Expanding on last week’s episode, Living by Christ’s Design, Tonya talks about spirit and superpowers and everything in between. In her discussion with Dave Stone, they unveiled some of the more challenging aspects of truly walking the world as God intended. This brings up all kinds of questions about religion, spirituality, metaphysics, magic and all things disruptive to the status quo. Listen in as she dissects the complexities and searches for the shared symbolism in all of it. 

Hello everyone, this is Tonya Dawn Recla, your Super Power Expert. Today we’re expanding on last week’s show of Living by Christ’s Design with Dave Stone. And today’s episode is Spirit and Superpowers. And the reason why we’re coming back on and talking about this stuff is because it’s… There was so much complexity, right? That gets brought up when we talk about living as the divine, walking the world as the divine, modeling after what we think Christ’s teachings were, all of that stuff. Where does ego come into it? Where does humility come into it? How do we do this and not succumb to just the headiness of it all? And how do we make sure that we’re walking in alignment with the divine and what that guidance is and not veering too far to the left or the right? Of either too much self-deprecation or I’m not worthy or too much “I’m the greatest thing since sliced bread” and it’s a struggle, right? That’s a walk that a lot of people are on. It’s like their own razor’s edge.

I’m capable of rationalizing just about anything to myself.

And if you don’t take a look at these questions and say, “Okay, well, how do we know, right? What is the true gauge that we can use to know?” Because I don’t know about you all, but I’m highly intelligent, very educated. I’m capable of rationalizing just about anything to myself. You have to be kind to ask yourself those things. “Am I a trustworthy source of information in those moments? Is somebody that I know a trustworthy source of information in those moments and not only that personal experience with it, but how do we recon