Tatiana Berindei

Tatiana Berindei

Unique Super Powers: FutureCrafting, Relationship Magic

Do you find yourself wondering if you’re on the right track? Why you keep getting stuck, or if you are on the right career path for your highest good? What about your relationships? Are there struggles you can’t quite find the source of? Do you wish you were in a partnership and can’t figure out why it just isn’t happening for you? A FutureCrafting session with Tatiana can bring clarity to these questions and help you discern what gifts you are carrying that are most being called into service now.

Combining ancient methods and intuitive guidance, FutureCrafting lays out for you where you are headed from your current point of attraction and sets you up with clear next steps towards living the future that is in service of your highest good.
Whether it’s claiming your voice, stepping more fully into your work in the world, connecting more deeply with yourself and your partner, or learning to have totally mind-blowing sex, intimacy and connection, Tatiana can guide you in embodying a more complete version of yourself. She is very clear however – while she can (and will) guide you to the doorway of your higher knowing, YOU must be the one to ultimately step through it.

Igniting Your Inner Wonder Woman
It is time for a revolution! It’s an “all hands on-deck” moment here on Planet Earth and we need all the real-life superheroes we can get. Do you feel like there is power locked inside of you somewhere, you just don’t know how to access it? You know you’ve got work to do here, you just don’t know what it is or even where to start. Have you been hurt by power – yours or someone else’s – in the past? Are you ready to build the skills to tap into your inner wisdom?

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Need a little pick me up? Looking for some insight to re-ignite your relationship? Just need a quick check in to assess the path you’re on?

Are you ready to finally put down your fear and pick up your cape so you can step into the work you are truly here to do?

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About Tatiana

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Tatiana Berindei is a student of life, of love, of the mind, the body and the spirit and of the collective evolutionary process we all find ourselves in. Tatiana has spent many, many years at the feet of elders and teachers from different traditions, serving them, sitting in ceremony with them, studying plant medicines with them, praying with them, and soaking up their wisdom. Through this and her continued study of life and its  multiple dimensions, she has learned to listen deeply to her inner guidance and she guides her clients with an uncanny ability to tap into what their higher selves ask for.

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