Zipora Einav

Chef Zipora Einav, a celebrity chef, author, innovator, entrepreneur, and CEO, joins Tonya Dawn Recla to discuss the spiritual side of food and her book, Recipe for a Delicious Life: Discover The Perfect Blend of Food & Music to Stimulate Your Appetite for Lasting Health, Harmony & Joy!

Zipora has enjoyed a distinguished career as a private chef to dozens of discerning clients. She has traveled the world and prepared exquisite, flavorful meals for some of Hollywood’s most notable celebrities, studio executives and elite athletes – Mariah Carey, Pierce Brosnan, Bob & Dolores Hope, Aaron Spelling, Donovan McNabb and many others.

Each dish she prepares is presented with artistic flair, a skill she developed while working for celebrity and high-profile, ultra-high-net-worth clients. Listen in as she talks about the spiritual side of food and how food acts a healer.

Hello everyone, this is Tonya Dawn Recla, your Super Power Expert, and I have a real treat for everybody today. I have … She’s just delightful. This woman is a powerhouse in a little package. So you can see here, if you go to our website, you’ll see a picture of her and I together, but she … Don’t let her size fool you folks, she is amazing.

Black Widow Scarlett Johansson from The Avengers

Chef Zipora cooked for Scarlett Johansson, Black Widow.

So Chef Zipora is featuring her book Recipe for a Delicious Life. You want to talk about amazing existences this woman is a celebrity chef, she’s cooked for people like Mariah Carey, Bob Hope, Pierce Brosnan, Donovan McNabb, and of course one of our favorites over here, Scarlett Johansson, Black Widow herself. So she’s really touched the lives of some amazing people, and as powerful as that sounds, that really is not the most amazing thing about this woman. Not only does she prepare delicious food, but she is amazingly tapped in, so she has this kind of high frequency, energetic knowledge about how food works.

So I’m really excited to have her on the show today to talk about the spiritual side of food, and how food acts a healer, so without further ado, please join me in welcoming to the show, Chef Zipora. Welcome so much, I’m so glad you’re here.

Hello, and hi to everyone.

Oh, well, I’m very excited about this conversation, because I think a lot of times we don’t talk enough about the food that we eat, and how we eat that. I know that’s such a big component of what you talk about, but before we jump into that, we always like to ask, what are your superpowers?

Okay, so I would say I have a love and passion for people and I genuinely, really genuinely, like to support and empower them to be healthy inside and out, and I’m also very intuitive, and caring, and focusing on the person. And to be honest, I never give up on them. I always set up my eyes on the goal and encourage them to do the same thing.

I have a love and passion for people

I have a love and passion for people.

So I can say that I’m sure that my people skills play a big part of me being … have the fortune to be a private chef for some of the people, and others that you mention, and to allow me to interact, to have a positive interaction and understand their needs and how they can get to where they want to be. Like emotionally, and you name it.

Beautiful, beautiful. So let’s talk a little bit about how you got to be a celebrity chef. I know a lot of people are just fascinated with celebrity lifestyles and getting a glimpse inside. What led you to that?

Well, I always live the spiritual life, and I believe that you need to be … If you want to get somewhere like if you drive somewhere, you need to be clear where you’re going, where your destination. So I was clear since I was very, very young, that I want to work with celebrities, and the reason I did this is because at four, at the age of four, I would have the privilege and the pleasure to sit on the left of the first Prime Minister of Israel, Mr. David Ben-Gurion, and it’s just another story that you guys can read the book.

However, since then, I said, I’m going to grow up, I’m going to cook and I’m going to be around these people because they are fascinating me. Fast forward, when I was living in Phoenix at the time, I decided … I was invited to move to LA by a friend of mine, and so I moved there, and before I moved, I went to see a lady who … an intuitive lady. I’m very much into this kind of stuff. And I said, “What do you think, how should I move? Give me some direction.” She said, “I’m going to even help you and I’m going to set up with a woman who used to be a chef for Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman,” at the time.

She set me up with this woman and on my first day, I had dinner with this woman. And she said, “You wouldn’t believe it, but my friend, my chef friend, just opened a chef agency. An agency that hires people,” okay, because the security level is very high. So anyway, we’re not going into it right now. Make a long story short, the next day, I’m interviewing with this guy. And he said, “Stay put. My phone is ringing all the time.” I don’t know what’s going to happen.

Sure enough, it’s 4:00 p.m. in the afternoon. He called me and said, “Bob Hope, their chef is gone on vacation for three months. We need somebody. I think you’re going to be a fit.” And he sent me to go there the next day.

Oh, my goodness.

Now, my … This guy Chris, my first agent, was new. So he didn’t give me all the information. He only said, “Be yourself and dress the way you’re dressed today, cute and nice.” And then that’s what he said, I swear. And he gave me directions to the house, nothing else. So I’m going there, never see a celebrity, never work for them, and also a self-taught chef. I didn’t have all of this supposedly … thing. But anyway, I know exactly … I’ve been cooking for many, many years, and I’m a chef by trade.

So I come in, and as you can hear me, Tonya, the moment I open my mouth, people say, “Where are you from?” Obviously, my accent. Something happened with Mr. Bob Hope, he’s on a kitchen table with his manager, Dennis. And I say good morning, and I say I’ve been sent from the chef agency. And the moment I open my mouth, Mr. Hope said, “Where are you from?” And I said, “From Israel.”

