Tonya Dawn Recla

Tonya Dawn Recla

Unique Super Powers: Multidimensional Mastery | Temporal Precognition

Tonya Dawn Recla specializes in multidimensional mastery and embodiment of the abstract frequency. She attunes clients to their highest frequency and holds them accountable to total self-dominion. She works exclusively with change agents who commit to exemplifying high vibrational living as a possibility for all.

Her work includes identifying and transmuting lower frequency aspects that emit signals to create an undesirable projection, reflecting clients’ predisposed super powers and unique super powers, and reframing versions of reality so her clients can do their big work in the world. To accomplish this, she works with a specialized process that attunes her clients to be able to hold their highest frequency in the physical plane. This process of attunement is very different than what some call “reiki attunement” and acts more like Jedi training than energy work.

Tonya believes in the power of synergistic collaboration and meeting her clients in the frequency of love. She ends every session telling her clients she loves them and models for them how to embody the abstract frequency. She associates with the highest aspect of everyone and refuses to entertain lower frequency aspects. She is committed to assisting the 1% who are ready to remember. Her programs are not for the faint of heart.

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