Bill Heinrich, coach, speaker, author and founder of True Life Purpose Now, joins YSPM host Kristin Maxwell to share how knowing your divine purpose contributes to confidence. As the creator of the “Coaching for Divine Purpose” certification program and author of two books, including The Seven Levels of Truth, Bill shows others how to identify, access, and live their life purpose. Listen in as Bill and Kristin discuss how knowing your divine truth provides clarity that sets you free to become the person you want to be.  

Hi, everyone. Welcome to Your SuperPowered Mind. I’m your host, Kristin Maxwell, and in this show, we explore the process of transformation and give you tools and strategies you can use to transform your own life.

Today we’re going to be talking to Bill Heinrich about how to discover your divine purpose to build self-confidence.

Bill is a high-level business coach with over 45 years of experience as an entrepreneur. He’s the owner of True Life Purpose Now where he shows people how to identify, access and live their life’s purpose. As the creator of the Coaching for Divine Purpose Coaching Certification Program, Bill has certified numerous coaches. He’s the author of two books. Most recently, The Seven Levels of Truth: The Answer to Life’s Biggest Questions.

Bill, welcome to Your SuperPowered Mind.

Hi. Thank you. I’m happy to be here.

It’s nice to have you.


I have to say I’ve known Bill for several years so it’s particularly fun to get to talk to you and let everybody know what you’re doing because it’s certainly rocked my world.

If you follow energy, you'll always find the truth, always

If you follow energy, you’ll always find the truth, always.

Well, it rocks everybody’s world. You know you talk about super powers and for me, it was learning that I was energy empath.


Because of that and because of what I’ve developed a very acute sense of energy. But what I’ve learned from this is if you follow energy, you’ll always find the truth, always. It’s amazing and it really clears up a lot of the confusion of what’s going on in the physical world.

My area of expertise is, I’m a human potential expert and an expert in metaphysics. There’s a lot of different directions we do. We’re talking today.

Wow! Yes, and you just already piqued my interest in a number of ways. The superpower you say is to follow the energy to always find the truth.

What does that mean to follow energy? Maybe there might be listeners who don’t know what you mean by that.

Well you know it’s really so simple because everything we think, say and do is fueled with some energy. There’s going to be story, knowledge, or logic behind everything we do, right?


I, right?

You know, Bill, for some reason your connection’s going in and out.

Or you can?

Yeah, can you say that again? Let’s see if it’ll come through.

Okay. Where were we at?

You said there’s always, story, knowledge, or logic behind everything we say or do.

Oh, right. Yeah. Everything we say or do is coming from story, knowledge or logic. In other words, you’re typically you’re either making a choice to do something or you’re in reaction to something that somebody else has said or done or whatever. Right?


Your source of information for that, you have to understand what’s happening and then you have to understand how you want to respond or what you want to choose, right?


We go into the past. When we go to our past experience and with those experiences are stories and with those stories are emotions and that’s the energy behind what we do. That’s right. People get angry. You know there’s some association for them but, typically, they’re moving with energy, Kristin, that’s fueling it. When you become aware of the energy that’s fueling it, you become aware of the energy or the story behind the energy. Right?


If somebody says something. Let me give you an example. A lot of people are uncomfortable with chaos.

Chaos is really disturbing to them. Well, that’s because one of their attributes or gifts that they have is order. It affects them more because it affects them energetically but we look at it in the physical. We look at what’s happening and we don’t understand why we feel that way. Does that make sense or am I confusing everybody?

Yeah, no, that does make sense. You were saying that we all have some sort of. I don’t know if you would call it..

Let me make it really simple.

Okay, yeah.

Okay. There are only two energies: Love, and fear. Everything’s either going to come from fear or come from love. Right?


Fear can only be created when you're looking into the physical because you're protecting something or you're afraid of losing something

Fear can only be created when you’re looking into the physical because you’re protecting something or you’re afraid of losing something.

Fear can only be created when you’re looking into the physical because you’re protecting something or you’re afraid of losing something. Love is just love. The love we just give away, right?

Right. When you’re talking about these things you know you work with divine purpose, how do you explain what divine purpose is?

Well, we each have dharma. We each have a purpose, a very specific purpose. Our frustrations, stress and overwhelming life come from our unawareness of that and the fact that we’re going the wrong way, right?


As you learn more about and you’ve worked with me and you know that as you gain more awareness, you can make better choices, right?


There are things that you can look at that are unique to every individual person which is we all have life lessons. We all have divine gifts. We have the same seven divine gifts and because of my work with energy, I’ve been able to, I can do meditation and find out what somebody’s energetic DNA is in the seven gifts, what proportions of the energy they have.

When people learn this, Kristin, I’ve been doing this eight years and the results are getting even crazier. People’s lives change so fast it’s just unbelievable when they follow the energy like this.


Because it doesn’t matter what’s going on outside you. It only matters how you’ll respond and the universe, we live on earth in the physical but the universe is nonphysical. The universe runs everything.

Are you saying.. We’re going to actually have to go to break really quickly. I can’t believe it already but so, you’re saying that our divine gifts impact how we respond to situations and to life?


Okay. Good. We’re going to have to go.


Hold that thought because I want to go into the break but I’m going to go into that more fully. Tell everybody if you could where they can learn more about you and your work.

Well again, I’m Bill Heinrich. My website is My Facebook page is

Perfect. That’s great. When we come back we’re going to talk more about how to discover your divine purpose to build self-confidence so hang on.

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