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Super Power Kids with Neva Lee Recla

Super Power Kids TM is a show on the SuperPower Up! podcast hosted by Neva Lee Recla. The show features adults and kids doing amazing things in the world. During the interviews Neva talks about business, personal development, woo-woo, animals, mythical creatures, and super powers.

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Neva Lee Recla

Neva Lee Recla imageNeva Lee Recla is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and inspiration. She’s on a mission to inspire 1 million kids to do business and encourage adults to support them.

“Even if kids don’t want to do business, if they know they can then they’ll believe they can do anything!”

At the age of 2 she asked for her first business cards and never looked back. From her veteran philanthropy, Spreading Light, Love, and Pixie DustTM, to hosting the Super Power KidsTM podcast, she delights and impacts the world one connection at a time.

Her motto is: “We all have super powers and we can change the world!”


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