Chef ZiporaCelebrity Chef Zipora, author, joins David Delmar to share her conscious experiences in the kitchen as she works to prepare amazing and healthy food for celebrities and other high profile clients. Chef Zipora is an innovator as she utilizes the powers of sound and music as the secret ingredient in her food creation process. She shares with David how everything we see, feel, taste and touch is energy that can be influenced by our intentions that create our reality. She’s very transparent as openly shares about her process wanting to help as many people as possible experience a healthier and happier life. So listen in and get tips on how to prepare food as conscious art.

Hello. Welcome. This is David Delmar, your host of SuperPower Creatives, and you’re listening to our episode, How Food is Conscious Art. I believe everyone is a creator and it’s this inherent birthright that’s the source of our superpowers. Step in to this personal authority is scary though. This show celebrates creatives that stay true to who they really are, making a living using their creative superpowers. The stories they share will excite and inspire listeners to do the same, making positive change in the world. It’s my true joy to introduce our guest for today’s show. She’s someone I’m really fascinated by, and really excited to have a conversation with.

Chef Zipora is a celebrity private chef, author, innovator, entrepreneur, and CEO. Chef Zipora has enjoyed a distinguished career as a private chef for celebrities such as Mariah Carey, and Jack Nicholson, and athletes like Donovan McNabb. She’s a celebrity in her own right, having been guest chef at five star luxury hotels like the Ritz Carlton Paris and Milan, and the Four Seasons Tokyo. Her intention for each time she prepares a meal, is to provide a truly unforgettable experience. Each dish Zipora creates is presented with artistic flare. Her secret sauce, if you will, developed while working for celebrity and high profile clients. Her company, Chef Zipora Enterprise, Comfort Food and Harmony with your Health, is dedicated to improving people’s lives by empowering individuals and families to eat well, and embrace the healthy lifestyle. The company achieves this through its food and music products, books, and entertainment programs. She’s doing amazing things as an advocate for child development as well. Helping to educate how the kitchen experience and food selection process does wonders for developing children’s minds and bodies.

My creative superpower is my ability to feel

My creative superpower is my ability to feel.

There’s so much I want to dive into here, so let’s get started by first introducing our guest for today’s show, Chef Zipora. Hello. Welcome.


Well thank you so much for being here, and for everything you’re doing to promote health, innovation, and how thinking creatively enhances people’s lives. Today we’re talking about our show, How Food is Conscious Art, and Chef Zipora, she takes this to another level. I can’t wait for you all to hear it. In particular, how she does this with music and how music makes her dishes stand out from all the rest. So, Chef Zipora, I want to open up with the question we always like to start off with, which it might seem a little obvious, but what is your creative superpower?

Okay. My creative superpower is my ability to feel, connect, and therefore, communicate with clarity to people in such a way that they will inspire any empower their life.

Yeah, I love that. It sounds like you just have really an ability to sort of meet people where they’re at, and find a way to make that connection with them, on a level that they know is personal. Like it’s a real genuine connection that you’re able to establish with people, and in a way to help them out with their lives. I think that’s just amazing.

Celebrity Chef Zipora

Thank you. Yeah, you know, because the end of the day, what we do, what kind of business we doing will creativity. We all in the people business. We all do different things, but it’s always about people business don’t communicate with a business. People in the business communicate with the other people with the other business. So it’s always, always is about people. And as long as we remember this, and we treat people as the most precious commodity, not anything else. People first, I say, business second. I think we would have a better world just to begin with this one. My opinion.

Wow. I couldn’t agree with you more. It seems like that’s the missing component in our lives. It’s just that. That putting other people first, while you’re loving yourself wholly and fully, but it’s putting other people first, and it just seems like there’s so much that’s backwards with that. And I just couldn’t agree with you more, and I’m so happy to hear you say that because it’s reinforcement that that is where the magic in the middle finds itself when you’re putting other people first. I think that’s just wonderful. Well, I want to ask you this then. To elaborate on that, what is it that you do particularly with your superpowers that you just mentioned, what is it that you do with that and why do you do what you do with your creative superpowers? What’s the reason behind your why?

