Kelley MountainWhat is the role of the feminine and the sacred in how we are relating to today’s challenging times? In this episode, SLSP host Tatiana Berindei and Kelley Mountain, creator of Goddess Modern, bring forward some crucial information for men and women who are on a journey of self-empowerment and awakening. How do we relate to ourselves and to the men and women in our lives? What is our role and responsibility in a relationship? How do we heal the generational hurt across genders? Listen in to this powerful conversation about our dynamics as men and women and what is required of us in this time of collective self-actualization.

Hello everyone and welcome to the Sex, Love, and SuperPowers podcast show. I’m your host, Tatiana Berindei. And today I have with me Miss Kelley Mountain, and we are going to be discussing the masculine, the feminine and the sacred. I’m really looking forward to this conversation.

Let me tell you a little bit about Kelley before we get started. Wellness work, dance, and event production have been Kelley’s main outlets of service to the world, and personal creative passions for nearly 20 years. Training and practices in Chinese herbal medicine, nutrition, lifestyle coaching, bodywork creativity, dance, fitness, spirituality, empowerment, and self-development are some of her main areas of influence.

She uses these mediums to create beauty and inspiration in the world, from the individual to the masses, through one-on-one sessions, small groups, retreats, and larger community dance experiences. Welcome to the show, Kelley. 

Thank you, Tatiana, for having me here with you today.

Absolutely, it’s a pleasure. So before we dive into this topic will you please tell our listeners what your super powers are?

I know my value as a woman and that I line up all of my choices to support and reflect that as I create in the world

I know my value as a woman and that I line up all of my choices to support and reflect that as I create in the world.

Yeah, I love this question.

I love getting to ask this question.

Yeah, it’s a fun one to reflect on. So I would say that one of my superpowers is that I know my value as a woman and that I line up all of my choices to support and reflect that as I create in the world.

Yes. Love that. That’s so beautiful, and I can feel that in you. I mean I really feel your potency coming through. It almost feels like this Lakshmi, Dalchini, just super sacred energy that you carry, and it’s palpable. So thank you for being a model of how to do that in a really beautiful way.

Well, thank you so much for that acknowledgment. I feel so grateful to be on this path that I’m on, that’s been this process of development and opening to greater levels of awareness within myself, and being challenged of how I’m going to show up to meet that, and really own that, and really embody that in the best way possible. Because for me in my path, 100% the way that I’m in service in the world is directly connected to who I am, my connection to myself and the way that I move through the world, the way I create. 

So it’s not only my personal desire to be on a path of development and growth, it’s my service in the world, I can only show up to the capacity that I’m able to actually live. 

But you know it’s true of everyone, whether they’re in acknowledgment of it and walking that way or not, the truth is that we can only show up to the degree that we are on ourselves.

Yes. Yes, and I think that’s a really, really important piece, that the collective humanity needs to bring in even closer. Because it’s so easy, this topic in itself is almost like, it’s so familiar, in a sense. But conceptually though, it’s familiar conceptually, and I think one of the places where we’re at in our journey of humanity is really taking it even deeper into our being to live from that place that is the that’s the key.

So talk about that a little bit, how you see the difference between the conceptual understanding of the masculine, the feminine and the sacred, and the embodied experience of it. Because I think you’re absolutely spot on, there is a disconnect there, and I’m so curious to hear from your experience and from what you’ve seen how to build that bridge.

That’s such a good question. So just to sum it up into a brief explanation, what I’ll say is that there’s a tendency for concepts to be met with a level of understanding. However, the actions, the choices, that a person ends up creating through don’t tend to line up with that understanding. And I think partially why that is, is what that would require of a person is a tremendous amount of strength and courage and grit, and commitment, and devotion, coupled right alongside with just an inexhaustible well of unconditional love and kindness and compassion, and forgiveness, and care and tenderness.

And I think that people, I think as a whole we’re really still learning about this skill, this ability within us. And I think people, in order to really create that connection it would require people to say, do things differently, and that’s very scary for people.