creating things to sell, I mean, you’re in a great place right now where it doesn’t matter how old you are, you can create something that can be shared and potentially even bought online.

So I think kids have it awesome right, right? Because it’s so easy just to push a button and make things happen, and that’s a fairly new thing. I know it doesn’t seem like that because it’s been around for your whole life, but it’s fairly new really, in terms of this whole internet side of the business equation.

That is for sure. So, any advice you have for kids or adults on how they can use new media for