How can you create time to respond to emails, attend meetings, and work on never-ending tasks? It’s by working smarter. While many people think that working smarter is more difficult than it actually is, knowing the ways to work smarter will help you become more productive. In this episode of Your SuperPowered Mind, host Kristin Maxwell is joined by Denise Gosnell. Denise is a serial entrepreneur, business strategist, productivity hacker, attorney, author, and real estate investor while helping busy entrepreneurs learn how to use unconventional scheduling and growth strategies to grow their business. Listen in as Kristin and Denise talk about how you can accomplish more things, even faster by working up to 40% less and how to create time by working smarter.

Hello everyone. Welcome to Your SuperPowered Mind. I’m your host Kristin Maxwell. And in this show, we explore the process of transformation, and give you tools and strategies that you can use to transform your own life. Today we are going to be talking to Denise Gosnell, about how to create time by working smarter. Denise Gosnell is a Serial Entrepreneur, Business Strategist, Productivity Hacker, Attorney, Author, and Real Estate Investor. Who now through her company The Vacation Effect, teaches busy entrepreneurs how to use unconventional scheduling and techniques to grow their business by working less. She has a process that she calls Growth by Subtraction, which applies to entrepreneurs and busy people everywhere. So, I am very excited to talk to Denise about, how she manages to do about what 15 of us would need to get done. Denise, welcome to Your SuperPowered Mind.

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Thank you so much for having me Kristen. I’m really excited to be here.

Thank you. So, my first question is always, what superpower did you discover as the result of mastering your mind?

Yeah. So what I discovered in mastering my mind is that freedom is a mindset not a destination. What I mean by that is, freedom is not something that you get to someday when you have more time, or you have more money, or when you retire. Freedom is a decision that you can make right here, right now and decide to claim it and step into it. And that’s something that I learned. There’s actually a story behind how it came to me from my mind. And if there’s something that you’d like me to go into, I can. But that’s the short version of what I learned by mastering my mind.

Yes. Well, so what I would love is, how did you come to that? Because, that seems like such a big decision. How can you make that decision when you are feeling super overwhelmed by everything?

Yeah, so I had always dreamed of having a work schedule where I could have two days off. Two business days for myself just to be, and be happy, and do whatever made me happy. I’m a serial entrepreneur, is always interested in starting new companies and doing new things. But I was always so crazy busy being an 80 hour week workaholic entrepreneur, that I just craved that freedom of having a couple of days for myself. And the weekend time is great, but it’s friends and family time, and it’s Aaron time, and stuff like that. I had craved just quiet time with myself but I never had time for it, so I thought. So, long story short Kristen, I went to a meditation retreat a few years ago. And we were supposed to come with a question that we wanted to answer. So, that was the question I had gone there with. How can I have the schedule I’ve always wanted?

And when I got quiet and when I was laying out on the lawn, the green grass in Colorado hitting my back. And it’s like just laying there for 30 minutes, just doing this little meditation ritual they’d given us. I heard … it was like, somebody whispered in my ear. Like that reading voice that you hear when you’re reading to yourself, that voice. That voice said to me when I asked the question, what are you waiting for? All you have to do is decide and make today what you want tomorrow to be. And so I’m like, “Okay, well I guess I think they’re saying to step into freedom right now, and have the schedule that I’ve always wanted.” So I was a little scared to just do it forever. So I just decided to give myself permission to do a little experiment. And that’s when I did this whole 30-day time experiment that totally changed my life.

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