Brendon Watt Have you ever asked yourself WHY you want a relationship? Or do you just know you want one? In this episode, SLSP host talks with author and CFO of Access Consciousness Australia, Brendon Watt, about examining our motivations for seeking out a relationship, as well as what to do when we find ourselves in one that has grown stale over time. This conversation is full of gems for anyone who finds themselves relating to other humans – whether in intimate partnerships or not! Tune in now for some valuable tips on how to navigate the tough stuff – or create a relationship where the tough stuff doesn’t even show up!

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the Sex, Love and SuperPowers Podcast Show. I am your host, Tatiana Berindei, and today I have a very special guest with me, Mr. Brendon Watt. And, the topic today is, Are You Sure You Want a Relationship?

Let me tell you a little bit about Brendon before we dive in. Brendon Watt is the author of Relationship – Are You Sure You Want One? Brendon is a speaker, entrepreneur, business, and life mentor. He is the Australian CFO of Access Consciousness, a set of simple yet profound tools currently transforming lives in 174 countries. And the facilitator of several special access programs. Drawing upon his transformation from a struggling tradesman and single dad, to global speaker, Brendon facilitates classes and workshops all over the world, empowering others to know they are not wrong, that anything is possible, and that they are only one choice away from change.
Welcome to the show, Brendon.

Thank you for having me.

Absolutely. So, we are going to take a quick break before we dive into our topic today. But before we do, will you tell our listeners what your superpowers are?

Sure. I would say one of my greatest superpowers would be being happy. I know for me when I’m happy, when I have that sense of joy in me. But more so, it’s mostly being me. When I’m being me, I know that I can create anything, I can be anything, I can do anything. I know that pretty much nothing can stop me. So, I’d say when I’m being me, that would be my greatest superpower.

I love it. Love it. Okay, so we are, like I said, our topic today is, Are You Sure You Want a Relationship, but based on your book and your experience, so I’m looking forward to this conversation. Before we go to break, will you tell our listeners, where they can go to find out more about you, about the book?

You can find me at The book you can find at And yeah, it’s a really cool book, so I like it.

Awesome. Okay, listeners. Stay tuned, we will be right back, don’t go anywhere.

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