If you find yourself working too hard and lacking happiness and contentment in life, then you need improvement. Becoming fearless is not all about dropping your schedule and doing nothing at all — it’s about self-improvement. In this episode of Your SuperPowered Mind, host Kristin Maxwell is joined by Adrien Paczosa. Adrien is a registered and licensed dietitian who has years of presenting on topics of mental health, nutrition, and addiction. Listen in as Kristin and Adrien talk about how you can become fearless, and happier, while noticing an increase in personal well-being and productivity at work and in life.

Hi everyone. Welcome to Your SuperPowered Mind. I’m your host Kristin Maxwell. And in the show, we explore the process of transformation and give you tools and strategies that you can use to transform your own life. Today we have a treat, we are going to be talking to Adrien Paczosa about becoming fearless, self-improvement at work and in life. So, Adrien Paczosa is a registered dietitian and eating disorder specialist who also helps entrepreneurs set up businesses that actually thrive. And in something that I think is super interesting, she mentioned that she noticed that eating disorder, brains and entrepreneur brains often have the same types of thinking patterns and or challenges. 

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And so, she has able to help both kinds of people progress. She’s a mental health expert and a public speaker and also has her own podcast. I’m super excited to share her with you because she’s going to be just relevant to all of us no matter what is holding us back. So, Adrien, welcome to Your SuperPowered Mind.

Kristen, I’m so excited to be here and to be a part of this podcast with y’all.

Thank you. Oh y’all, you’re from Texas.

Oh, of course.

How fun. So, my first question is always, what super power did you uncover as the result of mastering your mind?

This question I think it has so many levels and as I was marinating over what superpower and I think it was one to trust my mind and also which led into trusting myself. We have, I always tell people we have this itty bitty shitty committee inside of our head that tells us we’re not good enough or can’t do all of these things. And once I knew that I could trust myself, then I could get past all of those negative thoughts and trust my mind.

Wow. That’s okay, right there, you’re talking over something that’s like a lifelong path for many people.

Oh yes.It did not happen yesterday.

Right, so that process of getting over and out of your thoughts, that sounds like what you do a lot with people, whether-


yeah with entrepreneurs or with diet. So how is it that they’re similar or similarities and how you would approach that?

Oh yeah. And it’s interesting because a lot of times people don’t think that of how we nourish our body and how we show up in our business can cross. And so how I explain it to people is we have all of these beliefs that this is good, bad, right, wrong food, or this is how I should do things in my business. But when we take out all of that chitty chatty and that negative thoughts and we start to really trust the process of like Oh, I can eat foods and my body is so amazing and will digest and I can trust that my stomach is going to digest and my colon is going to do its magic.

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