Destinee BermanDestinee Berman helps healers launch their work online. She joins Jennifer Urezzio to talk about having a spiritual journey online. You no longer need to go to a mountain or a retreat center to create transformation, you can do it with a click. During this interview, Destinee explains how easy it is to have a spiritual journey online. Listen in as Jennifer and Destinee discuss taking your spiritual journey online.

Hello, everyone. Welcome. I’m Jennifer Urezzio, Super Power Expert and founder of Soul Language, and this is SuperPowers of the Soul. I’m here today with Destinee Berman, what a cool name, and the topic is a Spiritual Journey Online. Welcome, Destinee.

I’m so happy to be here. Thank you, Jennifer.

You are so welcome. I always start the show with the question is, what do you consider the superpower of your soul?

For me, it really comes down to shifting perspective and enabling healing from that way

For me, it really comes down to shifting perspective and enabling healing from that way.

I receive variations of this question and it’s always been hard for me to pick one. For me, it really comes down to shifting perspective and enabling healing from that way. It’s not that I call myself a spiritual teacher, but I work with spiritual teachers and business owners, and it’s really about shifting perspective and translating, so they can step into their fullest possibility.

Yeah. I think we know we’re all doing the same thing here. We’re all reminding people that they’re whole and complete. It’s just our part of that secret sauce on how we do it.

Yes, exactly. I love that.

Yeah. We talk a lot about sacred purpose in the Soul Language community and the Super Power Expert community. I define sacred purpose as something you’re profoundly hear to experience and then offer that experience to others. What do you consider your sacred purpose?

My sacred purpose is to really enabling. It’s to really bring the magic to the masses. What I mean by that is all the mystical, all the intuitive arts, yoga, and meditation has gotten more mainstream in the last five to 10 years. But I personally believe that in terms of intuition, psychic, tarot, astrology. There’s a greater possibility here in terms of that being into mainstream consciousness. A big part of my purpose, at least in this incarnation, is to really enable that, and to really normalize the conversation around that.

Yeah and I agree. I think that’s happening more and more. I think the word soul, from my perspective, is showing up in commercials. They named a car Soul. There is an integration. If we look at any huge success, anyone from Albert Einstein to you name it, Oprah, though Oprah and I have that push and pull for being years in marketing and PR, but you know, they all say the same thing. They all say going within, connection, energy. They’re all talking about connecting to something much bigger than our humanness to create this profound bliss, abundance, whatever you want to throw the word in there. So I love that.

How is that sacred purpose, I mean, you talked a little bit about it, but how is that sacred purpose reflected in the work that you do out in the world?

Well, a couple of different ways. It sounds so mundane to even say, but I really do believe in the power of technology, and even more so, the power of the internet. I work with all these different healers and spiritual teachers who become online educators. We’re at a time and place where online education has never been so widely accepted and consumed, and technology is, believe it or not, even though there’s still glitches and breakdowns, technology has never made it so accessible.

So we see the meeting of the world. We see the meeting of technology. And then we see the world more ready and probably need it than ever to receive the healing arts. And so, I believe, that with building out these thriving online communities where there is the delivery of free content through teachings, and then of course, paid programs and schools, that’s really how all of that can get accelerated and how the type of shift and transformation can really be taken on.

Of course, we’ll see how this goes, but yeah.

What has been a big thing that your soul has shared with you throughout your life? That could be your soul, or what your humanness interprets that.

Well, that’s funny that you ask that because I, personally, do a lot of healing work every week, every day, depending on whether it’s meditation or some longer practices and whatnot. And something that’s always coming up for me is really the integration of spirit and soul and human, right? We have all these openings and these downloads that we’re receiving in our spiritual practice, or that I’m receiving in my spiritual practice, and then our soul wants aligned with that, but then we also have the day-to-day, you know, paying the bills, being a mom, and being a wife. And so, how do we integrate all the openings and holding ourselves both as spiritual and soulful beings, also as human beings?

That’s something that comes up for me every day, whether it be in business, and I personally believe that entrepreneurship is one of the deepest spiritual journeys that you can be on. And it comes up every day in our relationships. I don’t know if that quite answers your question.


That is the thing that comes up for me frequently. It’s always what I’m looking at.

I think it does. I think that that is the spiritual journey, the integration between that inner knowing and taking action or expressing that inner knowing, expressing that connectedness as you write out the tax bill, and just expressing it as your kid is having a tantrum on the floor, or, I mean, it’s so easy to really feel the divinity in the good moments, the blissful moments, right? The spiritual journey, I think, on a human plane, it’s really about feeling the bliss or feeling the connected in those moments where it’s a human moment where it doesn’t gear towards connectedness.

I think that’s what the path I think that almost every spiritual teacher has had to travel, and will constantly have to travel it, because as our expansion grows, as our consciousness grows, so does our humanness, that ego. And so, it’s just a matter of practice, I guess.

So true. And you know, it’s funny because as you’re saying that, it reminded me of a period in my life. I was in this Siva Tantra Study in this community. It was a six-month program. I remember one of the practices was we would bow and pray every time we left the room, and we can’t point our feet towards the altar if you were in the class and whatnot. From the beginning, my mind couldn’t understand why I would pray before I did the dishes or before I left the room. And then after a while, every single act, whether it would be finishing the dishes or completing the session, you could really tune into the sacredness of it. And then I really understood the devotional practice of it, and that shifted everything for me.

Now, I still don’t always remember to bow and pray every time I complete a yoga practice or a meditation when I leave the room, but when I do, you feel that grace in it. I think that’s exactly what you’re speaking to here.

Yeah. I mean, and that’s originally why please and thank you was created, right?

Yes. Yes.

You know? That kind of connecting to the infinite of those patterns and tasks, and to integrate more of the divinity within human form. We just don’t kind of go to church and on Sunday, right?


We are the church. And you know, continuing to practice that.

It's always been closing the gap between the fullest potential and possibility of my soul, and really for others

It’s always been closing the gap between the fullest potential and possibility of my soul, and really for others.

So, before we do the break here, the last thing I want you to share with us is what’s been a big theme of discontentment in your life?

For me, it’s always been closing the gap between the fullest potential and possibility of my soul, and really for others. Among my friends in community, I so easily see the potential for where they’re at, and I can feel such possibility for all of us. And in the human form, especially we’re diving into, you know, reincarnation and all of that, it just takes time to manifest in the physical and earthly world. I just always feel like this frustration because it’s like I can always kind of, I’m always looking ahead. And if you believe in astrology and my astrologer can dice all this into the chart and whatnot, but I just always see what’s possible and I can get a sense of the vision, and yet the earthly plane is still catching up. That’s not a bad thing, but it can feel frustrating, and it can feel discontent. It can show up as discontentment.

Beautiful. Okay, everyone. Stay tuned because we are going to continue our discussion.

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