Lorina ManzanitaJoin SLSP host Tatiana Berindei in this juicy and enlightening conversation/experience with Somatic Sex Educator and practitioner Lorina Manzanita as they explore how to practice transformation through your body. A wealth of embodiment information, Lorina models how to be in a receptive body and explains why cultivating receptivity is so important. Listen now to this provocative episode.

Hello everyone. Welcome to SLSP, the Sex, Love and SuperPowers podcast show. I am your host Tatiana Berindei, and today I am really excited to have with me Lorina Manzanita. We’re going to be discussing using your body to practice transformation. This is going to be a really juicy interview. Let me tell you a little bit about Lorina and why you have cause to be excited for today’s episode. Lorina Manzanita has been professionally helping people get comfortable in their own skins since 1998. She is a Somatic Sex and Relationship Coach and Certified Somatic Experiencing Trauma Resolution Practitioner, a writer, teacher and workshop facilitator. With Lorina, intimacy skills are learned in an embodied way in real time with compassionate support and guidance.

I’m so happy to welcome you to the show today Lorina.

My pleasure and honor. Thank you for welcoming me.