Greg and Colt ReidColt and Greg Reid join Neva Lee Recla to talk about doing business with kids. Greg is the founder of Secret Knock where Neva had a chance to deliver a keynote. Colt is seven years old and has already started business. In this interview, Colt talks about the mantra he says to himself to uplift him and remind him that he is worthy. They are both amazing and inspirational. Listen in as the three of them share their insight on how you can include family in business.

Hi everyone, this is your Super Power Kid, Neva Lee Recla. And I’m so excited for today’s interview, we are talking about business with kids. So the reason I chose business with kids is because it really ties into me and my families life, because I started a business at a young age, and my parents have always been there to support me, and we’ve been doing it as a family