ChristianeAnna RodriguezTune in to this episode to hear Sex, Love and SuperPowers host Tatiana Berindei and Yoni Rising creatress ChristianeAnna Rodriguez not only discuss, but fully bring through the spiritual energy of the Wild Woman archetype. How do we access our wild woman? What do we do with our rage? What do we do with our fear? Listen in to this powerful conversation to hear more!

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Sex, Love, and SuperPowers Podcast Show. I’m your host, Tatiana Berindei, and today, I have with me Christiane Anna Rodriguez, and we are going to be discussing the spiritual energy of the wild woman. This is going to be a really awesome conversation. Let me tell you a little bit about Christiane Anna. I love this bio she has here. It’s a great example of the wild woman a little bit. It says Christiane Anna has placed an evolutionary trail on the path of sexuality and love as a shamanic high priestess of the Holy Grail of the womb. That’s right. She is no spiritual lightweight. She is intensely committed to go through whatever humbling and fierce truth telling is required to open to the full divinity that can move through you.

Her formal education found her working 17 plus years in a diagnostic medical laboratory setting. Later, she became a producer and host of her own local TV show about spirituality and women’s empowerment. At the same time, she became an entrepreneur of her energetic healing practice called Yoni Rising. For the past seven years, she has held one-on-one healings as well as taught workshops coast to coast on conscious sacred sexuality for both women and men. Welcome to the show, Christiane Anna.

Yay. Thank you. I’m so excited to be here with you, wild woman.

I’m really excited to have you here. We should give our wolf howls out although I don’t want to-

Right on.

You’ve made everyone’s ears into my microphone, but … I would love for you to share with our audience what your superpowers are. I know you have many, but just give us a little tease.

My super powers is the indestructible force of my human spirit

My super powers is the indestructible force of my human spirit.

Yeah. Okay, well, let me zero in on and harness in what we’re going to be talking about today. I would have to say that it’s my indestructible force of my human spirit.

Heck, yeah.

Yeah, man. Exactly. I mean, it has been scarred and bent and burned and bruised and abused, and it is resilient, so I have to say that, yeah, I’m steadfast and centered. That allows me to be a visionary and a leader. That’s how that all rolls out. Yeah, I’d have to say that. My indestructible human spirit.

Well done. Beautiful. The reason why I wanted to go with this topic of the wild woman today is because you’re running this program centered around Clarissa Pinkola Estes’s work or her book, Women Who Run with the Wolves, but I know there’s so much more to what you’re offering than just what’s in that glorious book. I’m wondering if you could share with our listeners a little bit about your understanding of the wild woman and her importance in what’s happening right now today in this country and on this planet.

I really dig that we are adjusting this topic right now, Tatiana, in 2018, right?


Women are still having to howl and show their wild woman side of them, meaning the wild woman who has had to stay quiet under the circumstances of just daily life, stories that are untold and unseen and unheard, and those bones that Dr. Estes speaks about, who was really one of my mentors for years … This book’s been a “Bible” to me, a place to lean into. Her writings on the feminine psyche and archetype of women is truly so powerful, and it feels like it has to be unveiled again and brought to the forefront as we see ourselves right now in this year, 2018, so much is happening. The women are starting to roar, and they’re starting to howl, and they’re bringing back that side of them through their stories of how important it is to address what’s been happening to us from the beginning of time, to all humans actually and the predator, the sexual predator.

This information feels very timely again. It feels like we need to dig up those bones, and when I say bones, again, that’s that indestructible human spirit, that place where we have had to look at pieces of our self that we’ve lost along our timeline, those little dust that we’ve had whether it’s a divorce or whether it’s a relationship breaking up because of abuse, domestic abuse, sexual abuse, rape. I can relate to all of those themes, and I’m certain most women can, and many men as well. This needs to be addressed. I felt it was the right time to bring an online workshop about the wild woman needing her voice to be heard. Our voices need to be heard now. These stories need to be told.

Yeah. It’s such an interesting process. Tony and I have actually had a number of conversations about this because I think there is a part of the journey where being able to have that raw, open voice, the howling, the screaming, the rage, all of that, like that, it serves a role until it doesn’t anymore, until it actually serves as a backslide. I’m just super grateful that you are there doing that work with the woman who really need that role to be held for them right now because there’s a lot of people who are just finding their voices, a lot of women who are just stepping into that place of like, “I need to speak about this. This is a new thing for me, and now, I’m seeing all these other women speak and now, I have permission to talk about things that I’ve never talked about before.”

That’s so needed and so valuable, so thank you for holding that space for the women who are in that part of the journey. It feels important to me to say it that way because I think it’s really important to acknowledge that there are so many different steps on the journey and so many different parts of the process. Where I am at might not be where you are at, and that doesn’t make where you are at wrong or where I am at wrong. It just means that we are in different places, and that’s okay, and that’s good, and that’s important and valid to acknowledge and honor too, right?

We have to honor and meet ourselves where we are at that moment

We have to honor and meet ourselves where we are at that moment.

Yes, yes, yes, Tatiana. Yes, thank you for saying that. We have to honor and meet ourselves where we are at that moment.

Yeah, and not trying to be where someone else is, right?

Yes. Yes, that’s so true. As we honor ourselves and our internal wise woman, that wild woman, we’re able to honor the other sister that’s in front of us perhaps by relating or just holding a place for them to speak their voice and to listen without trying to change their story at all. That’s a place where we can start right there. Right there, that’s a beginning. Yeah, so, so powerful. Yeah.

We’re going to dive more into this. There’s so much more to cover, but we do have to go to a quick break. Before we do that, can you tell people where they can go to connect with you, find out more about you and your work?

Yeah. Thank you. Thank you for asking. Right on. You know, it’s really easy. My business name is called Yoni Rising, and Yoni is Sanskrit for vagina. You can find me on Facebook. You can find me on Instagram. You can email me. Yeah, that’s the way that you can see what’s going on and my whereabouts and what I’m bringing forward to the world in this moment.

Awesome. We’ve been talking with Christiane Anna Rodriguez about the spirit energy of the wild woman, and we are going to dive way deeper into what that entails when we get back, so stay tuned.

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