Marilyn SutherlandIn this episode, YSPM host Kristin Maxwell invites relationship coach Marilyn Sutherland to explore the mindset that allows individuals to initiate deeper, more satisfying relationships. As an expert in the behavioral patterns that threaten intimacy, Marilyn reviews the nine common mistakes that push love away. If you’re looking to find more closeness in your own relationships — whether at work or home — don’t miss this interview!

Hi everyone. Welcome to Your SuperPowered Mind. I’m your host Kristin Maxwell, and in this show, we explore the process of transformation and give you tools and strategies that you can use to transform your own life. Our guest today is Marilyn Sutherland and we are going to be talking to her about what mindset is the key to healthy relationships.

Marilyn Sutherland is a life coach who has helped thousands of individuals adopt the essential skills they need to create powerful, sustaining relationships at home and work. She’s the creator of two transformative programs, Effective Communication, Deeper Connection and Your Journey to Lasting Love. Through private couple and group coaching, Marilyn nudges participants out of behavioral patterns that sabotage their chances at deeper, more satisfying love and work relationships. She’s also the author of the upcoming book, Why Did You Load the Dishwasher Like That? I can’t wait to hear about that, because that’s a conversation we have in our house.

Marilyn, welcome to Your SuperPowered Mind.

Thank you. I’m so happy to be here.

Yes. Well, that’s what your book title does to me, because oh my God, that’s definitely a conversation we have. So, my first question is always, what super power did you uncover as the result of mastering your mind?