Tracie BielerIn this episode of SuperPower Mommas, Tracie Bieler, a nutrition and fitness coach, joins Laura Greco as they discuss how to be confident and claim your power. As a mom herself of 4 boys (including twins and a special needs child), Tracie shares her story of parenting during some emotionally challenging times. Her self-claimed superpower of determination has done her great service. And it is this story that is the why behind what she teaches and lives. She loves speaking at events for moms and helping them learn to take back their power and that caring for themselves is vital to caring for their families. Listen in as she shares her heart with us.

Hello and welcome. You’re listening to SuperPower Mommas and I’m Laura Greco, your host. Today, we are going to be talking with Tracie Bieler on a topic of How to be Confident and Claim Your Power.

Tracie is a very neat person. I met her actually on Facebook. Tracie is a wife and a mom of four boys. She loves football, food, fitness, and travel. Most of all, she loves coaching mommas to help them find health and happiness. She is a fitness and nutrition coach certified in 2B Mindset Mentor, and she is currently finishing up her Integrative Nutrition Certification.

She loves speaking at events for moms and helping them to learn to take back their power and own their stories. So, welcome Tracy and welcome everyone. So happy you’re here.

Thank you Laura. I’m so happy to be here. It’s very exciting for me. I appreciate you inviting me on today.

Yeah. Well, I appreciate you coming on because I think you have a fabulous information to share with us, especially the part I love it, where you talk about helping moms really to lead them back to their power and to own their own stories. It’s beautiful.

Thank you. That is a big passion for me. I think it’s so important.

When I am determined to get something done, it's going to get done

When I am determined to get something done, it’s going to get done.

Well, we’re so excited to learn more about you. One of the ways we do that of course at SuperPower Mommas is we ask what is your momma super power?

That’s such a tough question. I had a little bit of a hard time with that, but I would say my supe rpower is determination, and some people have called it stubbornness. One of my best friends had nicknamed me pitbull back in the past, and I think the reason is because when I am determined to get something done, it’s going to get done. Whether that is in parenting, or coaching moms, or really anywhere in life, I am very determined to find a solution to get to the place where I know I’ve succeeded up whatever that goal happens to be at the time. I really feel it’s determination would probably be the best word for my superpower.

I love it. I love it. Somebody recently said something about stubborn and I said, “How about tenacious?”

Yes. That’s I think what my friend nicknamed me the pit bull I think, because when I grab onto something, it’s going to happen. I go all in, and I’m not afraid to work hard. Like I said, find the solution, find the answers and make it happen.

Yeah, it’s a great quality and superpower that really all moms have, although some of us mommas have had quiet times at times, where we are overwhelmed by life’s circumstances and burning out basically. You already said what your super power does, and how this fits you in your life and as a mom. I’d like to expand if you would a little bit about how those helps you parent your four boys?

Absolutely. I mean, starting from back when they were little, my oldest was two when the twins were born. I was just in the process of losing both my mother and my mother-in-law to ovarian cancer. They didn’t have the ability because they were so sick to really help me with taking care of newborn twins. My husband, we own a business that he was working literally all the time. I remember when the twins were about two weeks old maybe, I had had a C-section, and I needed groceries.

So, I figured out a way to get three tiny kids into my minivan and had two carts going to the grocery store because we needed to eat. This is where the determination really came in is that we got to get food and there’s got to be a way to do this. This is back before you can have groceries delivered, so I did it. I remember going to that grocery store and people looking at me and actually coming up to me and saying, “How are you even doing this? Are you crazy?” Like, “What are you doing?” I’m going, “Hey, necessity is a big deal. You need to eat. You need to feed your children. You’re going to find a way.”

It really helped me through those difficult times when I was raising three very close in age tiny little boys. Then, up through when I adopted my fourth son and he’s special needs, and there’s a lot of special needs that we weren’t aware of when he first came to our home at seven-month old. The learning process and going to bat for him to get what he needs to be able to reach his full potential and learn in his best way.

