Whitney FreyaWhitney Freya, artist and author, joins David Delmar to share how exploration of consciousness can be amplified through art. She describes her work helping her tribe of “Pallets” discover their multidimensional selves to become “Life Artist”. Her level of wisdom and knowledge on the power creativity has to expand one’s own universe is truly remarkable. So, listen in and get advice about how the simple stroke of a paint brush can ignite a passion inside you and experience your own artful expression of consciousness.

Hello, this is David Delmar, your host of SuperPower Creatives, and you’re listening to our episode, artful expression of consciousness. I believe everyone is a creator, and it’s this inherent birthright that’s the source of our superpowers. Stepping into this personal authority is scary though, this show celebrates creatives, they stay true to who they really are, making a living, using their creative superpowers. The stories they share will excite and inspire our listeners to do the same, making positive change in the world.

I’m quite excited, and most honored to welcome our guest for today’s show. She’s an extremely talented visual artist who is blazing a path for other creatives and people in general, but to begin knowing they are also creators. Her art and how she expresses her unique talent is creating a movement that’s a catalyst for the first of its kind creative revolution, we’re all globally experiencing, witnessing and participating in together. Whitney Freya is a published author, artist, entrepreneur, and creative muse, and her latest book Rise Above, Free Your Mind One Brushstroke At A Time, is out now and available for you to enjoy and improve as an artist and as a person. It’s an explosion of color, painting prompts, and inspirational teaching for life artists.

Her unique approach to personal creativity and her own journey from one of the artists to today has gotten her international media attention including, CBS News and appearances alongside Dr. Wayne Dyer, Donna Eden, and more. And of course, she doesn’t do all this alone. She leads her international team of creatively fit coaches who share her passion for living life as art, that joined her and helping to change and enhance people’s lives. Whitney has taught at the Esalen Institute many different international creativity conferences, the world renowned Bernie Mann, Awesomeness Fest and the Adoptee Spiritual Center. She’s loving her life, living in the mountains in northeast Oregon with her three teens and holds retreats there in the summer for people like you, to come and learn from one of the very best. To learn more and to join the life artist’s palette, who are her tribe. You can visit her at www.whitneyfreya.com. Whitney, hello. Thank you so much for being here today. What a joy for me.

Thank you David. It’s amazing to be here with you.

I'm grateful every day to be able to witness people waking up to their true creative nature

I’m grateful every day to be able to witness people waking up to their true creative nature.

Wow, it is amazing indeed to just be alive. So, I share in all of that has to offer indeed and I also want to just say thank you for the ways you are countlessly helping people to embody and express their own high level artistic abilities. Whether it be you helping them with a brush stroke of a painting or helping them as a thought leader, empowering them as an artist and people to up level their life in the way that they truly want. I just want to acknowledge and honor this, the way you do that, the way you are just helping people to reach their full potential, and everything they can become, and then should become.

Right. Thank you so much. It is such a gift and I’m grateful every day to be able to witness people waking up to their true creative nature. I’m sure everyone listening has heard a million times like, “Oh, I’m not creative. You’re creative, you have talent, but I’m not creative.” And, helping people to understand that inherently in our bones and our DNA, we are creators and to create awareness around how we’re creating, and each and every moment, and how we can create more of what we want by focusing our imagination on life working out. And, life rising up to meet you, and life being an opportunity for you to learn and express rather than, the flip side, which is taking what’s happening externally and allowing that to dictate what we think about, and worry about, and stress about, and it’s a pure joy, I love it.

I love how you have this all framed as superpowers and people living their truest natures, because it really is. When you create from your heart whether it’s music, or writing, or painting, it is that pure self expression and it does give other people permission to do the same, and it also scares people, right?

Oh, yeah. It does.

Because, it’s exciting to be a creator and then there’s responsibility that comes with it, right?

There is.

So, yeah.


Well, thank you for that.


The responsibility that comes with the willingness to step into that power and as scary as it ultimately is, it’s really the only way forward and these days it’s almost more scary not to do it-


Because the world has changed in such a way that to not do that there’s way more scary outcomes potentially with that scenario than the other. So, it’s a really interesting that the way the world’s changing for everybody and how everyone’s needed to step into that, that powerful place.


