The Recla FamilyWhat happens when change just isn’t good enough? In this debut episode of the new SuperPower Up series, Disrupt Reality: Reclamation, Tonya Dawn Recla dives down the rabbit hole and takes you with her. She is joined by her amazing husband, Justin Recla, and phenom daughter, Neva Lee Recla. They share what it’s like to be a 24/7 family, shattering the limits of previously constructed projections. As Neva says, “We’re not normal!” From magic, to science, to religion, to Burning Man and beyond, Tonya’s new series puts reality on notice that disruption is coming. If you’re ready to challenge the bounds of what you previously thought possible, then sit down, strap in and prepare to experience the show that proves there is no spoon.

Maybe there is no spoon

Maybe there is no spoon.

Hello everyone, this is Tonya Dawn Recla, Your Super Power Expert and well, to say that I’m excited is probably about the understatement of the year, but over the moon for a couple of reasons. The first one is, this is the debut episode of my brand new series Disrupt Reality. I am so extremely excited about this, whether we’re talking about the noetic sciences, I’ve had a couple real, well I don’t even know if I want to tease a couple of my guests … well, maybe I’ll tease just a little bit of topics. So whether disruptive technologies, whether it’s Burning Man and beyond whether it’s proving psi phenomenon in the laboratory, I, yeah, I could go on and on, but we’re talking with people on this series who are willing to challenge the limits that we perceive in the projection. They have the courage to say, you know what, but maybe it doesn’t have to be that way. Maybe it’s not actually that way. Maybe there is no spoon, right? We all know that reference from the Matrix. And so these are the concepts that I think about all the time. That I’m constantly exploring. I live it, breathe it, sleep it, I willingly stared things in the face and deny their existence. I watch as reality reframes itself in front of my eyes. Seeing things disappear.

I mean, this is where we’re going to start talking about that stuff. The stuff that probably terrifies a lot of people, but luckily those people don’t vibrationally resonate with us and they never get attracted to our shows. So I think we’re okay for a little while. So if you’re listening then I would venture to say that this stuff interests you, that you can understand it. Let me reframe that. That you do know what we’re talking about, all aspects of you may not understand it, but that’s okay. Right? That’s kind of the case with everything.

Justin Recla and Neva Lee Recla

Justin and Neva Lee Recla

So the other reason why I’m so incredibly excited is that today’s episode, the title of today’s episode for Disrupt Reality is reclamation for so many reasons. But the biggest one is I am joined today with probably two of the most special, most amazing, most fantabulous people I could think to invite to the debut episode of this show. And that is my amazing, very sexy, powerful, I could go, I’m looking at him right now, husband, Justin Recla.

Hey baby.

It’s gonna be a good one and well, gee, I don’t even know that we have words in this current vocabulary of this reality to describe Ms. Neva Lee Recla, my amazing daughter, and just this being, if you ever get a chance to be in her presence, all I can say is go for it folks. Do not miss an opportunity to find her in an event or to jump on her YouTube and watch these episodes from Super Power Kid. She’s pretty fantastic, but she’s joining us today too, Neva Lee Recla.

Hi everybody.

So we’re here. So you’ve got the host of the brand new show, Incorporating SuperPowers as Justin’s show and Super Power Kids with Neva. So you’re well supported with hosts on this one. The topic is the title’s Reclamation. But the topic is, how do you do this? Right? So great. We all want to disrupt reality. We love sitting around talking about the concepts. Who took the red pill? Who took the blue pill? Right? All of these great dialogues. But so what, right. It’s like Justin’s favorite term. You want to say it? What does that, what does that do? It inculcates …

It's mental masturbation

It’s mental masturbation.

Your mind.

No mental.

Oh yeah. So people that go in there it is. It’s cause it’s, it’s mental masturbation.

Right? It’s like, it’s great when you awaken.


And there’s the concept and you want to explore them, but at some point that ceases to be titillating anymore.

Oh, you said titillating.

