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Sex, Love and SuperPowers with Tatiana Berindei

Sex, Love and SuperPowers TM is a show on the SuperPower Up! podcast hosted by Super Power Expert Tatiana Berindei. The show features prominent people in the field of human relationships, sexuality and women’s empowerment. This show tackles sex, love, creativity, the balance of the divine feminine and masculine, and – of course – super powers.

Music Credit: All instruments played by Amanda Turk. Engineered and produced by Tatiana Berindei and Daniel Plane

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Tatiana Berindei

Tatiana Berindei

Tatiana Berindei

Tatiana Berindei spent many, many years at the feet of elders and teachers from different traditions around the world, serving them, sitting in ceremony with them, studying plant medicines with them, praying with them, and soaking up their wisdom. She continues to apply it to her life. She learned to listen to her inner guidance and guides clients with an uncanny ability to tap into what their higher selves ask for.

Tatiana loves supporting the courageous women and men called to this work to help them reclaim their feminine power and embrace their sexuality in a profound and healthy way. But where she really feels called to make an impact is with mothers, supporting them to become more present in their bodies and model to their children what embodiment truly looks like.

Sex, Love and SuperPowers TM gives rise to the voice of love through topics ranging from sex to relationships to self-love.


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