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SuperPower Creatives with David Delmar

SuperPower Creatives TM is a show on the SuperPower Up! podcast hosted by David Delmar. The show features individuals with creative super powers in music, art and writing who are creating amazing lives of success inspired by purpose.

Music Credit: Words and Music written and performed by David Delmar. Engineered and produced by John Keenan.

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David Delmar

David DelmarDavid Delmar knew his life was destined for something different. Always confident but not too outspoken is how his early career studying media in college and working in Hollywood began. It also became the breeding ground for the knowledge he uses today as an advocate for artists’ empowerment.

After discovering his creative super power to play piano David worked toward gaining the “true” confidence and self-love he needed to realize that he wasn’t trying to become a musician. He already was one and that as an artist he could be what ever he wanted.

He strongly believes we all have a super power inside us that needs to grow and strengthen, whether it’s playing an instrument, writing a book or innovating new leadership strategies for the work place.

David is now a motivational speaker singer-songwriter and podcast host utilizing creativity and innovation to celebrate creative artists who said “yes” to their dreams and “yes” to themselves who’s stories can impact and empower others to say “yes” as well.

David’s mission is helping to spark the creative fire and ignite the passion inside for anyone who’s ever backed down to society’s opinion of what they should and shouldn’t do and who they should and shouldn’t be. To dream again and know it’s never too late for your dreams.

David Delmar is a musician who didn’t know he was a musician until he was 32 years old. Before then, he was kind of lost in his work journey. Living in Los Angeles working on gigs he knew weren’t really him. He felt like he had no identity.

To right the ship he began self-acceptance work and reaching out to others for guidance. But one day, he struck a few keys and discovered he was a really good pianist. A passion evolved he never knew he had. With hard work, he was finally able to perform his intuitive song writing method live. It started by creating an inspiring masterpiece that had been hiding deep within his soul for years: his song, “Smile” which he has chosen as the theme music for his podcast. Learn more about David here:


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