Sandra Biskind In this episode of SuperPowers of the Soul, Sandra Biskind co-author of the book Codebreaker, defines what high frequency means and why it is a key to unlimited power. During this interview, Sandra provides her four questions to shift your frequency. Listen now to be your high vibrational self.

Hello everyone and welcome. I’m Jennifer Urezzio, superpower expert, founder of Soul Language, and this is SuperPowers of the Soul. And I’m with Sandra Biskind, and we’re talking about high frequency, the unlimited power. Welcome Sandra. How are you?

I’m wonderful and I’m very honored to be on the show with you Jennifer. Thank you so much for having me.

Thank you for joining us. And I always like to start the show with asking people what they think or what they feel their superpower of their soul is?

So, one of my superpowers is that I didn’t lose that ability to converse with divine beings.

Oh, that’s a great question. I have definitely got a lot of superpowers of my soul, because I, at the age of three, Jesus started conversing with me and talking to me and it was like all of a sudden I realized, and most a lot of children by the way, more children, converse with divine beings. So, one of my superpowers is that I didn’t lose that ability to converse with divine beings. And so to be able to tap into what scientists call the zero point field or the field of old information. So I would have to say that the greatest gift is that my soul certainly can tap in for my own use and for the use and good of humanity. That’s a big superpower by the way. And it’s one that I’ve had to come to grips with it. It hasn’t been so easy for me. I think I’ve fought it for a lot of my life.

Yeah. And I don’t think our children lose their power. I think it’s kind of shoved down deep, because you want to kind of gain entrance into a normal society. And so it never looks good if you’re talking to divine beings during your play. The other sort of a question I love to ask is we talk a lot about a sacred purpose and, I believe sacred purpose is first for yourself and then for others. It’s what you are profoundly hear to experience. And then through that you can offer it to others. With that definition in mind, what do you consider your sacred purpose?

Without a doubt. My sacred purpose is to live as a fully enlightened being. Coming from a place of wholeness. And that’s the reason why I’ve written this book with my husband, Daniel, because the whole book is about helping people and empowering people to have enlightenment experiences where suffering ends and happiness and success is the norm.

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Nice. So what has been a common theme that your soul has shared with you throughout your life?

Love. It’s just all been about love. It’s whenever I deviate from having a loving heart, whenever I go into judgment, whenever I go into fear, I’m absolutely brought back straight to that fact. Boy, I have just left, left love and it doesn’t feel good. So I would say that I’m always being brought back into that space and I’m deliberately now, and very consciously designing my life in a way and using a system that when designed, to constantly bring myself back into that heart space where I can love rather than judge, where I can love rather than be in fear.

Yeah. I think… I’m making a note for something. I think separation on anyone causes great pain. I think that’s what we’re kind of all here to remind ourselves and others about, about that you’re whole and complete and you’re the one with the divine, however you want to put that, and keep bringing ourselves back. I think that choice of separation does cause suffering and we as humans design all these crazy ways to remind ourselves that we’re whole and complete. And I don’t know about you, but I don’t like the freight train of reminding. And so I think that it’s a great kind of purpose to keep reminding yourself and supporting others in that heart connection.

Oh, that is so perfect. You have just absolutely in a nutshell, really talked about this password. We’re all encoded with information when we come in, and we’re encoded with the fact that we are perfect divine beings. And then we start listening to the coding of the ego mind. And that takes us out of a perfect divine nature. And of course, Codebreaker, the book that that we’ve just launched is all about that. And it’s about giving people a system and there’s a password and you’ve just come up with one of the major high frequency codes in the password, and that is unity. Because when we feel one with God, one with the divine, one with our own heart and with each other, suffering simply ends. I mean, any thoughts of suicide, just they can’t exist, when you know that that is the truth.

And that whole unity is completely gone, once we go into judgment. And the judgment is that we’re not good enough, they’re not good enough, and it separates us. So separation, I think humanity’s suffering from this ultimate separation and this ultimate guilt that somehow we left God or God left us and there’s no way to get home. And there’s always a way to get back to love. And it’s only ever a story that we were separated from the God of our own being in the God of our understanding. It can only ever be a story.

Yeah, a couple of things that you reminded me of. There was this, this has got to be in the ’70s. The book’s around somewhere here, there’s a psychotherapist or psychologist, we request people to the moment of creation, and several people, different little walks of life, different beliefs, and they all have this image of this great ball of light being so big that little bits and pieces of it were flying off. And that big ball of light was concerned that there was little bits of will be alone. So he created a planet. And I think so often, when we are not enough, because kind of guilt is not an emotion. It’s a thought. And the emotion behind guilt is not enough. I think when we are in that not enough, that is a signal to tune in, to reunite with our connection. It’s actually a signal from our soul that we want to experience more of that unity. And we’re humans. So we need signs.

I think that we make to say that all of those things that don’t feel good and that do have us suffering, can be seen as a road sign with a U-turn on them, to get back to the place that we need to get back to.

All the time. And you know what? That’s why no wonder you love Codebreaker, because that’s why in the system, we’re saying there’s a road sign and it’s up there and when you start to feel fear, all it is, the fear itself, is a sign that you need to do a U-turn and get back into love. When you’re feeling judgment, it’s, “Oh, okay, that’s my road sign.” So the actual what we’re doing in our lives, and out feelings, they are the signs. They’re the sign saying, “Hang on, I’ve left peace, I’ve left love, I’ve left awareness. I’ve forgotten about mindfulness. Oh, I’m worried, I’m anxious.” Okay, that’s the road sign. It’s saying, do a U-turn back into trust. And that’s what I love. I think that we make to say that all of those things that don’t feel good and that do have us suffering, can be seen as a road sign with a U-turn on them, to get back to the place that we need to get back to. And if you’ve got that system available to you, it’s really easy to do the U-turn.

Yeah, it’s about practicing the U-turn. We’re going to go more deep into this after the break, but before we go on break, let people know how to get in touch with you and to learn about your book and where they can get hold of more information about you.

Okay? So if you go to The Biskinds,, you’ll learn all about us and the books, and if you want some free meditations that really add to this beautiful energetic system that will nourish your soul, go to Because on we’ve created three really beautiful meditations for you, that really help, they’re like a U-turn, they help change your frequency and get you back into the place that you want to be in.

Beautiful. Okay, everyone, stay tuned. We’ll be right back.

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