Sandra Biskind In this episode of SuperPowers of the Soul, Sandra Biskind co-author of the book Codebreaker, defines what high frequency means and why it is a key to unlimited power. During this interview, Sandra provides her four questions to shift your frequency. Listen now to be your high vibrational self.

Hello everyone and welcome. I’m Jennifer Urezzio, superpower expert, founder of Soul Language, and this is SuperPowers of the Soul. And I’m with Sandra Biskind, and we’re talking about high frequency, the unlimited power. Welcome Sandra. How are you?

I’m wonderful and I’m very honored to be on the show with you Jennifer. Thank you so much for having me.

Thank you for joining us. And I always like to start the show with asking people what they think or what they feel their superpower of their soul is?

So, one of my superpowers is that I didn’t lose that ability to converse with divine beings.

Oh, that’s a great question. I have definitely got a lot of superpowers of my soul, because I, at the age of three, Jesus started conversing with me and talking to me and it was like all of a sudden I realized, and most a lot of children by the way, more children, converse with divine beings. So, one of my superpowers is that I didn’t lose that ability to converse with divine beings. And so to be able to tap into what scientists call the zero point field or the field of old information. So I would have to say that the greatest gift is that my soul certainly can tap in for my own use and for the use and good of humanity. That’s a big superpower by the way. And it’s one that I’ve had to come to grips with it. It hasn’t been so easy for me. I think I’ve fought it for a lot of my life.

Yeah. And I don’t think our children lose their power. I think it’s kind of shoved down deep, because you want to kind of gain entrance into a normal society. And so it never looks good if you’re talking to divine beings during your play. The other sort of a question I love to ask is we talk a lot about a sacred purpose and, I believe sacred purpose is first for yourself and then for others. It’s what you are profoundly hear to experience. And then through that you can offer it to others. With that definition in mind, what do you consider your sacred purpose?

Without a doubt. My sacred purpose is to live as a fully enlightened being. Coming from a place of wholeness. And that’s the reason why I’ve written this book with my husband, Daniel, because the whole book is about helping people and empowering people to have enlightenment experiences where suffering ends and happiness and success is the norm.

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