Being a mom means dealing with more than your average person: It involves balancing your career, your household, your family, and yourself. But can you still maintain being fit and fabulous at the same time? Yes, you can! In this episode of SuperPower Mommas, host Laura Greco is joined by Dr. Orlena Kerek. Dr. Orlena is a pediatric doctor turned health coach. She teaches busy mums to lead a healthy lifestyle through nutrition, exercise, sleep, and emotional wellness. Listen in as Laura and Dr. Orlena talk about how you can be a happy, joyous, and content mother who looks and feels fit and fabulous through the latest scientific research and thinking while walking the trenches of parenting.

Hello everyone and welcome. I’m Laura Greco, your host is SuperPower Mommas and I am so excited to cover the topic that we have for today, which is Fit and Fabulous and Yes, Still a Mom. Isn’t that great? When we think about being fit and fabulous, it seems like such a wonderful place to be and yet often that kind of feeling is just not what we experience as moms, especially new moms. So are you that mom who is doing it all, you’re raising children, caring for all the needs of the household? Are you that mom that’s also carpooling and taking children to all kinds of activities? Or maybe you’re working from home or working outside the home. Whatever it is you’re doing, are you also that mom that when asked, “How are you?”, you’d say, “Fine,” when really and secretly inside you’re feeling overwhelmed and exhausted and just wondering when you are going to feel like you’re happy in your life in a way that is more consistent?