Jerry TeplitzDr. Jerry Teplitz, professional speaker and attorney, joins Tonya Dawn Recla to share his insights from decades of business experience and what he’s learned about the characteristics of entrepreneur success. Jerry has over 43 years of professional speaking experience and holds a Ph.D. in Wholistic Health Sciences. He is the author of best selling books Switched-On Selling and Switched-On Networking. Listen in as he and Tonya break down the importance of understanding the characteristics of entrepreneur success and how to embody them in your own business.

Hello everyone, this is Tonya Dawn Recla, your Super Power Expert, and I’m really excited to have with me today, just a remarkable man. This guy’s given over 1700 presentations to more than a million people since 1974. What I love so much about him is that he’s so well founded in and practical. I think that to me, that’s such a welcome and addition to a lot of the conversations that people are having now in spiritual development entrepreneur sectors, because you do hear a lot of the pie in the sky kind of approaches and do this, and these click easy steps to be rich and free, and all this what not. But as we discover that the secrets are in the doing and the actual taking action and guided action and knowledgeable action and so, those really practical kind of approaches and steps and ways to do things are super crucial to truly build success.

And so Jerry Teplitz is a remarkable man, he offers something called Switched-On Start Up Entrepreneur. I mean I could talk for hours about how remarkable this man is. But today we’re gonna talk with him about the characteristics of entrepreneur success. So I really suggest you take some notes. If you truly believe you’re here to change the world and that you’re here to have an impact, you have to have those practical founded steps, and the building underneath of you, or else it’s not sustainable. And Jerry is just the man to offer some of that information, so Jerry, welcome to the show, thank you so much for joining us.

It’s a delight to be here Tonya.

Oh, very cool. Well we’re gonna jump right in and ask you, what are your superpowers?

I show people their personal energetic system

I show people their personal energetic system

Well the way I view my superpowers is, I’ve been doing speaking, training, consulting for many years. And what I view my superpowers are, is the ability to show people their personal energetic system. That’s the system that operates that they need to have in sync in effect to be able to succeed with what they want to do. So I’m really giving people experiences of their energetics. And what does that mean to them? And then the other part of my superpowers is showing people how they can actually create new processes in the brain in minutes to literally get over blocks that they have and since we’re talking about the start up entrepreneur in that process. But I’ve also done this work with sales people, with network marketers, with internet marketers, with managers with advanced entrepreneurs, so I’ve gone kind of a broad brush in terms of affecting and impacting people in their business life.

Wow you’re absolutely speaking our language here we love things like … I talk a lot about the energy signatures and what we … one of our steps in our process is, a tuning your individual resonance. And a lot of people are really just completely unaware of not only what they’re projecting, with their energy signature, but also what they’re receiving through, like it’s its own antenna. And so I love the stuff that you’re talking about, and I think it is really lacking in a lot of the … either you go to the personal development arena and they kinda just happen upon it, with mindset and everything else, or it gets skipped over entirely and goes all, way into the woo-woo, kind of energy, work kinda components. And so, that concept of the personal energetic system I think is really a lot of fun. And I think it’s like the unknown, untapped resource that most successful entrepreneurs will give voice to.

But I don’t see a ton of people really working with entrepreneurs in that arena. So how did you get involved with all of that? How did you kind of move into that direction?

How about the stumble affect?

I love it.

I’m an attorney originally and wound up getting a PHD in holistic health sciences. And prior to the holistic health sciences, I was living in Chicago, early ’70s, hanging around a group of friends that were getting into some really weird stuff back then, and most people don’t realize that things like yoga, meditation, those which are now totally accepted and mainstream now, back then were totally weird and off the wall. And that’s when I got introduced to it and being an attorney I wasn’t interested in it. I was scared of it, I didn’t want to do anything. But I kept hanging around these friends and I got peer pressured. And peer pressure’s powerful, so one of the things that they pressed me to do was to do yoga. Which I actually was gonna be doing with a negative attitude.

I wanted to prove to them that it didn’t work.

I love it.

Young Entrepreneur Secrets with Neva Lee Recla


How’d that work out for you?

Well shortly after I started, I noticed lower back pain problems I had most of my life were gone. I had more flexibility than I ever had as a high school athlete. I got so excited, I wound up studying yoga. And then, in 1974, I started … I created a program called How to Relax and Enjoy. And I was speaking ecologist on that. I was showing people how if they … I needed to fall asleep, how they could do that using what’s called progressive relaxation. I was showing them deep breathing to relax before an exam. I was showing shiatsu, a Japanese pressure technique. That showed ’em how to get rid of headaches or in college students placed it at situations hangovers in 90 seconds. And I was also teaching how to meditate.

I even made a … ’cause I was not known on college campuses so to get the kids to come out, I was being booked through the university activity boards, union boards. I offered a relaxation guarantee. If you didn’t leave feeling more relaxed, I would pay you $4 dollars for having come to the program, even though the program was free to them. I actually had a director of student activities come up to me at one college and say “We got a problem.” I said “Yeah, what is it?” He said “The whole left side is just here for the money.” And I said “Don’t worry about it.” Did the program, nobody came up. 180,000 people later, only four people who’d ask for the money. But 179,900 and something else, got to experience something that was different for them.

So my notion is, to give people experience and that I view as part of my superpower that’s immediate. One of the biggest … and now I speak in the corporate arena and for business conventions, trade associations and to entrepreneur groups. And one of the biggest comments I have for folks is I was a skeptic, and now I’m a believer. And that’s within an hour program, or an hour and a half program, I get that.

That’s fantastic, well you know, I think that’s impressive overall, but I have to say, with regard to the college crowd, that’s extremely impressive. Four dollars, that may be pizza and a beer. That’s a big deal for them to not take you up on that four dollars. Color me impressed on that one.

