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Tatiana Berindei

Unique Super Power: Relationship Magic

Tatiana Berindei Super Power Expert

Super Power Expert 

Tatiana Berindei is a student of Indigenous lineage carriers from around the world. She has spent many, many years at the feet of elders and teachers from different traditions, serving them, sitting in ceremony with them, studying plant medicines with them, praying with them, and soaking up their wisdom. Through this study she has learned to listen deeply to her inner guidance, and she guides her clients with an uncanny ability to tap into what their higher selves ask for.

In her past, Tatiana lived through the trauma of emotionally and psychically abusive relationships, depression and grief. These experiences fueled her to gather the tools, education, and experience that she now uses to help guide people into deeper relationship with themselves and others.

Tatiana loves supporting the courageous women and men called to this work to help them reclaim their feminine power and embrace their sexuality in a profound and healthy way. But where she really feels called to make an impact is with mothers, supporting them to become more present in their bodies and model to their children what embodiment truly looks like.

Most of the models of power available today look like masculine power. The Divine Feminine is equally as powerful, it just looks different than what’s traditional. Through working with Tatiana, clients get to taste and feel what that power looks like for themselves.

In 2013 Tatiana completed a 2-year Ministry training through the Center for Sacred Studies. In addition to being an ordained minister and spiritual counselor, Tatiana also studied as a doula and midwife. She is a powerhouse in the field of human relationships – how we relate to ourselves, to one another, and to the environments around us.

Emphasis Areas

  • Sacred Sexuality
  • Emotional authenticity and expression
  • Unleashing your creative potential
  • Harnessing feminine power
  • Medicines of the Earth


Tatiana Berindei Super Power ExpertsI had worked with a life coach, a business coach and had done years of therapy when I started working with Tatiana. When my husband left me and I found myself at 34, single, lost and at the starting gates of life in so many ways. I didn’t want to go back to therapy. I wanted to feel more alive, more embodied. I wanted someone to talk with about finding myself, discovering my passions, becoming a sexual person again and balancing my humanity with my creative business/work development. Tatiana arrived at that moment and fit the bill. We started meeting at my home where so much of my grief was centered. She cleared the energy, helped me cry, guided me to envision the perfect life and describe it fully. Two months into this process I am astonished at how much I have already manifested. Every time we meet I am giddy to share just how much progress has transpired between sessions. Tatiana is otherworldly. She has an ethereal, fairy godmother-like quality to her and it is precisely her intuitive, earth- bound mystical nature that allows this work to unfold. 


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