Justin Recla and Tonya Dawn ReclaIncorporating SuperPowers is the business show that calls out the shadow side of the business world and uplifts those doing better. Executive Director and Founder of Super Power Experts, Tonya Dawn Recla, kicks off the newest show on the SuperPower Up! Podcast Network. She joins her husband and Incorporating SuperPowers Host, Justin Recla, as they expose the secrets the personal development industry doesn’t want you to hear. Listen in to hear why Super Power Experts is different than anything else in the industry.

Hello everybody. This is Justin Recla, I’m your host of Incorporating SuperPowers, and this is our kick-off show. I am super, super excited for this entire podcast series because we’re going to be doing things a little bit different. We’re going to be calling out the elephant in the room on a lot of different industries, and we’re going to be uplifting and highlighting those folks that are doing things differently.

There’s a lot going on in the business world. You’re all very, very much aware of it. You feel it, you see it, you know that there’s a better way of doing business. And as a society we’re starting to call those things out. We’re starting to demand that. And that’s really what the purpose of this show is, is to uplift those that are doing things differently and highlighting what’s really the problem in the corporate world.

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And I am super, super excited today because this woman, if you’re watching the video version of this, this woman next to me, this amazingly beautiful and intelligent being that I get the honor of sharing my life with, my wife Tonya Dawn Recla is the founder and creator of Super Power Experts and she’s on my initial show titled Incorporating SuperPowers. So love, thank you for joining me here.

Absolutely, my pleasure.

And so we just happen to be in studio today, so this show’s going to look a little bit different on the video side of the house than the rest of the shows. Because we were filming some curriculum and whatnot for Super Power Experts and the programs that she has to offer. So first we-

We have to offer.

… I’m sorry, we have to offer.

Let’s be clear.

Okay, it’s not just us, it’s our entire team of people. And here at Super Power Experts we do things a little bit differently.

I think we qualify.

We qualify. So first and foremost, if you followed me over on my original podcast show In the Clear, that show we’ve migrated over, you’re going to see this show on the Clear Business Directory website. And the reason for that is because our podcast network is getting a million downloads a month.

We are.

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