Ayn Cates SullivanSpiritual intelligence is the key to traversing your consciousness journey smoothly. Ayn Cates Sullivan, prolific author and accomplished steward of Celtic folklore, joins host Tonya Dawn Recla on the Disrupt Reality show to share her expertise regarding the mythological and magical worlds of ancient wisdom. Ayn is an award-winning, best selling author of ten books and has won over thirty literary awards. She brings a deep academic background from places like King’s College London and applies it to assist women in creating their own heroine journeys. Don’t miss this fabulous conversation about the power of symbolism and ancient clues woven throughout all of our ancestral stories.

Hello everyone. This is Tonya Dawn Recla, your Super Power Expert, and I am delighted. You all are in for a super yummy treat here today. We’re talking today… I’m not even going to tell you who we’re talking to. Of course, you know already because it’s in the materials, but right now just go with me on this.

Today we’re going to be talking about finding spiritual intelligence in folklore. The reason we’re talking about this today is that I think it’s so easy for people to kind of feel like they’re walking these two different paths. They’ve got their spiritual existence over here, but then they’ve got real life over here. Real life typically means bills and jobs and responsibilities. The biggest challenge in this work and in these journeys is figuring out how to integrate all of that together and make the magical and the mystical your real life because we’re taught that that’s not possible.

In so many ways we’re taught that and programmed that, and it feels very irresponsible, and we have to be adults, and adults means you have to be miserable and all these other things. So many of us are walking a completely different journey, and we take that seriously. We’re going to show you that it’s possible. We’re going to tell you how it’s possible. We’re going to talk about how we got there and what our journeys led us to and why we think it’s important for the collective and the planet and everything else going on and where all of the magic and the solutions and the miracles lie is on the other side of that integration.

While it’s easy to kind of wipe it away as like, “Oh, la, we’re going to talk about stories.” We are our stories. Our world is crafted by stories, and we’ve been telling some pretty crappy stories. I, for one, am in the mood to tell some better ones. The way that we do that even entertains the notion that there is a different way to go about things and that it is okay to do, and we can be courageous in that. 

This woman we’re speaking to today is single-handedly lighting the way and guiding us all into this space in such a beautiful, beautiful way. Ayn Cates Sullivan, Dr. Ayn Cates Sullivan. She has a Master’s Degree, a Ph.D. She knows this stuff. She’s lived this. She’s walked it. She writes it. She guides others into it. What she’s doing is taking that kind of juxtapose or seemingly juxtapose worlds and saying, “Wait, but look. Look how one informs the other.”

We had a delightful pre-recorded conversation that we probably should’ve just recorded, but we’re going to enlighten that for you all for the audience. She’s won no less than over 30 literary awards for her work in mythology and folklore. So the second piece of your mind wants to chime in and think, “Oh, well, this is just fluffy whatnot,” let’s really let that sink in for a second. In the study of this, in the work of this, we are nothing, but our worlds are shaped by nothing but our stories. If we don’t get that and take some ownership and responsibility for it and start looking at where were there other stories and how were those shaped and why did those come about and what have we forgotten and what are we not carrying forward, then we’re really missing an opportunity for the richness of the world that all of us sense exists, but maybe we’re not seeing right in front of our faces.

I’m really, really excited about this conversation. I invite you to just play with us during this call. Just forget what you think you know about how reality works and how things come together and just sit at this moment with us and say, “What if? What if we can play in the magic and be in that and really use that and work it and be in that here?” I think you find a really rich, rich experience with us today.

So thank you for joining us. Ayn, thank you so much for coming on the show. I’m very, very excited about this new soul sister I found here. I’m excited about the conversation, so thank you.

Thank you for having me on the show. I’m looking forward to it.

I know in my excitement I didn’t mention that you’re the author of 10 books, that you write about Legends of the Grail and The Heroines of Avalon and Other Tales. I probably missed some pretty important details, but I think it will come out as we get talking because you’re such a wealth of information, and you hold and carry so much that as a collective we all need right now, so know that my intention is to get into that.

But, first, we’re going to ask you our question. What are your super powers?

My superpowers come through when I call the swan, and so we're going to just shift for a moment into this realm of the imaginal to start here straight away

My superpowers come through when I call the swan, and so we’re going