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Your SuperPowered Mind with Kristin Maxwell

Your SuperPowered Mind TM is a show on the SuperPower Up! podcast hosted by Kristin Maxwell. The show features individuals who use the mind’s innate power to create lasting change.


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Kristin Maxwell

Kristin MaxwellKristin Maxwell has always been fascinated with the process of personal development…what steps can people take to be happier, feel more peace, find their purpose, and live into their highest potential?

Using the analytical skills she honed as a litigation attorney, Kristin now digs deep to identify precise, actionable strategies individuals can use to make lasting change and get out of their heads — out of anxiety, chronic stress, insecurity, perfectionism — and into happiness.

Your SuperPowered Mind continues Kristin’s investigation into the process of transformation and gives listeners a nuts-and-bolts path to follow in their own quest for meaning and a flourishing life. Learn more about Kristin here:


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