Jane StravensJane Edna Stravens, an author of children’s spiritual books joins Neva Lee Recla to talk about spiritual stories. Jane was born in Seychelles and has written fifteen children’s books about transformation and spirituality. She is a six-time bestseller, loves to travel and help kids in need. Listen in to hear her inspire kids to connect with their spirituality and have the courage to be who they are.

Hi everyone! This is your Super Power Kid, Neva Lee Recla and today I’m super excited for what we’re talking about.

We are talking about spirituality and transformations, which is what I’m all about. I’m all about empowering kids to do what they want to do, and be who they really are, and I’m super excited because to talk with us today, is Jane Edna Stravens, and we’re going to be talking about spiritual stories. Reason is, she is an author of spiritual books for kids, like the Joy of Giving and Yes, I can.

Without further ado, will you help me welcome our amazing guest, Jane Edna Stravens.

Hi Jane, thank you.


Hello! Hi everyone! I’m so happy to be here.

I’m super excited to have you on my show.

Thank you.

So, what are your superpowers?

My super power I would say, is God, because through him, he inspired me to get a lot of other super powers

My super power I would say, is God, because through him, he inspired me to get a lot of other super powers.

My super power I would say, is God, because through him, he inspired me to get a lot of other super powers. Like all the protagonists of my shows, they are superpowers. They are boys, super boys, super girls and super animals as well, because I do give words to my animals too.

That’s awesome. Yeah, my dog has a lot of super powers in her. She’s one powerful little pup.

I have to get to know him too. Is it a him or a her?

It’s a her. Her name is Callie.

Callie, right?


So what is your favorite book you have written? Because you wrote many, different books. And so, what’s your favorite one, like your favorite story?

Well, I would say that I’ve got many favorite stories. If I have to choose one right now, I would say Penguin Marina’s Transformational Journey, because it’s a journey. It’s a penguin who wanted to travel the world actually, from the Antarctic. She did her best every day, and with faith, courage, and love, she made it to Europe. She wanted to travel to Europe.

Actually, it’s from a true story because in 1994, three penguins were found in the Port of Genoa and from that, I built up the story.

That’s very cool.

Actually, I have written a screenplay about it, which will be an animated film soon.

That’s really cool. Yeah. I like stories of animals doing cool things, especially if it’s  like something you don’t see every day.

Yeah. They met with the mermaids too, on the Aldabra Island, which belongs to the Seychelles.

That’s cool.

So how do you get inspired to write your books for kids? Like why did you decide you wanted to write children books?

Children’s books, I think that although I don’t have kids of my own, but I worked with children, teaching them catechism, and also art, and I feel good with them. So this is it, actually, the stories are mostly, they are about 4500 to 5000 words. They are for children of your age.

That’s really cool because I like reading children’s books, but I also like reading them when they’re inspirational and they have meanings behind them. So I think what you’re doing is really, really cool.


I like the idea.

How many books have you written?

Well, altogether, I’ve got about 15 books, but eight of them, yes, eight of them are already published, and they are on my website and also on Amazon, I would say.

Wow. That’s a lot of books. I’ve only written one, and it’s still not out yet.

Well, you’re younger than me, you’ve got all the time in the world for that.

Yeah. And it’s kind of cool because mine’s not necessarily a journey about animals or anything, but it’s kind of like my story on how I’ve started business.

Wow, that’s good. So you’re an entrepreneur?

Yes, I am an entrepreneur


Thank you. I’ve been doing it since I was two and a half.

Wow. What a smart girl.

Thank you. And I think what you’re doing is so inspirational. How did you come up with the ideas to write about certain different books?

Well, sometimes I hear something or something strike me, like for example I’ve spoken about Penguin Marina’s Transformational Journey, which comes from a true story, and I built up the story. But one day also, I remember my nephew would say, “Auntie, auntie, come over. Look at that little dog,” and amount the banana trees, there was a little black dog and that kept on in my mind. I said, I have to write a story.

But since I was on holiday in the Seychelles and I lived in Italy, I felt that in Italy there would be more places where he could go, and all that. I built up a story from there. I think I’ve got to have something true.


And then from there, I just let go my fantasy.

That’s really cool.

So with some of your books, are any of them made up or are all of them made from true stories, and then built on?

They wanted to do their best to help other children

They wanted to do their best to help other children.

Most of them are from a true story, and then made up of course. I mean, in order to have a lot of fantasy and all that, it’s made up, but it is from true stories. And also from like the Joy of Giving. They’re two children from different part of the world, one from Seychelles is a girl, Ava, and Anthony from the Caribbeans, from Trinidad, who wanted to help other children. They wanted to do their best to help other children.

It’s a true story, but of course, also with lots of fantasy and they did their best to help other children, which is very good. I think the world needs that now, that we help other children, because there are many other children who are not so lucky as others. We have to help them.

Yeah. And it’s also fun to help adults and animals. Like, I love just be being able to help people. Just seeing them.

Actually, this is what I’m looking forward, and it has been my wish, and I’m sure it will be my wish come true soon, that I will be able to help children, give them shelter, food.

Yeah, that’s really cool.

To make them happy, you know?


Which is one of my aims in life.

That’s really cool, and I think what you’re doing is again, very inspirational.

But sadly, we have to take a quick break. So where can people go to find out more about you?

About me? On my website, it’s www.janeednastravens.com.

Awesome. Well, definitely go check out her website, because she’s just truly inspirational.

We’ve been talking with Jane Edna Stravens about spiritual stories.

We’ll be right back.

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