I said titillating and it becomes …

Mental masturbation.

Masturbation is, you’re just going in circles because …

Can I touch on that?

Please do.

It’s because we get there and it’s …matter of fact we were just talking about this earlier, that it’s like getting that high or you jump up, your brain plays around in these concepts and these minds of what is possible. Right. But our minds keep it outside of ourselves. And so we like to stay there. We go down, we stay there are, we go back up and it’s literally like, it literally is mental masturbation because when you’re there, it feels good.


And then when we, when we come back to quote unquote life, right, and we surround ourselves by others who aren’t able to meet us there and hold that frequency, it’s like, it doesn’t seem possible, but we can go to it in our mind and stay there and play around with those concepts. And that’s what I love about what you do for everybody is hold that special, I mean, you hold that container for me? You hold that container for Neva, you hold a container for everybody. That’s the part of our businesses is that, and that’s what Super Power Experts does, is it builds the foundation so you don’t fall and it hurts.


You know, you’re building up the foundation to where it’s not mental masturbation, it’s just existence. It’s that abstract frequency that people are able to hold all the time.

So right now everybody’s sitting here listening, going, there’s a nine year old sitting there in that conversation, these people are crazy. So they said titillating and they said masturbation and they’re talking about versions of reality, like what the beep is happening over in that house, right. And the CPS comes knocking on the door, right and comes to take you away.

Probably shouldn’t say that.

What? I probably shouldn’t say that. CPS is not listening to this show. I don’t think. But let’s, I mean we don’t know that, that’s not a fair judgment. We appreciate CPS for what it exists for and thank you so much. It’s just kind of a bad running joke and a really bad running joke. It’s a long story. If you ever get me alone sometimes ask me why the CPS jokes. It goes back to junior high anyway. CPS did not come take me away. I’m digging a hole. My point is what does this mean to you? Like what are you sitting there thinking, is this like alien language? Like are you, are you following? Like where are you at with this?

Well, certainly alien language is the biggest compliment I can ever give. Luckily I’ve been a part of environments like CEO Space where there’s a lot of adults. So I’m used to that kind of communication.

My higher self is coming out of my body, just looking around at all the people down below

My higher self is coming out of my body, just looking around at all the people down below.

Oh yeah. But this isn’t adult communication. This is like next like, well I want to say next level, so maybe it’s not, but it’s our level of stuff. Like it’s our stuff. So what do you think we’re talking about? We’re talking about like, reality and the projection and deconstructing reality and all that good stuff.

Well, I kind of imagine it as the projection is where when you’re in your observer self, so you’re not really in your body, but you’re just kind of, this vision I get is my spirit. My higher self is coming out of my body, just looking around at all the people down below. And that’s what I would consider the projection. And it’s just a cool place that you get to observe the world’s, people’s actions, your own actions. So I like being in there.

So I think she gets it, folks. So when we’re talking about disrupting reality, right, so the point of all of this, super power experts, disrupting reality, all of that is there came a moment in my development where the realization that we’re crafting stories about what’s real and therefore influencing what we’re about to experience all the time. And usually we’re doing it not in awareness. We’re usually completely unwitting consciously to that process. And when I became aware of that, I was like, well, if we’re doing that all the time, then why not choose a story we like, you know? So here comes super powers and it’s like, well, I want to live in a world where there are superpowers and all kinds of other stuff. And yes, I get it there with great power comes the potential for great evil, I guess you could say, but we can mitigate for some of that and it just sounds kind of fun to do.

This goes well beyond the whole concepts of thoughts become things

This goes well beyond the whole concepts of thoughts become things.

Well, it is kinda fun to do. That’s the thing is that most people that are going through their own journey are at a level to where the stories that they created of what’s possible in their existence, what they’re staring at all the time is being reinforced by everybody who believes the same exact thing. And folks, this is, this goes well beyond the whole concepts of thoughts become things. This is a whole other level that this is being able to, when you’re ready to step