So I’ve gone to bat for him so many times and had to research, and find multiples avenues and so the determination of, “I’m going to help my son succeed.” I feel in parenting my own children, that’s been the most helpful thing for me is that I’m not going to give up. I’m not going to just sit back and take whatever is thrown at me. I’m going to find a way to get to the solution that is going to be the best for us.

What a beautiful quality to have, and I think that everyone of us mothers who are listening to just now can really appreciate what that feels like. When it comes to our children, we will find a way no matter what.

Yes. We do, and that’s where that leads into taking care of ourselves because that’s where we fall down because we will do. We will Mama Bear, and our kids are not going to go without it. They’re going to have everything we could give them, and then comes to ourselves, we sort of forget how to do that.

Exactly, and that is what we’re going to get more into because I love for example that story of going to get the groceries and all the emotional weight that you were carrying at that time as well.


You didn’t fall down and say, “Poor me. Oh, whatever.” You instead stuck up and said, “You know what? We’re going to find a way. We’re going to make it happen. It’s going to be what it is,” and you’ve actually set an example of what you need to do. However like you said, unless that’s balanced or harmonized with personal care, it’s not going to sustain you very long.

For me too, this is something that happened to me at one period, not same circumstances. There was a point where I was giving so much that I literally was damaging my own health as a result.

Oh yeah. I faced the same thing. Back then when my kids were that age, it was all about them. It was all about taking care of them, taking care of my sick mother and helping take care of my sick mother-in-law. I didn’t think about myself at all. I didn’t realize until several years later, until I really was starting to fall apart, physically, emotionally, how much I had neglected taking care of myself.

Yeah, which makes both of us very passionate about making that story known to other moms.


Get that word out that this is not, well, I equate it to like an athlete. It’s non-negotiable. You cannot perform unless you’re taking care of yourself. You can perform, but you will fall down. You eventually suffer the consequences and so are your family.

Yeah. Oh my gosh, yes.

This is the other part of the picture. It’s not selfish, it’s so needed.

Yes. Exactly, it’s necessary. It’s not something that all of us as moms have learned. I mean for me, I grew up. I hope I’m not jumping ahead of questions here.

Well, okay.

I come from a family that was very.. My grandmother was in an abusive relationship her entire life. My grandfather was not a nice person, and she never took care of herself. She never stood up for herself. She sacrificed everything for her children. She had all daughters, and she wanted to take care of them but her own life, she was very sick, unhealthy, and I watched her suffer many years.

Then with my own mom, my parents had a great marriage. My mom and dad found each other and it was wonderful, but she was never putting herself on the priority list ever. It was always taking care of us, taking care of other people. Anyone who asks, she was one of those never-say-no people. Anything anybody wanted, she would do for them. Then at 48 years old, she had ovarian cancer and died at 52, and that was a big wake-up call for me. I know she had dreams. I know she had things she was passionate about that she never got to experience and never went after because she was taking care of other people.

I don't want to teach my own children that that's the message that you don't take care of yourself

I don’t want to teach my own children that that’s the message that you don’t take care of yourself.

It was a big wake-up call for me to go, “I need to change that script. I don’t want that to continue to repeat in my family. I don’t want to teach my own children that that’s the message that you don’t take care of yourself.” So, that was a big because I feel like so many of us grow up not knowing it’s okay to take care of ourselves. I feel I’m not the only one that’s been in that situation, and so changing it could be very difficult because you don’t even recognize that banner.

Exactly. Exactly. I’m going to interrupt you here because we need to take a break, but we are going to continue this conversation and just one point. I love too that you’re going to expand about the fact. Not only were you in that situation emotionally as well as physically, but then as you said, your special needs son was born to you. So there was another, and I know some of our listeners are experiencing this kind of thing, and it will be great for them to hear what full circle happened for you and how you step into that. So, please tell everybody where they can find you.

I have a website, I have a Facebook page called Transforming with Tracie. On Instagram, I’m tracieb2020.


Then, my profile page on Facebook is Tracie Kemler Bieler.

Perfect. Thank you so much.

I can be found in all those places.

That’s great. That’s great. We’re going to take our break and when we come back, we’re going to continue this discussion on how to be confident and claim your power. So you’re listening to SuperPower Mommas. Hold on, we’ll be right back.

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