Jerry Teplitz The power of your subconscious mind dictates more about your behavior than most are aware of. And we all have our own stories that keep us from moving forward with our businesses. What if you could just tap into your brain and rewire your mind? Dr. Jerry V. Teplitz is an attorney and he is an expert in brain performance and neuroplasticity. He joins Justin Recla on this episode of Incorporating SuperPowers to discuss how Switched-On Selling can up-level your business.

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The magic of what Jerry does is he understands how the mind works. He helps you unprogram some stuff and, just a little teaser here, we’re going to actually demonstrate some of this after the break. If you’re watching the video, you’re going to want to pay attention to what Jerry’s going to actually walk me through on camera. Jerry, welcome to the show. Thanks for being here with us as a guest today.

Thanks, Justin, it’s a delight to be talking to you on the show.

So, Jerry, tell the audience a little bit about what you do and the magic behind it.

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My expertise is in the area of brain performance and neuroplasticity. I was originally an attorney. I worked early EPA days for the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, then did a total career direction flip flop and wound up getting a doctorate degree in Holistic Health Sciences. I’ve written nine books now. Two of them went to Best Seller on Amazon. My focus has been on using an area called Brain Gym, which are very simple body movements that were developed originally for children and adults with learning disabilities. We can take D and F graded students and give them the capability of becoming A level students in a semester just by using movement.

When I got involved with this work, that was back in 1986, and the fellow who developed this, a guy named Dr. Paul Dennison had a PhD in education, and I observed when I was going through certification to teach this work, it was in the education arena that it was being used, administrators, faculty, counselors, parents with kids. Nobody was doing anything in the business arena, so I asked Dr. Dennison and his wife, Gail, if I could create a course for salespeople, and they said, “Sure.” So, I created a one-day seminar called Switched-On Selling and then Switched-On Start-Up Entrepreneur came out of that at a later point.

We can take D and F graded students and give them the capability of becoming A level students in a semester just by using movement.

I think some of the tools that you have, they’re things that most people aren’t aware of and that’s why I came up with the whole concept of doing the show, The Power of the Subconscious Mind, because of you, literally, the work that you do. Folks, this is some really cool stuff if you’re watching the video. He had me cross my arms and doing all sorts of stuff, but when you go with the process with him and you’re going through this course’s material, it makes sense because you can actually physically feel your brain rewiring itself. I’ve experienced it a couple of times now with Jerry. Every time we meet up and see you, I’m like, Hey, Jerry,  I just need you, this part right here or this part right here, can you help me rewire? He’s absolutely brilliant in this space.

Jerry, talk about what it is that the neuroplasticity like you’re talking about the mind. What is it and how does it work?

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