Well, well said. Well, today we’re talking about our show, our full expression of consciousness. And, in particular how you, how Whitney finds art increases her inner knowing of her true self as an artist and a person. And, how having this level of awareness helps her to continue to grow, and improve with her craft, and in her life. So, Whitney, how we always like to roll the show out is with that the same question for everybody. It’s possibly an obvious one, but here it is, what is your creative superpower?

Well, my creative superpowers have evolved, right?

Oh yeah, absolutely. That’s the fun part about them.

I have the ability to help people see themselves and their life from a multidimensional perspective

I have the ability to help people see themselves and their life from a multidimensional perspective.

Yeah, and what I love about what’s showing up now in my creative superpower arsenal is, the ability to help people see themselves and their life from a multidimensional perspective.

Love that.



And that word, when it was first given to me, you guys know how that happens, right? Like you just, you receive these thoughts, and ideas, and inspiration, and it was all around the multidimensional nature of who we are, and it felt scary to use that word. To post it, or to send it in an email, or talk about it with my students, and about a year later, it’s like been on the cover of whatever magazine that said, “The brain has been found to be multidimensional.” And, the word is everywhere. So, I love that about how whatever creative source is dripping this awareness’s into us, I believe in the right time, right?

Like maybe a couple of years ago, we couldn’t really comprehended are multidimensional nature, but we can now. And, what that does, what I find that it does, is it helps people. And of course, this is the title of my book, but it’s the title for a reason, is to rise above the traditional entrenched linear ego centered fear based way of thinking, which is not bad or wrong, it’s just not meant to steer the ship. When people can understand, and take a step back, and look at that aspect of them is one part of who they are, and that they also have this intuitive creative aspect. Then they have the aspect of them that was 10 years old, that was 20 years old, 30 years old, that’s a mother, that’s a father, that’s a musician, that is a dreamer. And, that also then you can look ahead into all the infinite possibilities of who you could be in, what you could experience moving forward, and then consciously choose as a life artist, which future reality you want to tap into.

And so, when I find a very practical result of that, is that people gain much more self confidence, they’ve stopped worrying as much about the present moment details, and opened up to a level of trust, and a way of knowing that connects them to the future self that’s already on the other side of whatever said challenge, or obstacle, or problem, that’s walk the master path and then can give yourself your own advice. So, that may take a moment for someone to wrap their brains around. That’s kind of a big …

I love it though.

I laid a lot of teaching there in that one sentence, but it’s for me personally-

It’s good stuff.

The greatest gift that I’ve been given is shedding of the worry and the stress factor

The greatest gift that I’ve been given is shedding of the worry and the stress factor.

For me personally, it’s been a shedding of the worry and the stress factor. I mean, literally that’s the greatest gift that I’ve been given. Then it is this beautiful alignment with that truth that we’ve all heard forever, that you have everything you need within, you have all the wisdom you need within. And, I don’t know about any of you, but I used to hear that and be like, “Well, I mean, I guess.”

I know you do.

Or like, “Maybe you do, but I don’t know if I really get that.” But that’s from me as a historical individual, that’s however many years old and lives wherever and is named whatever, but when I can tap into that infinite multidimensional nature of myself, and it really is, it is remembering into your future, just like you can remember your past, you can remember your future. And so, you remember into your future and then get the clues, or the advice, or the wisdom from that future reality, and it’s fun, right?

It is.

And, it’ll trip some of your friends out around the dinner table, and it really does lead to this like conviction, and authenticity that I think all of us as creatives really are drawn to.

Well said. Yeah, that is high level wisdom, well articulated, eloquently communicated and a wonderful way of answering that, and it’s very awesome. Very awesome stuff. Well we need to take a quick break but I want to explore some more of what you’re sharing here, Whitney, and for those who are listening, how they can find some value from what you’re sharing and how they can use that to create a some helpful direction for their own lives. But before we do jump into the break, let’s tell people where they can go to find out more about you.

So, you can go to whitneyfreya.com. It’s Whitney like, Whitney Houston, and Freya, the Norse goddess of love and it’s, freya, and that is a super fun place to connect.

Well, go there folks, and do connect, and be happy you did, I promise. Well, fantastic. It’s fantastic stuff here. Alright, so we’ve been talking with Whitney Freya today about our episode, artful expression of consciousness. We’re going to take a quick break and when we come back, we’re going to continue painting this mental picture with Whitney for you, and to continue learning more from her perspective about art and life.