Jill LublinJill Lublin, master publicity strategist and international speaker, joins Kristin Maxwell to show how kindness can be used to create success in all areas of life.  As the author of 4 bestselling books, including the Profit of Kindness, Jill has guided more than 100,000 people and businesses to greater visibility. In this interview, Kristin and Jill discuss how focusing on the 7 principles of kindness — in the workplace, the family, and out in the world — pays off in personal and professional success.

Hey everybody, welcome to Your SuperPowered Mind. I’m your host, Kristin Maxwell, and in this show, we explore the process of transformation and give you tools and strategies that you can use to transform your own life.

Today, we’re going to be exploring how to build success through kindness. Our guest today is Jill Lublin. She is an internationally renowned speaker and author of four bestselling books, including the Profit Of Kindness. As a master publicity strategist and CEO of a strategic consulting firm, Jill has worked with over 100,000 people and businesses to help them get more visibility in the marketplaces.

Jill, welcome to Your SuperPowered Mind.

Thank you so much. I’m delighted to be here with you.

My first question is always what super power did you uncover as a result of mastering your mind?

You know, I think besides honestly being smart from the time I was a kid, which I think is a superpower, intuition and the ability to discern was actually quite helpful. I consider that a super power.

I definitely would too. Tell me a little bit more, how has your intuition shown up?

You know, I think honestly it’s something that’s really been, what would I call it? Cultivated. That I’ve learned to really honor, to grow into it, to support with really listening to it because I think this might be true of other people who grow up and get rewarded for being smart. In my family, I actually was the first one to go to college and graduate. That was a big accomplishment in my family, and go on to law school for a short time. So all of that was big accomplishments and I think because of that, interestingly enough, other parts of me may have gotten slightly forgotten about, or not cultivated, including the spiritual, creative side of me, the highly intuitive side of me. All of that part, right? So that’s the pieces that I’ve more cultivated and I think really just becoming aware that. I’m intuitive and really acknowledging that and supporting myself for it, meaning listening to it.

Right. And you know what, I’m asking you this because I think for a lot of people, there’s not very much emphasis on intuition in our culture. We learn how to think and reason and we’re not taught to really think and feel into situations. So does it come for you as a knowing, is it a feeling in your body? I guess just for those who have no idea what intuition is. How does it show up?

I will, at times, pray for an answer, and just wait and reflect

I will, at times, pray for an answer, and just wait and reflect.

I think for me, it shows up in a couple ways. I’ll hear something at times about something that I’m thinking about. I will, at times, pray for an answer, and just wait and reflect. I will sometimes be given a feeling in my body.

I might have a constriction or a tightness that tells me, “No, this isn’t going to be easy or fun.” Just trying to listen. The truth is, it comes in different forms and in different ways and that’s fine. I think that’s important to honor the different ways, but what I do now is you will have whispers, you will have feelings in your body, in different parts of your body. Some people talk about the gut, for me it’s often in the heart. Maybe a constriction or feeling of tightness. If it’s something that isn’t right for me, if it’s something that flows, I feel like almost like a joy in my body and smiles in my body. So I think just start paying attention to, this is somewhat of I think a good test is, how do I feel in my body about this? What happens? That’s a great way to pay attention, how do I feel in my body?

Yes, that is such a critical first step and actually, how do I feel in my body, where am I tightness and what are the emotions? Just recognizing, “Wow, I’m feeling so stressed right now,” without even realizing it, just sort of living from that place.

So one of the things that I’m really curious, you are hugely successful in strategic consulting for people and your most recent book is The Profit Of Kindness. Tell us a little bit about that.

Thank you. You know, it’s interesting because frankly, all my books are business books. My first one, Guerrilla Publicity, is really what I do mostly consulting on and help people in my publicity courses. And then one day, I was driving my now 85-year-old friend, who I’ve helped through her aging process. We’ve been friends for more than 20 years and we continue to be friends and I’ve helped her a lot and done things like when she’s fallen, I run right over and taken her to doctors’ appointments, taken her for lunch and fun things. I was taking her somewhere one day and she looks at me and she goes, “You’re so kind and I really appreciate this and wouldn’t it be nice if we had a new kind of currency?” She said, “What would happen if we had the currency of kindness?” You know when you get one of those, “Boing,” you know?

When she said that, I went, “Oh my gosh, that’s a great book title, The Currency Of Kindness, which then became The Profit Of Kindness and it’s about using kindness in your business, in your life, and that by being kind, yes you can also be profitable. How fabulous is that, right?


Yeah and that’s really what we’re out to prove in the book and we do. A lot of people talk about return on investment and that’s really important, ROI. Instead of ROI in the book, I have ROK, return on kindness principles, ROKs. There are seven words we use and we go through them and how to use them in the world and it’s just been really, really helpful. What I noticed when the book came out, I got all over Fox News talking about kindness, isn’t that fabulous?


I got all over different media talking about kindness because what I feel and know is that it’s such an important piece right now and that’s what’s really clear.

Yes. You know and I want to go more into that but we are going to have to take a break. So before we come back and talk a little bit more about how we can all build success through kindness, tell listeners where they can learn more about you and your work.

Thank you. Well go to www.publicitycrashcourse.com/freegift for a fabulous audio on how to get more publicity and also please check out www.jilllublin.com.

Great. We have been talking to Jill Lublin and hang on and we’ll be right back to go a bit more into the process of building success through kindness.

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