Amanda KingsleyAmanda Kingsley, life coach, podcaster, blogger and network marketer, joins Tatiana Berindei to talk about defining what is sacred. She’s committed to a life of growth, expansion, and adventure with her partner of 20 years. Her driving force is her belief that women, and especially mothers, hold the key to our peaceful futures. Women who feel good in their skin will not only make an impact in their own social circles, but ripple out a huge social shift. Listen in as she shares her thoughts defining what is sacred, even in the intimate and challenging experiences of miscarriage and abortion.

Hello, everybody, and welcome to the Sex, Love, and SuperPowers Podcast Show. I’m your host, Tatiana Berindei and today I am really honored to have Amanda Kingsley with me. We are going to be discussing a really deep topic, but Sex, Love, and SuperPowers is where we’re all about addressing the taboo on this show.

So our topic today is defining what is sacred, a conversation about miscarriage and abortion. And I actually met Amanda in the labor and delivery room at the hospital so I’m really excited to have her with me on the show today. Amanda Kingsley is a 39 year-old mother of three. She’s committed to a life of growth, expansion, and adventure with her partner of 20 years. In addition to her family as a number one priority, Amanda finds joy in her work as a life coach, podcaster, blogger, and network marketer.

So welcome to the show, Amanda. I’m really, really happy to have you here today and I’m so glad that you agreed to talk about this really challenging subject.

Thank you so much for holding this space for these conversations that are underhand.

Yeah, yeah. So, before we dive in, because I have a feeling that we’re going to go really deep with this one, I’m going to ask you to just share with everybody a little bit more about yourself and to start out in doing that by telling us what your superpowers are.

I have an incredible ability to creatively problem solve

I have an incredible ability to creatively problem solve.

I love that question. The first thing that always comes to me when someone asks me about superpowers is that I have an incredible ability to creatively problem solve and consistently come up with new and interesting and different, there’s a creative part, problems to a solution. I really believe that everything can be solved in one way or another. But in addition to that, I think I have a calling to hold space for women and so I’m able to do that particularly for women in a we always land somewhere, really powerful, right? Through both presence and holding space but then also the strong passion and desire for forward growth, which for me, very much comes from that problem-solving, action-oriented like this topic we’re going to talk about today. Here’s a huge, heavy, interesting topic. And part of my expressing it out into the world was my creative problem solving. I’m not going to just let this sit. This is going to serve way more people.

By having this conversation, I can serve way more people. So I don’t know if that connection makes sense in your head but it does in mine.

Totally, totally. And that’s something that I really love about you is how authentic it is to you and how deeply entrenched in your soul that desire to serve others is and I think it’s one of the things I love about you the most and what I find most beautiful about you. And you do that through the problem solving and you’re really good at it.

It’s interesting and I bet you find this with a lot of women who finally take ownership of their superpower. For most of my life, as a young adult and an adult, I was told or believed somehow, probably both, that my superpower was a weakness because, in many ways I would bump into people who didn’t want a solution and I have learned to navigate that territory in a really different way than I probably did 10 years ago or 15 years ago or 20 years ago.

For a long, long time I thought that my ability to intuitively and creatively problem solve was meddling because many people told me so like, “I just wanted to vent. I didn’t really want you to solve my problem.”

And it is so much a piece of who I am that it was hard for me to navigate those waters of am I meddling? Am I a really bad listener? Am I not?

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I can totally relate to that and I think it’s one of the deepest lessons that we learn on the healing path, those of us who are in this work and service to other people is that we can really, ultimately, only serve people who are asking for that from us.

Yeah, right.

Yeah, I don’t know if you’ve found this but I’ve definitely found that to have the coaching relationship and the container of that, it’s like oh my god. Now I get to flow with my gifts and I don’t have to worry about exactly what you just spoke to.

I just did the most interesting quiz online this morning and I’m sorry if I’m going off topic but one of the questions was “What would be the most scary thing to be taken from you?” And one of the options was your intuition. And I had never thought about it that way but I was like, “I would be lost without my intuition.” And so I think that’s what made it so challenging for me to learn how to use my superpower in a respectful way, in a safe container because, for me, it was such a strong, intuitive hit that it was like, “Must share, must share.”

And so you have to practice over time like when is it okay to share? Anyway-

Totally, totally.

I feel like we’ve gone off topic, sorry.

No but I think we can swing it back around because I’d love to hear more about you, you know, we have to go to a break really soon but just before we do, if you could tell our listeners a little bit more about how you employ that gift and that superpower in your work with people. And I guess I want to hear more from you. I know but I want our listeners to hear more from you why you are the perfect person to be having this conversation about abortion and miscarriage with.

I’m not sure I fully process that answer myself. I don’t know how deeply we’ll delve into my story but I feel like my abortion was gifted to me in a way that I didn’t anticipate. To share has become this calling that I did not invite in. So the answer, sort of, is that I don’t know any way to do it other than to share.

But you also have a background in-

I do, this is true.

-in this work.

I have held space to photograph women's births

I have held space to photograph women’s births.

I do. And which comes first, I don’t know. But, yes. I have always, always, always had a strong calling to birth and pregnancy and early postpartum and the mother spirit in general. I say birth runs in my blood and I’ve done many, many births as a doula. I studied in-home birth midwifery school. I have held space to photograph women’s births. I spent a little time overseas doing some midwifery exploration. Being a part of that transitional birth world has always been very much a part of who I am and it still is, it’s just in a very different and interesting way.

I graduated with a degree in women’s health. So, yeah, it’s very much a part of who I was. I just had no idea it would lead me to this topic in women’s health.


Not i could have ever anticipated.

Right, right. And oftentimes it is our own life journey that carves out the path for us, not what we think we’re going to be walking on, right? So I’m really, really excited to dive deep into this topic. As you mentioned at the beginning, there are not enough, if any, resources out there or conversations that women can tune into around this and I’m really hoping and I trust that we’ll be able to navigate this conversation with a lot of grace and a lot of holding that sacredness at the center of everybody’s journey.

So please stay tuned after the break. We are going to go to a quick break and then Amanda and I are going to uncover this really sometimes challenging, sometimes really beautiful topic. So please stay tuned for that.

Before we go to the break, Amanda, can you tell everybody where they can go to find out more about you and your work?

Absolutely. My website is It is actually my birth given middle name which I love.

I love it, yeah. So that’s All right and we are discussing defining what is sacred, a conversation about miscarriage and abortion. This is going to be really good so stay tuned.

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