Tatiana BerindeiTatiana Berindei, relationship and embodiment specialist, joins SPC host David Delmar to share how she provides relationship help with the use of creativity. In this episode, Tatiana shares how our sexual energy system is really the foundation from which our creative lives operate. The host of the Sex, Love and SuperPowers show and one of Super Power Experts’ very own experts,Tatiana explores with us in detail how to bring more awareness to this energy so that it can benefit our relationships – romantic and otherwise. Tune in to hear more about how our sexuality impacts nearly every other aspect of our lives and how to start using it consciously. You won’t want to miss this very juicy conversation!

Hello. This is David Delmar, your host of SuperPower Creatives, and you’re listening to our episode, Relationship Help Using Creativity. I believe everyone is a creator, and it’s this inherent birthright that’s the source of our superpowers. Stepping into this personal authority is scary, though. This show celebrates creatives to stay true to who they really are, making a living using their creative superpowers. The stories they share will excite and inspire listeners to do the same, making positive change in the world.

I’m truly filled with joy to welcome our guest for today’s show. She’s an extraordinary woman with deep insights and awareness, someone who I feel will really serve our listening audience, many of them artists that could benefit from improved relationships, with themselves and others. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone better to speak on relationship than today’s guest. The host of Sex, Love and SuperPowers Podcast Show, and a relationship and embodiment specialist, Tatiana Berindei is a student of life, of love, of the mind, the body, and the spirit, and of the collective evolutionary process we all find ourselves in.

Tatiana has had the experience, for a long span of time, sitting at the feet of elders and teachers from different traditions to serve them, sit in ceremony with them, as well as study and plant medicines with them. Praying with them, absorbing all of this with them by soaking up their wisdom. These types of experiences and her continued study of life and its multiple dimensions has taught her to listen deeply to her own, inner guidance, as she guides her clients with the uncanny ability to tap in to what their higher selves ask for.

It can involve claiming your voice, stepping more fully into your work in the world, connecting more deeply with yourself and your partner, or learning to have totally mind-blowing sex. Yes, intimacy and connection, Tatiana can guide you in embodying a more complete version of yourself. She is very clear, however, while she can and will guide you to the door of your higher knowing, you must be the one to ultimately step through it. Wow. You had me at mind-blowing sex. Such amazing insights and abilities, Tatiana. Hello. Thank you so much for being here today.

Thank you so much for having me. It’s a trip to have your bio read aloud like that. That’s a pretty good one, huh? I like it.

Yeah. I like it too. And especially when it says sex.


I know. I know.

That’s basic.

You got people with that one.

I do. It’s such a trigger word, but it’s just a powerful word all-around. So, well, I’m also going to thank you for your powerful presence, that you bring to serve others, holding sacred space for them to safely go with them, and to make new discoveries and breakthroughs, ultimately helping and saving lives. And as someone who speaks about creativity, I cherish how you bring the creative self into your work. And we’ll get into that in just a little bit, but I wanted to just recognize you before we get started here.

Thank you. It’s very sweet.

Very welcome. Well, today we’re talking about our show, Relationship Help Using Creativity. More specifically, Tatiana finds creativity within the work she does, increasing her inner knowing of her true self as a coach and a guide, and how her level of awareness using creativity grows and improves her sacred craft, and bringing that evolution to help the lives of others.

So, Tatiana, I know you’re full aware of this, but you know how the first question often goes with our guests. What is your creative superpower?

One of my biggest creative superpowers is being able to see the big picture and how all things fit together

One of my biggest creative superpowers is being able to see the big picture and how all things fit together.

Oh, well, and like all the guests, I have many. One of my biggest creative superpowers is being able to see the big picture and how all things fit together. And really eagle eye you. I like to zoom up and up and up and up, so that I can see to the root of what is causing complication, or what’s the obstruction. Being able to get really clear on what that is, so that I can get really clear on how to move all the pieces around and get that obstruction out of the way so things can flow. It’s all about creating flow, right?

It is. And I love that creating part of it, because flow is such, well, it’s, you know, it’s an energetic current, if you will. But how do you, and I’m not asking for the secret sauce, because I know, you know, that’s something inherent within, but how would you describe your creative direction when establishing, or reestablishing, that flow for someone who you might work with?

Well, for me it’s a process of alignment. If I’m in alignment with myself, then the information just flows through. And I think it’s important to note, just because this is a show about creativity, and I do work in the realm of sexuality and relationships, that the sexual energy is, in my opinion, one of the most creative energies that exists. Another superpower that I have is that my body has the ability to create life. I can grow a baby, and that’s a pretty amazing superpower, right?


And what gets the baby in there is the fun part, but it’s all that creative energy, right? It’s that energy of sexuality that has the ability to create life, to create something new, that has never been before. So, one of the things that I do in my own life, and that I like to help my clients to do, is how do you tap into that energy to create what you want in your life and in your relationships?

What I’m hearing is, how do you tap into that energy outside of the bedroom?

That’s right.

Wow. This could be one of our groundbreaking shows, because I’m telling you, for people to be able to know that could be a very powerful piece indeed. Because I have to admit I’m thinking, “Wow. I’m very curious to hear more.”

Well, most people compartmentalize sex, right?

Oh, yes. Yes.

And we have to go to break, so it might be better, because that’s a big conversation, and I don’t want to dive into it too much right before we get split.

It is. Well, thank you for that. It is, and yes, this seems like a good place to take a break, or go smoke a cigarette, or something. No, I’m just … I don’t smoke, but you all know what I mean? We’re going to get into it here. It’s such amazing stuff. Well, we need to take a quick break. I want to further along with Tatiana on a sacred journey with her, and hell, those of you listening can begin to receive your own higher direction for your life’s work, and how you could tap into that sexual energy, to make your life become something that you’ve always wanted and dreamt for it to be. So, before we do jump into a break, let’s tell people where they can find out more about you.

Sure. Well, I’m all over SuperPower Experts, but you can go directly to TatianaBerindei.com if you want to just land right on my page at SuperPower Experts. You can also, if you want to listen to the show, SexLoveAndSuperPowers.com. If you go to TatianaBerindei.com, I am running a program right now specifically for women on how to tap into the energy of the womb to lift up that creative, sexual energy in that way. It’s called Igniting Your Inner Wonder Woman. So, for anyone who are really looking to be able to more embodied in that sexuality, in that creativity, and use it not just for sex, but to create what they want in their life, that’s an awesome program, and you can find out more about that there.

Well, go check that out, for sure. Well, I mean, that’s powerful stuff, I can say that much. Well, so we’ve been talking with Tatiana Berindei today about our episode, Relationship Help Using Creativity. We’re going to take a quick break, and when we come back we’re going to continue our new dimension exploration with Tatiana and continue soaking up more from her perspectives, and about how a secret connection in your relationships might be improved or discovered.

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