Well, if the core of the core is I … because I love people. I love to make them happy, and what can make you more happy on the moment? When you had a good meal. You feel merry. You don’t feel sloppy. You don’t feel bloated. You feel energetic, but you feel good. You feel satisfied. You feel nourished. You feel taken care of, and that’s what I love to do. That’s really what, that’s why I chose food. I could choose music … I tell you if I would not be a chef, I probably would be a musician. I love both of them, but I think food is, the moment is my miracle to nourish and empower other people.

Wow, I love that, and you just mentioned your love for music. And if you weren’t working with food, you would be working with music, and I know that you have this ability to combine the two. To work as your creative process from preparing your dishes. Would you elaborate a little bit about how you used music to make your food have this sort of energetic component to the flavor and the taste and the texture to it? Can you tell us a little bit about that process, and how music makes your food the way that it is, for people who love it?

Right. So we all know that everything in the universe vibrates. The table that I’m sitting next to it, the computer, the chair that I’m sitting on, you know, the everything. And everything have every vibration I have a different frequencies. So Baroque music, like say Vivaldi, Bach which is by the way my favorite, Handel, Albinoni, and the Baroque area. These on a scale of music is the highest vibration. What is it does? What is it does what when we listen to this music? We actually we find out when we listen to this kind of music, it’s actually lit up the whole brain. Not just part, let’s say part of the speaking, or part of the creativity, or part of the hearing, or part … excuse me … on the movement. It lit up the whole brain. And it’s like you’re working. This is like your superpower. You work with super, superpower machine. I mean the most powerful. That’s what give you the ability to be present.

You would not hear any voice, any old tape, any noise in your mind. You will be the most highest creativity. You feel healthy. You feel that you can do anything. You will be the most happy, and when you … So this affect every area and part of your being. And this will affect every part of your being, and it will … So you can imagine when you are in this state of being, right? And now you prepare food for people that care for, and I suggest you only, you know, even if you don’t know them, just have a feeling for them, the people that you cook for. Including yourself of course. And so when you, from this state of being, which I call state of meditation. It’s the state of this zone of the ultimate being. When you cook food, it’s not really affect you the chef, but it’s actually physically, biologically, affect the people who eats the food. Affect them emotionally, affect them physically, affect them mentally.

And this used to be until now, my secret weapon. Now I unleash my secret. I want the whole world to know about it because when people eat my food, they said, “It’s not only good, but it’s something special.” And that’s what is special. The music is the extra seasoning, the extra layer. And you can imagine, let’s say that for example, I’m just using this. Let’s say that we are in the hospital, and cooking for people with the intention to make them well. To make them healthy, right? And we listen to this kind, we are in this kind of vibration frequencies. You can imagine the affect this will be on the people. So the music and the food, you know, it’s actually affect anything. Affect when you want to study, when you have the nice course. I can tell you stories and stories. I can tell you the power of vibration with Doctor Emoto, with this book where he actually, and the pictures of how vibration affect physically the molecular structure. And I’m trying to be simple, not too scientific. I hope I am.

Oh yeah, you are.

Music is beyond healing. Music is everything

Music is beyond healing. Music is everything.

This power of the music. Music is beyond healing. Music is everything. Combine this with food, we cannot live without food. And I said to people, I said, “What can you tell me about music?” I said, “Look, you know, we been told choose the company that you surrounded yourself with, right?” Choose the right food, choose the right environment, choose the right school. And one more thing. Choose what kind of music you listen to. I don’t know if you have a minute, I will like to share, and I don’t know if I share on my previous program. Do I have another minute?

Well let this stuff … This is so awesome. We need to take a quick break because I really want to hear more about what you’re saying because I’m totally hooked on every word you’ve offered so far. So before we do jump into a break, let’s tell people real quick where they can find out more about you Zipora.

It’s You can find everything about me, about my book, about my CD music that people use, tee shirts. You know we are now producing some courses. They are not online, but you ask me about them, and you can check with me any question. Anything that I can help inspire and empower you. You can contact me through this, my website.

That’s fantastic. That’s just amazing stuff. Well, so let’s jump to the break. We’ve been talking to CEO and author Chef Zipora today about How Food is Conscious Art. We’re going to take a quick break, and when we get back, we’re going to dive back in to some of these things that she’s sharing with us today. So you can have a healthier life for a happier you. So stay with us, and we’ll be right back.

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