A Glimpse Inside with Wendy Perrotti

A Glimpse Inside

A Glimpse Inside is a show that affirms for people there IS more to life and it IS possible to be happy, inspired, successful, joyous and free. This show has two different episode formats: conversation episodes and coaching episodes.

Conversation episodes bring unique and sometimes disruptive perspectives to series topics as Wendy dives in deep with pundits and thought leaders.

Coaching episodes offer the opportunity for a guest to be coached by Wendy during two subsequent episodes. These shows are aired for the benefit of others who may be experiencing similar blocks and offer actionable steps to move them from stuck to happy.

Wendy Perrotti has helped hundreds of women reclaim the magic and power they were born with and create lives they truly love – lives they’re insanely proud of – lives they wake up excited about each morning.  As a Credentialed and Professional Certified Coach, speaker and trainer, Wendy has over 25 years experience in helping individuals and groups nationwide to affect change in themselves and others. For more information go to WendyPerrotti.com.

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