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SuperPower Mommas with Laura Greco

SuperPower Mommas

Laura Greco is the the founder of Art of Soulful Parenting and a certified Soul Language Practitioner, Laura’s focus is on creating a space for a more consciously connected family unit.

Laura’s passion for creating harmony and unity in families stems from her own experience of breaking free of old patterns as she raised her own 4 daughters into young womanhood. She knows that raising conscious children is both a real responsibility and a deeply fulfilling gift.

In her work and as a student in life herself, she believes that ‘when a mom is happy, so is her whole family.’

Therefore, Laura’s work focuses on guiding Mommas to live their own soulful mission in unity of heart as a fully engaged and consciously connected and spiritually aware woman.

She believes that this path of awareness leads mommas to embrace confidence in their way of living, as well as in their way of parenting. This allows this woman to feel more available in supporting and guiding her children on their individual and unique soulful journey.

This show features individuals using, or guiding mommas to use, their soulful intuition and superpowers to create peace and harmony for themselves while modeling the same for their children.