Jeremy ParsonsJeremy Parsons, singer-songwriter, joins David Delmar to share how his conscience guides and informs his music in a unique two-way relationship. How music anchors him to his soul and as long as he is nurturing his music’s needs they have a great experience together. For him it’s like the kind of relationship when a person meets someone for the first time and they know that’s the person for them. It’s the same feeling he had when he knew music was going to be his profession in life. So listen in and get inspired with as Jeremy shares about his conscience expressed in music.

Hello! This is David Delmar, your host of Super Power Creatives. And you’re listening to our episode ‘Conscious Expressed in Music.’

I believe everyone is a creator and it’s this inherent birth right that’s the source of our super powers. Stepping into this personal authority is scary though. This show celebrates creatives that stay true to who they really are, making a living using their creative super powers. The stories they share will excite and inspire listeners to do the same, making positive change in the world.

It’s exciting to introduce our guest on today’s show. He’s a musician’s musician by the signatory way he writes, produces, and delivers his captivating kind of sound and grabs your attention and keeps it with ease. Born in San Antonio, Texas, Jeremy Parsons grew up soaking in the sounds of Texas music in the dance halls of the Lone Star State. Always a fan of music, it wasn’t until Jason’s later high school years that he discovered his knack, or his calling for it.

A person who’s passions are his driving force taught himself to play guitar eventually leading to him writing and performing the kind of the music that’s mesmerizing audiences in the present day. Over the past decade, Jeremy has played all over the U.S. and in Europe, including numerous venues in Texas. Pulling from the example of Texas performance artists, Jeremy loves to interact with his audience. He captivates the crowd with his genuine personality, unique humor, and heartfelt love of his occupation.

Jeremy draws from his personal experiences to create songs that are keenly perceptive and meaningful. His current single ‘Burn This House Down’ paints a poignant picture of heartbreak and acceptance, and still remains relatable. This song will stick with you long after your first listen. That’s for sure.

Jeremy, hello. Man, thank you so much for being here today.

Heck yeah. Thank you so much for having me. What a killer intro!


Hope I can live up to it.

Oh, I know you will. Well, your work inspired that intro so thank you for that. I love having talented people like yourself on the show. And I really appreciate your artistry and how you use your music as a powerful tool to express your true self and help audiences creatively learn new perspectives on life they can hold onto through the music that they received from you. So thank you for showing up in that way in the world, man.

Music is a very powerful tool

Music is a very powerful tool.

Hey, thank you for picking up on that, man. I don’t know where or who I would be without music. It’s a very powerful tool, I think, as far as that goes. It means a lot to hear you and other folks connect and say things like that. It really does. It means the world.

Well, I appreciate that. That’s certainly received well on this side for sure, man.

Well today we’re talking about our show “Conscious Expressed in Music.” For instance, how Jason’s music reflects his conscious about the world he perceives and has experienced. And what is it about that world for him that he’s able to tap into emotion that his songs utilize to be written and able to be performed?

So Jason, how we like to start our show off is with the same question for everybody and maybe it’s the obvious one. But here it is. What is your creative super power?

It would definitely be just self-expression through music. I think it’s a … I use music as therapy and I think it’s something that’s able to lift that dark veil that gets draped over us all sometimes.

Yeah, that dark veil. It has numerous shades of gray and dark, but nonetheless it does blanket over us. Anytime we’re able to have somebody that’s able to musically … for example, utilize the super power of self-expression and music as therapy to not only help himself which is obviously you, the creator and the artist. But to help so many other people to give them a new perspective and new awareness about the parallels of their life that are similar to what you experienced.

And you’re able to just bring a fresh perspective too that can be for them that Aha! moment in one of your songs where they realize, “Hey, through Jason’s song, I just had a breakthrough.” And that’s extraordinarily powerful, man. That is a very cool gift to have that kind of super power for sure.

I want to ask you this, Jason. Why do you do what you do with your super powers?

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

I guess the best way to answer that is ’cause I don’t … It’s kind of like you wake up one day and it’s like, “This is it. This is what I’m supposed to be doing.” And I’ve never really questioned it and it’s always been good to me.

So I mean, it goes back to that old saying that, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” And it ain’t broke so I just keep doing what I do, and I love it. I love every second of it.

And the love is very much apparent in your music. I mean, when I watched one of your videos it was … at the get-go, I just knew … you’re just somebody who does … Like I mentioned in the intro today, there’s something about your way as a person and the way you communicate through your music that is quite powerful. And it’s very captivating, and it’s something that everyone listening should definitely take a little bit of time to go and check out. And to follow up a little bit about how and who you are as an artist.

Let me ask this, Jason. When you first realized that music was your calling, like music … this is it. What was that experience like when you and music found each other? If you’re able to describe what that was like when you realized that this is what you were going to be doing.

I think when that happens with anybody, it’s a very overwhelming feeling. But it’s something that … you know, it’s overwhelming in a good way. You’re hit with this amount of acceptance. Like, you stepped in a puddle that you want to keep stepping in for some reason and you don’t know. It could be uncomfortable at first but it’s undeniably the path that you’re supposed to take.

I think you just know and stuff. When someone meets someone that they … you’re like, “Holy cow, I think I’m going to marry this person.” It’s not really a different feeling. If you believe in stuff like that, it’s something that finds you and anchors itself to your soul in a way.

Ah, I love that. That’s a powerful … “Anchors itself to your soul.” That’s a perfect example of a prolific writer right there. That’s saucy stuff, man.

Absolutely fantastic! We’re going to jump into … We’re going to take a quick break. And when we come back we’re going to just hear a little bit more about what Jason has to share with his story about music and how it is that it anchors he and his world to his own soul. And what it is that that is creating a contribution to the quality of his life and the quality for others’ lives as well. So we’re going to take that quick break and we’ll follow up with that on the other side.

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