And years ago, four dollars was worth a lot more, too.

Exactly. Well very cool, so you’ve said a lot about what you do when you speak and everything else. Do you work one on one with clients? Do you work just in corporate settings? Where there’s more than employee? You’re moving into the start up stuff right?

Yep, and so it’s not often I do one on one. What I’m looking to have is a much broader impact. I can do one on one, but I tend not to that much, ’cause, what I’m doing is I’m speaking for business groups, associations like there’s a group called Entrepreneurs Organization. There’s one young presidents’ organization. There’s groups called Thistige. These are all CEO level groups. And I’ve been speaking to them for years. And it’s more recently that I’m … and one of the brain rewiring approaches that I created that I talked about earlier Tonya, was the first seminar I did was switched on selling. Doesn’t teach a single technique, it’s actually creating new neuron nets in the brain, so it was difficult, in minutes becomes easy. And this is the piece that’s most fascinating, by using very simple body movements, called Brain Gyms. And these were developed for children and adults with learning disabilities by Doctor Paul Dennison, where you can take D and F graded students and give them the capability becoming A level students in a semester, just by using movement.

When I got involved in that work and so empowered that I saw nobody was doing anything in the business arena, so I went up to Doctor Dennison, his wife Gale, and I said “Could I create a course for salespeople?” And they said “Sure.” Switched-On Selling, and that’s what was created. You want to hear some fascinating statistics on the change, Tonya?


So we did a study with 695 salespeople. We gave them a pre seminar questionnaire beginning of the day. A post seminar questionnaire at the end of the day. We collected the forms back, we got ’em back to them a month later to get all their seminar placebo effect. You’ve gone to seminars, you leave real excited, three days later you’re back doing what you did before. We wanted to see did anything actually change? So to give you an example Tonya, one of the statements, was “I’m comfortable asking for the order and closing the sale.” You’d agree that’s a pretty important part of the selling process Tonya?


So beginning the seminar day, 52% of these real salespeople were on the negative side. End of the seminar day, only 8% were there. A month later, it was only 6%. Now on strongly agreeing to that statement of being comfortable asking for the order in closing the sale, beginning of the day only 16% were there. End of the day jumped up to 35%. A month later they got better, it was 50%. With the other 43% in agreed, we have now have switched it 93% to the positive side, from a one day seminar that didn’t teach a single technique of selling the entire day.

Beautiful. That’s awesome, and again, like I said at the beginning of the show, I think that a lot of this is so crucial in a sense of, I’m really providing practical kind of methods, because people … you can hire a coach, you can get some training, go to workshop, you can do all these things, but then as you get away from that, if they’re not sustainable, if those techniques aren’t sustainable or you can’t enact them yourself, it leads to a lot of frustration for business owners. And I know for us, at Super Power Experts, we attract a lot of people with solid sustainable creative solutions. But they require success. If the business isn’t successful, the solutions don’t get out there, and so there seems to be this kind of … catch 22 with regard to that, which is why I’m really excited about the stuff that you’re offering.

So what can we share with people about … I don’t want to get into any specific techniques right before the break, but what can we share with them? Is there something that they can … maybe kinda wrap their mind around? With regard to the stuff that you’re talking about. Because I know part of what we struggled with is disbelief around that it could be that easy. You’ve had a lot of statistics and everything else, maybe you have a case study or a way that you handle people’s disbelief with regard to that.

Two quick case studies. There’s a pest control company in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The president is Kevin Kordek. He heard me speak at entrepreneurs organization, his local chapter. Now this is the middle of the recession, he decides to put half his sales force through the one day, Switched-On Selling seminar. And I told him to put his mediocre folks in the class. Like with your entrepreneurs, if they’re switched on for parts, switched off for parts of being an entrepreneur, they’re kind of the mediocre sales person. They’re not able to do what they really need to do to create success. So he did, he’s very heavily into tracking statistics. And what Kevin observed, is six of the eight people he put in the class, immediately jumped above his top tier performers.


That was August 2009, October, he puts the rest of his sales force through the class. A year later, I said “Kevin, what happened?” Now this was when we first started moving into slow recovery. And Kevin said his profits doubled. This is where other pest control companies were either going out of business or barely holding their own, his profits doubled. On two of his same product line, he became the number one distributor in the country. And one of his guys jumped up over 300%.

That’s a pretty impressive case study Jerry.

Well there’s another piece, two pieces, of the six that jumped above his top tier, two of them thought the seminar was a crock. They thought it was a total waste of time. Four months after, Kevin sits ’em down in his office, says “Here’s your stats before the one day, and then here’s your stats since the one day.” And even they said it was this one day seminar. So it’s not a belief seminar, you just gotta through the process and you get to the rewiring experience. Five years later, Kevin sold his country, company, to the world’s fourth largest pest control company in the world. And they bought him, because they wanted to know what was the secret that had his company performing so much better than anybody else in the country basically. And they paid many multiples more than they normally would for a company after the purchase, he said one of the elements was, five years before, I put my guys through the Switched-On Selling seminar.

I never did another seminar for Kevin. That one day seminar created that level of success.

Wow, that’s pretty impressive. You said that there were two studies?

Yeah the second one is .. I just did Switched-On Selling for a bank, security bank in Nebraska. And I did it in this January, I did a 2017 in January, and the institute that they belong to, for extraordinary banking, they were selected the bank of the year in 2017. The president literally said “The key element was, he put his people through Switched-On Selling.”

Well I think it’s really obvious that Jerry knows what he’s talking about. And I think if you stick with us, after the break, you’re going to be in for a real treat. So stay with us, we’re gonna take a quick break. Before we do Jerry, where can people go to find out more about you?

There are two places, one is to my main website, which is just my last name,