Tatiana Berindei Super Power ExpertTatiana Berindei, Super Power Expert and host of the Sex, Love and SuperPowers podcast, joins Kristin Maxwell to share the power of connecting to our bodies and tuning into divine feminine power. A spiritual counselor and minister, Tatiana spent years learning from elders in indigenous cultures around the world and now shares how wisdom traditions and ceremony allow us to feel whole. Join us as Tatiana explains how being our body — being truly “embodied” — can help untangle our relationship to sexuality.

Hi everyone. This is Kristin Maxwell, and you are listening to Your SuperPowered Mind. We have a very interesting guest today. We are gonna be talking to Tatiana Berindei about reclaiming personal power through female sexuality. Tatiana is the host of the Sex, Love and SuperPowers podcast. She is a spiritual counselor, an ordained minister through The Center For Sacred Studies, a former doula and midwife, and now loves to work with women, especially with mothers, to help them reclaim their feminine power and embrace their sexuality in a profound and healthy way. Tatiana, welcome to Your SuperPowered Mind.

Thanks so much for having me, Kristin.

You’re welcome. I’m excited to talk to you and learn some of your wisdom. My first question is always, what super power did you discover as a result of mastering your mind?

I have choice in every moment in terms of where I direct my thoughts

I have choice in every moment in terms of where I direct my thoughts.

Yeah, I thought this was a really interesting question, and it presupposes that I’ve mastered my mind, or it assumes that I’ve mastered my mind, which I don’t know that I would actually claim. I may be in the process of that, but I would hesitate to call myself a master of the mind. When I was sitting with this question the answer that came to me was really the realizing that I had choice, or that I have choice in every moment in terms of where I direct my thoughts.

Tele-solicitors might not even know that themselves, and it’s something that I need to learn and relearn, daily actually.

I think that there is a real … I’ve been in the process of tracking my thoughts ever since childhood really. I remember lying in bed at night and finding myself thinking something and wondering how I got to that thought, so I would trace my thoughts backwards. I’ve been in the study of the mind for a long time. What I’ve come to realize over the course of years and life experience is that I have actually choice in terms of how I direct my thinking.

A lot of people assume and believe that our thoughts are just occurring randomly, and we have absolutely no control over them. That has actually not been my experience, and it’s taken me many, many years of meditation and study, and traveling through all sorts of different wisdom traditions to come to a place of realizing that I actually can stop myself if I find myself going on a negative thought spiral. I can stop and I can redirect the way that I think and what I’m thinking about, and what I’m doing in the moment. It’s a practice and I do not claim to have mastered it, but I do know that it’s possible, and I do know that the effects of that are incredibly powerful on, have been on my life and on my client’s lives, as well.

Yes. I am so with you there. As some people know, I had terrible anxiety for decades really. I would have said I was very anxious, whatever, I identified with that. To learn eventually that I could actually train my mind and choose a different way of thinking, and choosing it consciously again, and again, and again, and again till actually it happened automatically. It literally, I have called it a miracle. It feels like a miracle in how the quality of my life has changed. So, thank you for calling that out, because I think a lot of us feel very trapped …


… in our thoughts.

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We’re not as trapped as we think. It does take work, and it does take tremendous effort and desire to retrain and re-pattern the way that we think.

Yes, and for me it always helps me, and with some of my clients are more in the present physical is, to think about it as working on a muscle, like you’re literally just strengthening a different muscle. It just happens to be one you can’t see inside your head.


One of the things that I am really eager to talk to you about today is, what kind of work that you do with people in terms of reclaiming feminine power, and working around the divine feminine. First of all, can you even explain to us what do you mean, and this might seem very elementary to you, but what do you mean by the divine feminine and by feminine power?

You know, I love that you asked that question, because I actually had that same question come up when you just said that, and it’s funny because I am so inside of this work and yet just where I’m at in my own evolutionary process I’m sort of questioning everything of that kind of a nature right now. So, of course, you would ask me that question.


You know, the way that I have-

The great thing is you don’t have to have … Sorry. You don’t have to have a great answer.

Our ability to create life, with our connection to the Earth, and abundance, and fertility

Our ability to create life, with our connection to the Earth, and abundance, and fertility.

Yeah. The way that I have been relating to the divine feminine is just through this understanding of for many, many years historically we can look at sort of the oppression of women over the course of history, and this process of reclaiming the divine feminine is accessing this innate part of ourselves, this innate aspect of being a woman that has kind of been usurped in the process of historical oppression. That’s sort of how I have been relating to my understanding of the divine feminine, is really getting us back in touch with our bodies, with our wombs, with our ability to create life, with our connection to the Earth, and abundance, and fertility, and not that whole aspect of life.

Then, of course, there’s also the more yielding side of the nature. There is the willingness to sit in stillness. There’s the willingness just to stop and slow down and connect with a more natural rhythm. That’s sort of like a really long, circuitous answer for how I’ve been relating to divine feminine in my work thus far.

Wow. It’s almost soothing to hear you describe it. It feels very connected and natural just to hear you say that. We’re gonna have to take a quick break right now, but when we do come back I’m really gonna be very curious about how you work with people and what you suggest about reclaiming personal power through female sexuality, because that’s interesting to us. Before we go, can you tell people where they can learn more about you, Tatiana.

Absolutely. They can learn more about me through the Sex, Love and SuperPowers show, which is on iTunes through the SuperPower Up podcast. They can go to superpowerexperts.com and they can find out more about me there. They can also go to tatianaberindei.com, which will take them directly to my page on the Super Power Experts website.

Great, and we’ll have that in your notes, because trying to spell your name is not the simplest.

No it’s not. Yeah, so that link tatiana berindei.

Okay, we’ll be back.

Yeah, perfect.

Okay, thanks. We’ll be back in a moment.

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