I swear, this guy got up from his chair, kissed me on my two cheeks, clapped and said, “I love the people in Israel. When you guys fought for your country,” he said, “Years ago, I went there and sang for all of the soldiers there. And I love your country, we visit often and I donate money to them every year.” And at that moment, his wife got on. She said, “Who is this little thing?” You saw me, Tonya, I’m short and tiny by the look of me.

So I guess they liked me immediately and they said, “We hire you.” Mind you, usually, it doesn’t happen this way. Usually, you have to cook for them, a dinner or two, and they have to see the vibration mix, the fit, and everything work well together if they like the food. Then they hire me.

So I go into the office to talk with the estate manager, and the first question he asked me, “What is your weekly salary?” Now, I had no clue. I never work, and the agent never taught me anything. So I throw him a number that was very high, obviously. He said, “Usually that’s too high. Even the chef doesn’t get it.” Make a long story short, I worked there, they love me, they give me an amazing letter because by the way, post in my book. The first page. And the agent said, “Nobody ever got this salary from them. Nobody ever got this letter, period. I’m putting you on the top of my list.”

Tonya, that’s the way it started, and like they say in English, the rest is history. One thing led to the other.

Wow. That’s such a great story, and I love your drive and I love how you go about things, and the belief that you have. And you mentioned that you’re highly intuitive, and you also have a component of the music with the food and everything else. So tell us a little bit about what that’s like.

Well, everything, Tonya, in the world, everything in the universe, has vibrations. Different kind of level of vibration and the vibration create a different kind of frequencies. So music, particularly baroque and classical music, creates some of the highest vibrations. Therefore, the highest frequencies. This frequencies, when you listen to them, it’s going to produce what do you call it, the happy chemicals in the body. It also makes you feel like you have been in the present. It’s like a state of meditation, the highest state of meditation, and that’s what music does to you. You focus, you’re in the now, you’re able to … You’re very happy. So you’re in the zone.

Music is my secret seasoning

Music is my secret seasoning.

And that’s what music has done to me since very, very young age. And so one day, I decided, I’m going to listen to this music since I love it so much, while I’m cooking. And you wouldn’t believe it. Since then, people always love my food, but since then, people said, “We love your food, but there’s something special. What is it, what is it?” And it took me a while to figure out that that was the music. That’s what’s like seasoning, it’s like extra seasoning. When you have food, you season with salt, pepper, and other seasoning. But the music is my secret sauce, my secret seasoning.

And so I combine music with food. When I cook, I listen to particular. My favorite is Bach, number one, and Vivaldi, and the other baroque music. Sometimes I’ll listen to classical like Mozart and Beethoven. And it’s really, really put me in a certain kind of higher vibration, high-frequency zone. And I decided to share this with the world, and so this part is in my book. It’s Recipe for a Delicious Life, and it talks about this … how music affects us and why it’s important to play while you’re cooking. It’s important even when you eat when you want to meditate, but we’re talking about food now.

And along with this amazing book, I think it’s amazing. Of course, I’m a little biased.

It is amazing.

Thank you. And I also create the music. So knowing that most of the chefs probably would not like to listen to Bach while they’re cooking … So what we did, hire a very high, accomplished composer, Neil Argo, and he arranged the music, meaning he took music like Vivaldi, the Four Seasons, and put techno beat. So now in the food language, we have the cake and we eat it too. Except in my case, there are no cakes. But it’s a healthy food. But you understand what I’m saying, right?

So the CD is the … We kept the core, we kept the integrity of the music, but we layer with the techno beat, so now you can have it all. And so I hope I answered your question. We got in the music, and I can go on and on and on, why music is so impeccable. For example, the farmer in this country uses this particularly baroque music to the crops, to when they grow flowers, to the cows, to the chicken. And it produced amazing results. They did another experiment, they took two big speakers and they put two big plants around it. And for one month, they played baroque music, as I said, Handel, Vivaldi, Bach. And what happened with the plant, the plant grew hugging the speakers.

Okay, so that was obvious, that the plant was drawn to the frequencies of this amazing music. And there was blossom and there was green and there … was beautiful. The next months, they did another experiment, and they took the speakers and took other plants and put them next to the speakers, and they play heavy metal music for one month. What happened with the plants, they start deteriorating, they start growing far away, as far as they could, from the music, like they were trying to run away. And there was not as green, vibrant, as the others.

These experiments show us how important, how the music, how the vibration, high vibration of music, impact us as a human being. I highly recommend listening as much as you can to anybody, but specifically when you’re cooking. So now it’s the secret, not secret anymore for cooking amazing food.

Your secret’s out. Well, I love it, I love it. So we’re going to take a quick break. We’ve been listening to Chef Zipora talk about the spiritual side of food. Such a fascinating conversation. Where can people go to find out more about you? They can go to the website to get the book, correct? Zipora, the word chef before. So

Perfect, and if you go to the link on our site for this episode, we’ll make sure to have that link right there. So stick with us, folks. When we come back, we’re going to talk with Chef Zipora more about her experiences cooking for some pretty big names. So I think you’re going to want to stay with us as we talk about a glimpse inside that celebrity life. So stay with us and we’ll be right back.

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Awesome, we’re back you’re listening to the SuperPower  Up! Podcast. We’re talking today with Celebrity Chef Zipora. So Zipora, we talked earlier about … We did drop a few names of some of the fabulous people. I loved your Bob Hope story, I just think it’s so amazing. But mostly I love the idea that you knew you wanted to do this thing, you wanted to cook, and then you followed your love. That guided, inspired action piece, I think, is so amazingly powerful.

Tonya Dawn Recla and Celebrity Chef Zipora