About Reclamation

Justin, Tonya Dawn and Neva Lee Recla, the first family of inspired personal development, join forces in this rare glimpse inside the world of a 24/7 family. From their entrepreneurial spirits to their spiritual devotion, the Reclas pursue an inspired existence in all things…and they do it together. Exemplified in the impact of the Superpower Network and the proven success of the Super Power Experts collaborative training programs, the Reclas lead with their hearts and souls and they share those experiences here on the Reclamation show. In this show, you’ll hear stories and advice from the Reclas about family dynamics, Burning Man, intergenerational teamwork, radical Christianity, fun and connection, walking in communion with the divine and much, much more. Follow this show as it twists and turns through the imaginative, creative and inspired spaces the Reclas dare to go.   

Meet the Reclas

In 2011, Justin and Tonya Dawn Recla, both former counterintelligence special agents, took the business world by storm…and they brought their daughter with them. When she was two, Neva Lee Recla asked for her own business cards and business hasn’t been the same since. From the bestselling success of Neva’s book, When Pigs Fly: The parent’s guide to inspire your young entrepreneur, to the miraculous influence of the Superpower Network, the number one podcast network for inspired personal development with over 25 million downloads in 2020, the Reclas live a life few dream possible.. And now, through the Reclamation show on the Superpower Network, the Reclas continue to challenge the outer limits of reality as the first family of inspired personal development.

Recent Episodes

REC – Exposing Yourself

How can exposing yourself not be a bad thing at all? What will you do when you find yourself in uncomfortable spaces? In this episode of Reclamation, Tonya and Neva talk about the experience of hearing the spirits calling to use your voice, superpowers, and abilities in instances you are not excited about. Also, Tonya and Neva share the importance of being open to discussing topics that need attention in the household, such as rape culture; however, they may seem taboo to society. Tonya’s newly released article, Deep Throat: “Exposing the rape culture from inside out.”, is a reflection of her experience in exposing herself. Tune in to know more about the importance of following the calling of the divine and going out of your comfort zone.

REC – Navigating Social Media

How can navigating social media make or break us? Can you live without the bright screens and clicking keyboards? In this episode of the Reclamation, The Reclas: Justin, Tonya, and Neva, talk about navigating social media and how it can go through the wires of our brain to control us. Also, Justin shares his view as a recovering social media addict. Tune in and learn how to tap your awareness to avoid falling into the bondage of technology and mitigate the unhealthy effects of social media.

REC – Doing it Now

Why should we be doing it now? What does it mean to be an adult? In this episode of Reclamation, the Reclas: Justin, Tonya, and Neva revolve their conversation around the process of taking things that are considered with adulthood as a youngster. The Reclas also share why it is essential to have a strict work schedule and a plan for your life as early as possible. Tune in and listen to the Reclas as they talk more about connecting oneself to the Divine, taking things to the next level, and avoiding people who do not believe in your capacity as a young person.